How You Can Wash Your Wool Jacket, Explained

How to wash the wool jacket

Wool fabric is famous because of its good quality and warmer than another fabric item. So they are using different daily winter items like sweaters, blankets, jackets, coats, footwear, and many more, everyone else different techniques for washing the wool products. After that, they face problems with wool. Below I tell you the best techniques and methods of how to wash wool jacket.

By adopting these washing techniques, you have no complaints with wool fabric. In addition to this, your favorite item also looks newer after washing doesn’t face any quality.

15 Proven Steps of How to Wash Wool Jacket

Below I mention the steps on how to wash a wool jacket.

1. Carefully Read The Attach Lable with Wool Jacket

Every company must mention care protection points about product items. In which mention the precautions that damaged the quality of your wool jackets. If you buy branded jackets, they must mention the following points in the labels.

  • Washing machine or with hands.
  • Selection of detergent for washing.
  • Soaking ways.
  • Cleaning methods and maintaining freshness so must read these labels and get benefits and make your wool jackets long-lasting.
person holding jug of water and sponge

2. Brooming The Wool Jacket

The second step is that gently bring the wool jacket. For that purpose, the right selection of the brush is necessary. It must be done with a cloth brush. If you other brush rather than this, that damaged the quality of the wool jacket. The purposes of this brushing are to remove all external dust particles, sand, dietary items, etc. Moreover, you must have aware of the styling of brushing. So must horizontally brushing the jacket. If you move the brush in vertical manners, then it makes you wool jackets fluffy so avoid it.

Broom for the wool jacket

3. Stop Clean and Glance the Entire Coat (for searching spot)

After that, the brushing of the coat is stopped. Now you overview your entire jacket. If you any spot of the dietary item, oil, ink, etc then you remove it. The Removing method is quite simple. You apply the quality of detergent in right the area of the spot. After applying you smoothly, rub it with your finger point. Within five minutes, the spot faded and lost its identity. So you use the same way if you find any other dust particles and other spots in your jacket. You remove one by one.

White tissue is being rub on the black surface

4. Washing with Hands

For doing the washing with hands must clean and clean your washing area whatever is a tub or other. The processing of cleaning the washing area is simple. First, you clean it with water, after that you apply soap or detergent mix and rub the tub with spinach. So all tub is clean. This is the security of a good cleaning that doesn’t transfer any dust from tub to jacket.

Woman is bushing the wool coat

5. Selection of Water and Detergent

The next step is the selection of water. In hot water, the wool fabric shrinks so never use it. For washing the wool jacket, you use Luke water. This is excellent for washing wool items. Second direction the right selection of detergent so you can use baby shampoo or any recommended detergent mention of the label attached. The quality of detergent is enough which is excellently applied and mix to all jackets easily.

A bleach bottle

6. Submerging of Jacket

The first step is the soaking of the jacket in the water. The time requirements for the stocking are maximum to 30 minutes. After that must check all the detergent is mix within all jacket. If the mixing is done the slowly rub on the main areas like collars, pockets which is directly touching to the skin.

Person is squeezing the cloth

7. Agitation of Wool Jacket

After sorting the or dipping in the water for enough time. The next step is to rubbing slowing with your finger where the spot and dust particles are visible. One precaution is must be adopted in the section. You never scrub wool fabric with each other they damage the quality of wool. They look old from that area so avoid it.

Person is washing the wool jacket

8. Give Light Wash to your Wool Jacket

In this section, falling out the detergent water from the tub. After that, take Luke water in another tub and drain your jacket in them. Dip the jacket in the tub for the removal of more dust particles and dust fall detergent. After that agitation of the wool jacket again with the help of hands smoothy. This is necessary for removing the wasted detergent clearly from the jacket.

Person is brushing the wool jacket

9. Cleaning in Washing Machine

Before the machine is used for washing, purposing must check the label again. Is the product is washable in a machine in or not?. If they allow you, then apply this. Initially, you need a washing bag. Which is mostly made up of net fabric?. The purpose of this washing bag is to protect your coat for rubbing with a machine. You can also use the pillow or linen bed sheet for putting the jacket into the machine. The selection of the pillow or bed sheet depends on the size of the wool jacket.

Person is washing the collar of wool jacket

10. Adding the Water and Washing Detergent in the Machine

This section adding again the luke water and good quality detergent in the machine. You must be aware of the quantity of water and detergent for washing one jacket. Don’t rub it just sock in the detergent water.

Detergent is being pour in the washing machine

11. Timing of Machine Running

Enough time is necessary for removing and cleaning all dust particles. So 30 minutes is enough time for machine washing of the wool jacket. On precautions are must remember here. The maintenance of the temperature of the water is necessary. If any alteration in the temperature, then the jacket is shrunk so must check it. After the competing of cyclic processing of the machine lift the bag from the machine and remove the coat from the bag.

A person is setting the washer timer of washing machine

12. Removal of Excess Water from Jacket

Now the dip the jacket into clean water. The methods of dipping are from top to bottom of the jacket. After 4 or 5 dips, all the excess water and detergent are removed. Must remember that don’t twist the jacket from removing all the excess water. Twisting causing shrinkage of wool so avoid it.

How to remove lint from clothes

13. Dry of Jacket is Start

It is wrapping the wool jacket in the dry clean towel. Wrapping of the jacket can be done from top to bottom. After you press the towel in this way, other water is sucked in the towel. So your coat is free water. Don’t use the drier machine; It gives a rough appearance to your jacket.

Black coat and white shirt have hang together

14. Method of Drying the Coat

Don’t hang the jacket it causing loose-fitting or shrinking too. You place the jacket on the dry clean towel. In the drying process, two or three days are required. When on the side is done you turned the side is of the jacket? After that, your coat is completely dry. For making the coat fresh must enter any fragrance on the coat.

woman is washing the blue coat

15. Jacket Freshener

In addition to all the above steps, you can lastly apply the fragrance. Use the fragrance which is specially designed for the wool fabric items. They make your jacket attractive, and you are crazy about wearing them.

Here I tell you the best method for washing the wool jacket professionally. This is the method of washing the wool jackets without damaging the wool quality of your jacket. You can also apply the same process for washing the other wool fabric items like wool blankets, footwear, coats and many more. This is an easy and quick method for washing and soaking the wool jacket. There are a variety of benefits of this excellent method. First and most important is that your product doesn’t lose its stretching capacity. Others are maintenance of colors, size, and freshness of the jacket. So adopted it when you wash your wool jacket.

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