What Size is 18 Husky in Men’s Jeans: The definite guide

what size is 18 husky in mens jeans

A perfect pair of jeans is like a cool summer breeze for men.

This is because it is very tricky to find jeans that conveniently fit your size and admire your body type. Even average-sized boys face a hard time searching for the perfect pair of jeans. 

Then you can feel how hard it is for the boys having a husky body to choose a pair of jeans. So we have put together this guide, what size is 18 husky in men’s jeans, to help you select the perfect pair for husky boys.

So that no regrets come later. Therefore, continue reading with us:

1. What does husky size mean?

Husky size usually means more space around the thighs, hips, and waist.

What does husky jeans size mean?

It is specially built for growing persons who require more room in the middle and don’t fit in traditional jeans. Husky sizes are for boys who do not have a normal waist-to-height ratio.

Husky size is a little spacious in specific areas. Usually, it has a larger waist measurement. However, it has an average inseam like the regular sizes. Therefore, it doesn’t have an exception in inseam length.

2. What size is 18 husky in mens jeans?

What size is 18 husky in mens jeans

If you want to convert 18 husky sizes into men’s regular measurements, then you are probably in trouble.

This is because the size conversions for husky differ from brand to brand. In this case, you should try some husky size jeans from several brands to have an idea about them.

The majority of the people try the jeans from different brands. Then they stick to the brands that fit them perfectly. So, it’s time for you to choose your perfect brand.

In doing size conversions, keep in mind that size 18 in husky means 30 1/2 to 31 inches waistline. Moreover, it consists of a 37 to 37.5 inches seat measurement and a 31.5 inches inseam.

3. What is the smallest waist size for men’s jeans?

 smallest waist size for men's jeans

Generally, 26 inches is the smallest waist size in men’s jeans. Your measurements are even more crucial if you are buying jeans online.

4. What is meant by a husky body?

husky body explaination

A person has a husky body if he has a heavily muscled body. Also, the person has a husky body if they have a non-average waist size. It means that they need more spacious jeans that will allow them to sit, move or even jump comfortably.

5. How does the husky size in the jeans fit?

There is not an exact model of how husky jeans should fit you.

In fact, the goal is to find a pair of jeans that make you perfectly comfortable. We wear jeans all the time, and sometimes it seems like a second skin. Jeans are also exposed to wear and tears.

Thus, you should possess a great deal of money to invest in a quality pair. However, above all the aspects, the most important rule is that you should be able to answer the following questions in the affirmative:

  1. Do you feel comfortable in this pair of jeans?
  2. Are you satisfied with your appearance?

If you have answered both above questions positively, then that is the pair of jeans that is ideally made for you.

6. Why is the leg shape important in choosing husky sizes?

Why is Leg shape essential in husky sizes?

The shape of your leg is vital because it is the factor that will determine how a pair of jeans fits you. The knee, the thigh, and the leg opening will determine the leg shape. 

How to measure it:

It would be best to take the measurements of the knee, thigh, and leg opening from the front side for exact measurements.

You can measure the thigh by measuring the top of the leg at the right-angled side. For the perfect and precise measurement, you should also include the bit of the fabric from the back rather than solely measuring the front side of the leg.

After that, measure the knee and leg-opening measurements. All these measurements will tell you the shape of your leg. The shape of the leg will let you know whether you need husky size men’s jeans or not.

However, we cannot precisely state that these measurements will lead you to the perfect size husky jeans.

This is because there is no specific set for sizing among the brands. Everyone advertises as they like. Simply, you cannot find perfect jeans by just depending on what you see on the label or tag of those husky jeans.

The ideal husky jeans for you are those which fit you perfectly, above all make you feel comfortable and also look fabulous and elegant on you.

7. How to find the best pair of jeans that flatter your husky body?

the best pair of jeans for husky body

Searching for the best pair for a husky body is quite simple. Don’t be complex because certain types of jeans are present that can praise your husky body.

Talking about size, it doesn’t mean that size should be perfect; what matters is how the size fits your husky body. So, the perfect size depends upon your creation, how your body is created. 

Thus, choosing the perfect pair comes down to the fact whether you are aware of your body type and size or not.

8. What jeans for the husky body sizes?

What jeans for the husky body sizes?

Boys with husky body sizes are the broadest; they have a wide frame. Their thighs are big, so they should go for jeans with low rise. This is because a high rise will make their belly more prominent.

For the husky body size, there should be sufficient room on the thigh area as they have the broadest thighs.

  • One important rule, if you will choose tight jeans for your husky body, then you will eventually look more massive. On the other hand, you also should not choose loose fabrics because you will appear fat in loose jeans.

Concluding all these, regular fit jeans are the best for husky body size. In addition to that, many brands also separate husky jeans for the husky body.

If you found the husky jeans that fit you perfectly, then it’s a blessing. If you have an average body size, then choosing jeans is like a cup of tea for you.

Other Frequently asked questions

1. What size is Husky XL?

In husky extra-large size is 20 husky or 20H, which corresponds to 31.5 or 32 inches waist. The seat measurement is 38.5 to 39 inches and has an inseam of 31.5 inches.

2. What is the husky size in jeans?

Husky size means the jeans are specially and separately built for the boys who have husky body sizes. Husky sizes in the jeans are more spacious around the mid such as thighs and hip.

3. What waist size is an 18 husky?

18 husky size in men’s jeans corresponds to 30.5 to 31 inches waist size. This waist size is ideal for the ones who need more room than the regular jeans.

4. What size is 12 husky in men’s jeans?

12 husky size in men’s jeans has a corresponding waist size of 27.5 to 28 inches. Other than that, 12H has 30 to 30.5 seat measurements. Also, 12 husky features the 27-inch inseam approximately.

5. What size is 14 husky in men’s jeans?

The size 14 husky in men’s jeans has a waist measurement of 28.5 to 29 inches. Also, it consists of 28. 5 inches inseam and 34 to 34.5 inches seat measurement.

6. What size is 16 husky in men’s jeans?

16 husky size in men’s jeans has 29 to 20 inches waist, 35 to 36 inches seat, and a 30-inch inseam.

7. What size is 20 husky in a men’s shirt?

20 Husky shirts have larger chest measurements than regular shirts. Obviously, husky shirts are made for those who have chest measurements bigger than average.

8. What’s the difference between husky sizes and regular sizes?

 difference between husky jeans and regular jeans

The main difference between husky sizes and regular sizes is that the regular sizes are the typical sizes. However, husky sizes are a bit more spacious from the specific areas to fit the body, which has wider frames.

  1. Husky jeans have larger waist sizes but have the exact inseam length as regular jeans. This makes them suitable for the big boys.
  2. Husky shirts have wider chest measurements. These shirts are ideal for boys who do not have the average chest size (source).

9. What brands have husky sizes?

Following are the brands that make awesome husky clothes. It would be best if you gave them a try.

Disclosure: We’re affiliated with mentioned brands. At no cost to you, we may earn a tiny commission if you buy from our given links. Learn more.

ImageBrand NamesInfoCheck
1. The Children’s Place 1. The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place is a leading player in the children’s apparel world. This iconic brand was founded in 1969 by David Pulver and Clinton Clark.

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The brand CNMUDONSI is widely known for boys’ underwear and sweatpants. They produce a quality which you can trust. 

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3. Amazon Essentials 3. Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essential has a great variety of all clothes. They have a slogan of “premium quality at affordable price.”

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4. French Toast 4. French Toast

French Toast is indeed one of the brands that you can buy if you want husky sizes.  

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5. Gap 5. Gap

In 1969, Don & Doris opened the first store. Now Gap is one the major fashion brand of the globe. 

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10. What waist size should a person with a height of 5 feet 7 inches have?

The average waist measurement of a man whose height is 5 feet 7 inches is around 29 inches to 35 inches.

11. What husky size should a 6-foot man buy?

A 6-foot man has a large waist size. So, he should go for an extra-large size. 20 husky is the extra-large size in jeans which has a 31 to 32 waistline.

13. How will you know that specific sizes are husky sizes?

husky sizes are denoted by H

The husky sizes are separated from other regular sizes by adding the alphabet ‘H.’ For instance, 16H size means it is the husky version of the 16 sizes. Many brands also have the smallest versions of their products for slim persons.

Final Words

Now you know exactly what size is 18 husky in men’s jeans. Also, you have found all the conversions of sizes from regular to husky sizes. It seems like brands use universal sizing methods or conversion methods.

However, it is not like that; there should be some sizing differences between the brands. It implies that you should not blindly believe a brand tag because it might be possible that the size 25 in one brand is not 25 on other brands.

It might be around 27 or 23. Therefore, you should first take the exact measurements of your body. In this way, there will be fewer chances of regrets.

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