How much does it cost to hem pants ? 2022 prices

how much does it cost to hem pants

You want your clothes to be hemmed just right? Well of course you’re going to ask yourself how much does it cost to hem pants… The answer ? Be prepared to pay top dollar if you want your pants or shirts to be hemmed. Why? It requires a lot of work and time to hem the right items the right way.

And you know what they say: You get what you pay for!

Before we dive in, just to make clear, the prices can be different depending on your area so we tried to get the closest to average as we could, meanwhile if you are lucky there is always the option of asking your mother or grandmother to hem some stuff for you, which I wish I had but for those unlucky ones let’s check the prices !

Let’s dive in !

So how much does it cost to hem pants ?

A quick answer : The price depends on the region where you live, the material and volume of the work, and also on the expertise of the tailor. But as an average the price to hem pants is between $5 to $20, give or take 5$. For more information check the article below.

So how much will it cost me ?

How much does it cost to hem pants

Ahhh yes, how much should it cost? If you ask most people they would probably tell you as cheap as possible but as with any craft, there are a lot of things to consider. First thing first, the type of clothing and the fabric style are influencing the price a lot, as the size of the hem and the hem style.

Don’t forget that the more experienced and better the person doing the hem is, the more you will probably have to pay.

As we said before the prices can vary between areas but generally the price to hem pants is between $5 to $20, give or take 5$.

How much does it cost to hem pants

What about shirts ?

Shirts depend on the size. Larger shirts will go for more then smaller ones. The average price to hem a shirt is from $15 to $25.

What about jacket sleeves ?

Like with all thing it depends what you want, the size and the fabric. To lengthen or shorten the sleeves be ready to pay between $12 to $20.

And coats?

Coats can be heavy, by heavy we mean heavier fabric which means that the person doing the hem needs to have better tools and has to spend more time which reflects on the price. If you want to get your coat hemmed prepare from $30 to $40.

When will I get my pants ?

How much does it cost to hem pants

If the hem is simple and the tailor is good it should not take him more then an hour. If it’s not so simple or the tailor is not so good you will have to give him more time. The best practice is to ask the tailor when can you expect it to be done. Also make sure the tailor understands exactly what you need because you want to avoid any misunderstandings which can lead to you paying even more or a prolonged waiting time.

Can’t wait for your pants or don’t want to waste money?

So after all this that you read you decide that you don’t want to spend the money or maybe you don’t have time to wait for the tailor. What should you do then ?

Well if you are somebody who is handy and has the right tools, you could do it yourself. Want to know how ?

Before going ham on a new pair find a pair of old pants on which you can unleash your inner tailor, you can ask someone if they have some old stuff on which you can practice also.

Also make sure you have enough material, as a rule of thumb you will need approximately 2 to 8 inches of fabric to hem any piece of clothing.

There are 2 ways, you can either hem with a sewing machine if you happen to have one, or you could use the classic needle and thread. It all depends how handy you are. Check out the guide below for more details. Or you can check YouTube for some videos. Whatever you decide, we wish you good luck !

Check out How to Hem Your Own Pants: 3 Easy Ways to Hem Pants

We hope you enjoyed our guide and that you found some answers.

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