How Tight Should Jeans Be When You Buy Them? Explained

How Tight Should Jeans Be When You Buy Them

Buying jeans can be very desperate, even if it is a basic garment. Moreover, not everyone feels good since each body is different, and there are jeans for each type of body. So how tight should jeans be when you buy them?

At first glance, anyone can sit like a ring to the finger. But once in the fitting room, press on the area of ​​the twins. Don’t climb on the hips, the waist is too narrow or the shot too low.

Here we have the solution and all types of jeans models with a complete guide.

How tight should jeans be when you buy them. So the next time you go shopping, don’t break your head and buy jeans according to your body.

Identifying the perfect and durable jeans means winning a piece of clothing that can adapt to various situations.

Wearing the right jeans, combining them with the correct accessories can always make you feel at ease. In certain contexts characterized by greater informality.

So, if jeans are potentially the garment that solves all style needs, why don’t some people wear them. When they do not wear them?

Let’s find out together in the following guide. The understanding of which evaluation criteria to consider and how tight jeans should be when you buy them.

What is Jeans and what is it for?

pants and scissors on the table

As you may already know, the term blue jeans recall the long history of this fabric that has experienced a truly intriguing evolution.

Most of all, the jeans pay homage to the Maritime Republic of Genoa. Above all, the Anglo-Saxon nations used to import fabrics and many other products.

It is a leader who nowadays knows an unstoppable success. Therefore, jeans are particularly suitable for being worn in informal or sports contexts.

However, being very versatile, jeans can actually be available in more cuts, styles, and colors. This translates into a greater ability to interpret this element in various contexts and, above all, according to tastes.

Nowadays, jeans are marked by names. Such as: skinny, slim, or straight. These terms indicate not of the type of body for which the jeans were designed but of the final effect and fit.

Many people find it difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans. There are some precise reasons, which mainly have to do with the lack of knowledge and understanding of the jeans that best fit their body structure.

Another reason certainly concerns the difficulty of finding different styles. In an easy way when you go shopping: fashion dictates at a certain moment the most popular model. So if jeans that favor the trends are not going well, it may be difficult to find alternative models.

In the following paragraphs, you will see how to choose denim for men, among the most popular ones, analyzing how each style is suitable for a particular physicality.

Main Features to Consider

three men in jeans

Among the main aspects to consider when choosing jeans, one of the main points to refer to is the style (or cut).

As evidenced by the categories on the main e-commerce are mainly 6 types that can be found today.

They include boot-cuts, i.e., the classic cuts for wide legs; the relaxed, which offer a wide fit from the waist down to the opening of the leg without marking the critical points.

The slim, which are an excellent middle ground between narrow and wide and go straight and thin to reach a narrower calf opening.

The straight, that is, those that go down to the straight leg and generally have a quite high life. The skinny, a relatively recent addition to the family whose models are characterized by a very close-fitting line and low waist.

And finally, the so-called tapered jeans, which come down tapering wrapping the leg.

In addition to choosing the style, three other important considerations for purchasing the right denim trousers are life, the choice of size, and one’s own body.

High, Medium or Low waist Jeans

Rises of waist (jeans)

Life can really make a difference in determining the final effect of a pair of jeans, as it plays an important role in enhancing or penalizing the body.

High-waisted jeans are perfect for imposing men. It is best to avoid rolling up your shirt with tall jeans whose waist reaches above the navel.

Mid-length jeans are ideal for all those men who prefer to put their shirts inside trousers. The low-rise jeans have a casual fit and immediately give a more relaxed look: life falls under the navel.

In addition, they have low-riding trousers with a style that gives on the hips and the back.

Choose the Right Models for Your Body

types of jeans

The perfect jeans for thin men, with a light structure and characterized by a flat chest, small shoulders, and few muscles, are those of the straight-leg type. That is straight, with a low waist that enhances the dry body.

The styles that should be avoided include loose-fitting jeans, which will give the idea of ​​being too abundant.

Skinny jeans make you look even thinner. This is because they tend to be too large, creating a sloppy appearance and drawing attention to your thin legs.

The athletic man who presents a thin waist and muscular legs should certainly enhance the hours spent in the gym. By choosing jeans that can highlight the body’s tone.

Jeans models

The ideal jeans models are the slim ones, the straight leg, and the boot cut. In general, for men who can show off an athletic physique, low-cut styles are better than high ones.

However, in the case of a physique well defined and at the same time dry. Among the styles to be avoided in an absolute way are those with too large a cut that risks hiding the outlined shape of the body.

If you go to the personal trainer and are looking for a sports physicist. Particularly widespread here in the USA, it is certainly that of the soccer player, who is characterized by a decisive development of the legs.

The perfect jeans for men who have this physicality are those whose leg width is the same from the hip to the brim.

Therefore, jeans models with a comfortable fit should be chosen. With a wide leg that offers a valid option for a casual look.

Among the models not to be chosen absolutely in this case, there are skinny and/or low-waisted jeans. Which on a similar physique would risk accentuating the pronounced side. Creating a silhouette that recalls feminine curves.

Finally, let’s see which the perfect jeans are for men who have a wide waistline. The man who wears large sizes generally has a central part of the body that is wider and often thighs and pronounced calves. In this case, wide jeans are the best: a nice straight cut with a fairly wide leg helps.

Absolutely avoid skinny jeans and too tight, because a cut of this type could create an imbalance in your appearance. For example, the upper part of your body would appear too wide compared to the legs.

On the contrary, a pair of flared jeans or the boot-cut type will make the figure more harmonious, balancing the proportions.

Each has Own Size

jeans' cut and pocket

When choosing a pair of jeans, special attention must be paid to the choice of size.

Many models, particularly those of the coveted foreign brands, have sizes that can be difficult to understand.

Trying more models of more brands can help extricate oneself. And create a personal grid of which sizes to use as a reference point for a certain style.

It is not a fact that a particular model should be worn wide or narrow. Sometimes it may be more a question of identifying the right size.

However, as a general note, it is preferable not to choose models that are too tight for a man. Especially if you want jeans to be a comfortable garment that accompanies you in everyday life.

The Heaviness

The lighter and more elastic the denim is, the more it will mark your lines, the more it will give. So, if you prefer something a little restrained, opt for a bit stiffer, though the heavier fabric.


color of pants

The jeans are blue (not for nothing they are called blue jeans!), But there is not only blue. Even the washed black is a great color, especially in winter and autumn. In a rock version with a leather nail and amphibians.

Considering that light, or cornflower blue, bright washes are more summery; darker blues are more winter.

And anyway, wash them and strip them: even if they fade. If the model is your model of the heart, don’t throw them away. The more they are used, the more beautiful they are.

The Length

length of jeans

It depends on you there. You can turn them upside down or shorten them at the ankle by returning the hem to a good dressmaker. So that the final effect will look like jeans cut for you.

I personally like the ankle-length just above the shoe: I find it very fine and slims the legs.

They are the close-fitting and super-close models. With a regular or low waist (but the low is not used almost anymore). With the narrow leg up to the ankle and generally very elastic just to give the binding effect.

In my opinion, these are the most difficult models. In the sense that it is necessary to have toned, thin, and possibly long legs. However, if your legs are your strong point, don’t hesitate for a second: buy them in all colors.

Slim Jeans

slim fit jeans

It is a model with a regular waist. With the leg cut slightly wider from the knee down and the ankle soft. Definitely easier than the skinny because it is less tight (it marks much less).

It was the model that sold more in the store, and that is very willingly carried.

Regular Jeans

Regular Jeans

It is a model with a regular waist and a straight cut on the leg. If you put them on a table, you see that the legs are just two rectangles.

In the shop, it sold very well. Especially to the ladies who didn’t want to feel marked or forced into more adherent models. Like the slim or the skinny.

Flared Jeans

Flared Jeans

They are those with elephant feet, the adherent on the leg, and in life. Perfect for you if you love the Coachella look! For info, these in the picture below are flared but not too much portable.

Boot-cut Jeans

Boot-cut Jeans

It is the most flared model underneath (as if you had to slip under a boot, in fact). For me, it’s a bit masculine, like a cut, but it can look good. If you don’t want to mark the calf (in that case, it’s a boon).

High and Low Waist Jeans

High and Low Waist Jeans

Respectively high and low waist Jeans. Given the fact that I don’t like the low life. I still have the high school obscenity in my mind!), The high life is back to life.

I personally like it, but unfortunately, it’s not good at all. First, you need a thin waist and then a well-designed side B. In addition, it does not lead with anything: being high-waist, life must be seen, so go ahead for cropped tops or shirts tied at the waist.

Conclusions and Final Considerations

Summarizing what we have seen so far. It is essential to know your body and the different models to identify the one that lends itself to enhancing the specificities of each one.

To understand which model enhances your body. We definitely recommend you become familiar with the different styles that we have listed in the previous paragraphs. Combining everything with the evaluation of your physical characteristics.

This will be useful for you to be able to invest in the purchase of a pair of jeans that can tell you the best, enhancing your strengths and masking any critical points.

Finally, keep in mind that some of the styles seen above, like the relaxed, lend themselves less to being worn in slightly more formal situations.

In choosing the shape of this garment with a long history and timeless charm, you should also consider its use. You will make of it in your daily life to avoid making impulse purchases, which would end up on the bottom of your wardrobe.

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