What Kind of Jeans Should I Wear? Guide For Your Body Type

what kind of jeans should i wear

For knowing the answer, what kind of jeans should I wear? First, you must clear all the things about yourself.

You must know your body physique, waist, bossy type, and according to your profession. The selection of jeans is different for different persons thin, fatty, butt, large and small hips, legs type, etc.

Below I tell you the body type and right selection of teams according to body type.

Find Your Jeans Rising Level

Different people choose a different rising level, and it also changes according to fashion trends.

1. Low Rise

Low rise is most suitable for those who have curly hips. But one thing is clear that they must be fitted in your hips.

If they lose, then you look bad. Moreover, if your body type is athletic, then a low rise level is perfect for you.

Besides the selection of fabric, the item is too important. So if you have an athletic body type, you must use starchy fabric products.

2. Mid Rise

We called it the body-friendly level of wearing jeans. It is perfectly suitable for every type of body physique.

Even if they can give minor shipping to your legs and abdomen, it is also suitable if you wear the tops of long shorts. You look classy and modern by using the mid-rise level of jeans.

3. High Rise

According to the survey, we reach the result that the athlete’s body type person using this level of rising.

Moreover, those who have a small waist also utilize high-rise levels of wearing jeans. If you want to wear jeans at a high level, then you must ski, starch and fit jeans.

Picture describing level of rising: High, Low, and Mid.

Selection of Jeans Style and Fabric According to Your Body Type or Physique

Below, I mention five distinctive body styles and suitable jeans for them.

1. For Thin Man

A thin man has worn light blue jeans with superstar shoes.

Suppose your body is flat and in balance. The chest and legs are both are slim. Moreover, you have tiny shoulders and inclined muscles.

According to research, these types of the body for those who have a very efficient metabolism specialty digestion of food.


For the thin man, I suggest you wear straight-leg jeans. The rising level for this man is the low rise.

So by wearing this style, your small, the shoulder is hidden, and you look much better if you adopted rather than this style.


  • If you have a thin body figure, then you must avoid the following jeans.
  • Baggy jeans do not give you a classy or perfect look so don’t wear these jeans.
  • Don’t wear skiing jeans. These for chubby men. They give slim look so slimmer look slimmer like a pencil. So please avoid it.
  • Don’t adopt at another rise level. suppose if you rise your feature is hidden, and you look to incline

2. Athletic Man

An athletic man in dark blue jeans.
Image by GQ

In their body shape, muscles are dominant. So, arms and lungs muscles look classy appearance to their bodies. In addition to this, they have small or slim waste.

They have much knowledge about their bodies because they regularly go to the gym.


For that type of person’s three types of jeans is suitable.

  • Slim fit.
  • Jeans with straight legs.
  • Boot cut jeans.
  • RISE LEVEL- for athletic figure low rise level is the most suitable and enhancing body figure. That kind of man must avoid the high rise. They hide their hips bulky muscles and don’t give proper shape to them. So, avoid it.
  • FAVORABLE POCKET STYLE- for athletic man small pockets are more suitable than bigger ones. Because of bigger pockets, all hips or buttocks. So, avoid it.

Precautions For the Athletic Figure Man

There are the following precautions for that type of man.
⦁ First, don’t choose baggy jeans for yourself. They damaged your body shape, and you look irregular.
⦁ Second, don’t wear regular jeans that build up and show an imbalance in your body figure. They badly impacted the viewers.

3. Bodybuilder OR Good Muscles Man

A man in light gre

Bodybuilders or muscle men regularly go to gyms to build their muscles. So, their muscle is larger than others.

In the piriformis, the thigh muscles are larger than others, especially the biceps, tripe, and legs. For that type of body figure, straight and skinny jeans give the same appearance.

Recommended Jeans for Muscle Body

Regular wearing jeans with wider and perfect fitness is an excellent choice for that type of person.

  • SUITABLE SIZE OF POCET- For the muscular body figure, the larger pockets are suitable. The deeper of the pockets more looks perfect. And one thing must check before wearing the pockets don’t near to each other. Closer of pockets gives good looking to your body.

Precautions for Muscular Body Man

The most important thing is that you never wear bootcut jeans. A muscular man in boot-cut jeans looks too fat and heavy body.

So, you look overweight, man, if you wear this. Besides this must avoid asking and tightly field jeans. They give irregular or imbalanced shape to your body.

4. Wider Hips Man

For that type of person, the width between the two legs is too important. Mostly that type of person has hips larger than waste. So perfect and modern look adoption is quaint difficult. But here, I tell you the best solution regarding this.

Recommended Jeans for That Type of Person

The following jeans are good for that type of man.

  • RELACING BODY JEANS– Jeans that are relaxed in your body is perfect for this man. Moreover, the starchy fabric is suitable.
  • INCLINE JEANS– Except relaxing includes jeans that are also suggested for that type of body person.
  • WEARING LEVEL– The best wearing level of jeans for these persons is a high rise.

Precautions for Wider Hips

Avoid wearing skinny jeans. They clear your features, and you look overweight and imbalanced. Also, don’t alter the rising level of jeans its make your hips larger, so avoid it.

5. Fat OR Large Waist Man

That type of body normally has large hips, buttocks. Moreover, the large abdomen is also seen in physiques. The thighs and trunk region are also heavy and larger than the normal and perfect body shape person.

Recommended Jeans Style

Lessor loose fitness is excellent for these types of physiques. Loose-fitting jeans give a classy appearance to you, and you look fashionable. Moreover, you can also wear relaxed regular jeans they also suited to this body figure.

Precautions for Wider Waist People

Skinny jeans must be avoided; They give a more bulky appearance to your all body, the lower legs, and thighs. You look overweight so avoid it. Flapper or boot-cut jeans are also not favorable for that type of body figure, so don’t use these jeans.

6. Physical Fit Man

The physically fit man has a well-balanced body. The shoulders, hips, buttocks, and thighs are in balanced manners. So the selection of jeans for that type of person has quit the essay than others because their body is already well designed.

Suggestion for Best Jeans

Relaxed, regular wearing and slim filter jeans are perfect for that type of body figure. They give a more classy and beauty-enhanced look to that type of man.

Precautions for Physical Fit Man

Don’t wear loose or skinny jeans. You look average in these jeans, so avoid them. Above I mention different bodies and good suggestion precautions of wearing the jeans. You must be adopted and look much better and eye-catching.

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