What Size of Jeans Should I Wear? (A Well Explained Guide) – 2021

what size of jeans should i wear

The selection of the right size is not rocket science. Suppose you have knowledge about body measurements for buying jeans. You easily know what size of jeans should I wear.

Here I tell you the techniques for measuring and finding the right pair of jeans for you. Which is not only suitable for your personality but also a personality booster.

I also give you guidance about the measurement of the waist, length, stretching, quality of fabric product, and rising level of wearing the jeans.

1. Finding the size of jeans

To find the right size of jeans, you need to measure the length and waist. So now I tell you what the process of measuring the waist and length is.

what size of jeans should i wear

2. Method of measuring the waist

For this purpose, place the measuring tape at the top of the hip bone. After that, you wrap the measuring tape around your belly button.

Here remember the one precaution during the tape wrapping must check there is no twisting in the tape.

If any twisting is present in the tape, then you don’t find the exact figure of your waist. Moreover, after wrapping, you must exhale and inhale for a single time. Through this activity, you know about the comfort and relaxation of wearing jeans.

Moreover, the best method of measuring directly from the skin. They give you more accurate figures than in other ways.

So, after the measurement, you buy the jeans one figure more than the measurement. If you buy accurate measuring jeans, they are not comfortable during inhalation and exhalation. So remember that point.

Men's size chart

Furthermore, tips for measuring the waist

ELASTIC WAISTBAND: If the jeans have an elastic waistband, don’t stretch it when you measure the waist. Moreover, the labeling attached to the jeans mentioning it is good at wearing a high rise and low rise, so you must read it before buying.

what size of jeans should i wear

3. Method of measuring the leg length

You can easily measure the length of jeans from jeans or from your body surface.

If you measure from the jeans, you fold the jeans in two halves and measure this. In contrast to this, another procedure is to measure after wearing jeans.

For this purpose, you must wear skinny jeans. If you wear loose jeans, then the measuring is not doing well. As a result of this, the outcome is not corrected.

Damage blue jeans with white shoes

Quick knowledge about waist and leg measurements

If you do not want to measure every time, then you can get help from Google.

First, download the waist and leg size chart from them. Every type of size is available in this chart according to height, waist, age, etc. One precaution to remember is that you must see the chart according to the brand.

The sizes vary from brand to brand. So you must follow the chart for buying jeans.

This helps you accurately than the general chart. Here I also suggest that you must clear the jeans before measurement. If the jeans have any twisting, then your measurements go wrong, so you don’t find exact figures.

what size of jeans should i wear

4. Fit and sizes of jeans

Now I explain to you different types of pants, suitable fitting and sizes so easily know the answer to what size of jeans I would wear.

what size of jeans should i wear

1. Junior fit jeans

These jeans are suitable for those who have a curving body. In addition to this by wearing this type of jeans, your view is pretty and tiny. So, we called it age hider jeans.

what size of jeans should i wear

2. Regular wearing jeans

This is suitable for a variety of body types. The best feature of these jeans they are relaxing from the portion of the thigh.

These types of jeans are more comfortable and preferable as compared to junior-fit jeans. Unfortunately, these jeans are usually available in sizes 29 by 29. So the availability of sizes in these jeans is too easy for the buyers.

what size of jeans should i wear

3. Curvy fit jeans

The perfect size jeans for that man who has a large boot. People face problems due to the large boot must utilize these types of jeans.

They give a perfect and classy look to your body figure. The quality of curvy-fitting jeans these are flurry from the portion of thighs and legs. People who want to cover their bulky thighs and legs must use curve jeans.

They give you a slimmer look. Here I tell you one tip. When you buy these jeans must buy one size larger than your measurements of waist and leg length.

what size of jeans should i wear

4. Boot cut jeans

The unique feature of boot-cut jeans is loose for the portion of the knee. So, if you want to fit the jeans in the above portion of the knees, then you must wear boot-cut jeans.

Dark blue jeans with dark brown shoes

5. Skinny legs jeans

Skinny pants included in straight legs. Which is an incline from top to bottom? These are skinny jeans for hip born to the knee region.

They give you a slim and smarter look at your body. Here I tell you one suggestion chubby, fat, and overweighted persons don’t utilize skinny jeans. If these types of people wear this, they look more fatty than real.

what size of jeans should i wear

5. Levels of rising or wearing the jeans

  • HIGH RISING LEVEL-This is designed for those who want to show clear curves of your body. They show a small waist to viewers. In contrast to this, if you too tight the waist, then you don’t look good.
  • MID RISING LEVEL: This is level exactly below the waist level. Moreover, they are above the hip bone of the mid rising level of the cover the larger areas of your body than a high rising level.
  • LOW RISING LEVEL JEANS– their level is right in the hip region. The handling of this rising pant is quite difficult to wear it carefully.

6. Few helpful tips

1. Don’t measure over regular clothes

The measurement of leg length doesn’t measure regular home clothes. They don’t measure accurately.

In this way, you may get fewer or more figures as compared to your body size requirements. In contrast to this, you must use undergarments like tights or skinny pajamas to measure length.

They give you an accurate figure. So in this way, you can buy the best sizing jeans for you.

what size of jeans should i wear

2. Don’t measure itself

If you measure with your hands, surely you feel the difficulty in measuring. So, during this struggling error occurring in your measurements. So, ask your friends who’ve done the measurements. They measure your size accurately.

what size of jeans should i wear

3. Must-read attached label to jeans

If you want to try new brands, you must read the label attached to each product of jeans. The waist size, length size, and wearing the rising level of the jeans are mentioned according to waist or length.

label with information

7. Precautions for online shopping

With online shopping for jeans, you first read the sizing chart of the brand and fabric product then buy it. Unfortunately, in online cases, people are suffering from the problem because the facility of try is not available for customers.

Above I explain to you all the necessary things about what size of jeans you should wear. I explained fully according to your body type for overweighted people, for the slimmer.

Moreover, especially recommended jeans for the bulky thighs and hips are given. So those who want to cover their large hips, abdomen, thighs must follow the intersections and procedure of buying the jeans.

No doubt the perfect selection and size give you advanced class and modern fashionable according to the trend. So follow the instruction if you want to boost your personality.

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