How Should Men’s Jeans Fit in the Crotch: The definite guide

How Should Men's Jeans Fit in the Crotch

Jeans are a staple part of a men’s wardrobe. They’re great for almost every occasion. So if jeans are perfectly made, why do so many men not know how jeans should fit in the crotch?

Oftentimes, men select the wrong type and rise of jeans. Heavy guys buy slim jeans with a low rise, whereas lean bros select high rise relaxed jeans.

In this article, we will show you exactly how should men’s jeans fit in the crotch.

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1. How Should Men’s Jeans Fit in the Crotch

The size and fit of jeans are different from the body to body. But in the crotch area (from the waistline to starting thighs), it should fit comfortably without creating any problem when you move, sit, or do anything.

crotch area (from the waistline to starting thighs)

The rise of jeans also impacts the fit in the crotch area. Usually, there are 3 types:

  1. Low rise: This rise fits below the belly button or 1.5-2” below the navel.
  2. Mid rise: Medium rise sits at the natural waist/belly. It is recommended when you’re wearing a shirt to tuck in. 
  3. High rise: Perfect for larger men. And not suitable to tuck the shirts in. This rise comes above the belly button.  

The selection of rise is your own choice. Go with the one that works best on your body shape and type. 

For your further understanding, here you can see my crotch pictures. I’ve worn Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Soft Brushed Pants (harvest gold).

fit of crotch and waist

The 511 slim jean is super comfortable, fits perfectly, and true to size, but still there is enough space for a thermal inner, boxer briefs, and underwear. Thanks to its stretchable fabric, which makes it more smooth and cozy for a long time. And for more comfort and relaxation, I’d say that jeans made of stretchable materials perform the best for an active lifestyle.  

jeans label

How to measure crotch for perfect fit

2. Why are jeans uncomfortable in the crotch for men?

This is because you’re selecting the wrong fit, size, and rise. The above video explains clearly how to measure your crotch accurately. Another main point for discomfort is that you’re selecting a wrong, non-breathable, or rigid (non-stretch) fabric.

Indeed, fabric plays a vital role in every piece of clothing. And jeans made of a higher percentage of cotton are highly breathable and comfortable.  

To avoid discomfort in the crotch, you should select the perfect size and brand because I’ve tried and tested several jeans. And brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, CK, American Eagle, Lee, and Amazon Essentials work super awesome for me. 

You can easily measure your waist size, length, and inseam if you don’t know your measurements. The size chart is also available at Amazon, eBay, and Walmart (image gallery) when you’re buying new jeans. 

3. How should men’s jeans fit at the bottom?

 How should men’s jeans fit at the bottom?

Jeans are available in many types. Each type has a different bottom fit. It also depends on your preference. Skinny jeans have a skinny bottom. Loose jeans are baggier from the thighs to the end. 

But in general, many men select straight or slim bottom as it looks and feels better than the loose.   

4. What fit of jeans should I wear?

It’s super easy to find. At your waist, it should fit according to your measured size without needing any belt support. And your jeans should have some flexibility or stretchability. So when you sit or move, you don’t feel any barrier. 

As you can see in my pictures, I ordered Levi’s 511 slim jeans. It fits perfectly on my waist, butts, thighs to the bottom. So when I sit on the chair, run, or do anything, it doesn’t feel like any restriction.  

What fit of jeans should I wear?

But if you’re selecting straight, regular, skinny, or other types of jeans, make sure the overall fit should be according to your sizes and measurements without being too baggy or tight.     

5. What kind of jeans should I wear?

What kind of jeans should I wear?

You should wear them according to your body shape. First, identify your body type. Usually, there’re 5 types:

  1. Oval
  2. Rectangle
  3. Trapezoid
  4. Triangle
  5. Inverted (source RMRS)

1. Oval body:

An oval body has fatty big thighs, butts, and waist. Loose/baggy/relaxed jeans are recommended.  

2. Rectangle body:

Straight, slim, and skinny jeans are preferable for a rectangular body because they have a flat and thin waist and legs. 

3. Trapezoid body:

The best option for a trapezoid or athletic body is straight jeans with an athletic/muscular fit.   

4. Triangle body:

Straight and relaxed jeans are recommended because the triangle body has a wide waist, hips, and hem. 

5. Inverted body:

The inverted shape includes a slim waist with athletic or muscular thighs and legs. Regular fit jeans are awesome for this body shape. 

Final Words

At last, we’re sure now that you’re able to know exactly that how should men’s jeans fit in the crotch area.

Not only crotch fit and size but other important aspects such as what fit size and kind of jeans you should wear. Still, if you have any questions, always feel free to comment below. 

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. 

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