Should I wear shorts or pants ? Let’s help you with that question

Should I wear shorts or pants ? We ask ourselves this question a lot, maybe even every day, but for various reasons. One could be is it too cold for shorts or maybe to hot for pants, does the occasion ask for a more formal attire or can I get away with shorts this time, or just a simple: Do I look good in this shorts or pants?

Well, what ever the reason you ask yourself the question should I wear shorts or pants, we will try to give you the answer.

Let’s dive in.

Should I wear shorts or pants

It all depends on the weather outside and how comfortable you are. In a study from 2021 asking what is the lowest temperature to wear shorts the 25% of people voted for 61-70 degrees Fahrenheit while 23% voted 61-70 degrees. On the other hand it depends also on the occasion. For more info check the article below.

Is it pants or shorts weather outside ?

Should I wear shorts or pants

Is it too cold to wear shorts or too hot for pants? Well we can’t give you a definite answer, it all depends on your tolerance, as you know some people go out in the freezing cold in shorts and on the other side there are people wearing pants in the middle of summer.

In a study from 2021 asking what is the lowest temperature to wear shorts the 25% of people voted for 61-70 degrees Fahrenheit while 23% voted 61-70 degrees.

So our suggestion is to check it out for yourself, we hope you know yourself good enough to be the judge of it. If not, if you start shaking that’s probably a good indication that you might pushed the limit a bit over the edge.

Usually if you are doing some form of activity like hiking, going for a walk or something similar your body will produce heat, so it those occasions you can try out shorts even though on the beginning it might seem like a bad idea.

Does the occasion ask for pants or shorts ?

Some casual workspaces will allow for shorts, maybe you can get away with shorts on a casual business meeting even though it’s not the norm in most parts of the world.

You see, you have to be the judge to this. Look around how other people are dressed, identify the unspoken dress code and dress accordingly. You can always call someone who’s attending the same meeting and check what they plan to wear.

The golden rule is: If you aren’t sure should you be wear shorts, then you shouldn’t wear them. Go for trousers in those situations.

Do I look good in this ?

Should I wear shorts or pants

The next concern is fashion. Should I wear shorts or pants today really depends on what style you want to rock that day.

For shorts there are different varieties of colors and patterns to choose from.

  • Blue is considered all the variations from navy to light blue, it’s a interchangeable color which goes well with most things. A pair of navy chinos with a white button-down shirt is a timeless combination.
  • Brown also found as khakis are a timeless and simple color with a bunch of versatility. For most formal occasions they are the most common pick.
  • Gray is a noncolor that you can match with anything you want. The shades range from charcoal to light gray.
  • Pastel colors like lavender, mint, salmon are more for a chill out occasion since they attract a lot more attention they their counterparts.

As for patterns there are: Solid (no pattern), Stripes and Checks. There are no rules to follow when choosing a pattern for some occasion. Just make sure it looks nice when you look in the mirrow.

For more info about fabrics you can check out this post.


  • Do fabrics matter ? Of course they matter. Before buying any shorts you should check different fabrics to see which one you like most since some shorts/pants with synthetic fabrics can cause small skin rashes.
  • Is it too cold for my child to wear shorts ? Children of all ages should probably wear pants when the weather is under 40 degrees as doctors suggest if 32 and below get them a coat, gloves and hat
  • How are shorts supposed to fit ? The easy answer is: Never below the knee.

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Asking yourself how pants should fit ? Don’t worry we got you covered for that also.

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