10 Best Thermal Underwear for Construction Workers – (Latest Review 2022)

Best Thermal Underwear For Construction Workers

Any person who works at a construction site in colder temperatures knows the hardship. If he does not wear the right thermal underwear to keep him toast during cold days may experience complications or sudden hypothermia. So, we’re here to review the best thermal underwear for construction workers plus, we will also discuss some necessary FAQs and buying tips.

Let’s get started. 

What to Know Before Buying the Best Thermal Underwear for Construction Workers

Here are some common tips to know when buying the best thermal underwear for construction workers.  

1) Fit

In the case of inners and thermals, the fit is the most crucial factor. Thermal underwear works as an insulating layer between your body and fabric. If it is poorly fitted, you won’t be able to work properly where active work is required, such as construction sites.

You should go with a snug or athletic fit in the cold season because it traps heat and enhances comfort, whereas a little loose-fit is ideal for warm conditions. 

2) Material

The fabric of your underwear needs to be durable, soft, moist-wicking, and odor-controlling. Here is the list of some widely used materials: 

  • Wool – Some brands often use Merino wool. It is the finest wool and provides awesome moisture control.   
  • Synthetic – Extreme cold inners and underwear are made from synthetic fabric. Polyester, lycra, nylon, and spandex are combined with natural materials to provide the perfect heat retention and moist absorbing properties.   
  • Silk – Silk is suitable for mid-cold temperatures. It is lightweight and very soft, but it is useless for extreme winter. 
  • Cotton – Cotton is another lightweight, soft, and affordable material. But it absorbs more moisture compared to other fabrics.     

3) Purpose

Before spending your hard-earned cash on a pair of thermal underwear, you should know for what purpose you are buying it. Are you going to buy it for skiing, home, hiking, or for any outdoor work such as construction? 

Because, in general, the heavier they are, the more warmth they will provide to the wearer.

4) Style

There are many inners with numerous styles. But in thermal underwear, you will have only: 

  • One-piece thermal underwear pant
  • Or a set that includes a long-sleeve top and bottom wear. 

You can also select many colors, but thermals are subjected to wear inside, so we think the colors are not too important. 

5) Care

Every product material has specific care instructions. By following them, they never fade or become light over time. To get the most out of your thermal underwear, you should follow some guidelines: 

  1. Wool & Cotton – Wash them in cold water to prevent shrinkage. For a faster result, use a towel for drying.
  2. Synthetic – the easiest to use and dries quickly synthetic fibers are the best. They keep their original shape after washing and drying.  
  3. Silk – For silk washing, use the delicate machine options. 

10 Best Thermal Underwear for Construction Workers

1) Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear

blue thermal underwear set
  • Incredibly soft and lightweight, you don’t even realize it.
  • Unique pattern offers complete flexibility.
  • Versatile for any activity.
  • Non-US sizing, it runs small.

There are many reasons to love Thermajohn thermal underwear. It is the most popular on our list because of its super breathability, awesome comfort, and durability.  

Made from spandex and polyester, the Thermajohn underwear is warm, lightweight, and provides full mobility during your activity.

The snug fit is also great, almost like a second skin you’ve worn. It is non-bulky, so you no need to think about the bunching up.     

The material is also moist-wicking. Keeping you dry during heavy construction work. It also includes smart odor control that prevents the odor from spreading and absorbs the odor-causing enzymes to keep it from sticking to your skin.

You’ll also appreciate the convenient pee opening. That is super easy when nature calls.

It also features a comfortable elastic waistband that stretches according to your movement. It won’t dig into the ass line (pardon for language 🙂 ) plus, they don’t have any skin-irritated tags. 

The stitching of the whole thermal is durable and strong that won’t rip or tear.  

2) Minus33 Merino Wool 706 Kancamagus Thermal

black thermal wear
  • 1-year warranty for material defect and 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Many size & color options.
  • Machine washable and dryable. Versatile
  • Bit expensive.

Many copy-cats and experienced brands say we are the best, but no one stands at the level of Minus33 as they have been a super trusted brand since 2004.

Minus33’s Kancamagus thermal consists of 100% merino wool. 

  • For reference only – Merino is the finest and most comfortable wool. Thermal underwears for extreme cold use of merino wool construction. 

Kancamagus is an excellent inner for a person who has an outdoor routine in negative temperatures with the warmth of a blanket. But it doesn’t mean they are not suitable for mid warmer temperatures like Spring and Fall. 

The thermal has a 3-season functionality that many men consider as a necessary part of outdoor stuff. 

Our Verdict

We have reviewed several woolen garments and found many male and female reports that wool itches on our skin. But as we discussed, merino wool is of the finest quality. In Kancamagus thermal pants, you won’t have this complaint, at least.    

3) Fruit of the Loom Men’s Classic Waffle Thermal Underwear

set of black & white thermal underwear
  • Fits nice and super comfortable.
  • Experienced manufacturer of boxer briefs and thermal inners.
  • Compared to other brands, they are a bit thin.

Fruit Of The Loom is widely known for boxer briefs and undergarments, including thermals. Their waffle mid-weight thermal underwear with the natural touch features a super-soft feel that protects the wearer from moderately to extreme cold.   

Made from a poly-cotton blend, the classic thermal layer has many specs, including moist wicking and excellent heat retention property for maximum warmth.

Designed to regulate your optimal comfort, they also have advanced odor protection while spandex cuffs for a snug and cozy fit that enhance comfort and warmth and keep cold air out. Making them one of the best thermal underwear for construction workers.

Loom’s classic thermal pants also feature:

  • A flatlock and durable stitched seam.
  • An elastic waistband with a tag-free label back for extra comfort. 
  • An adequately sized front hole when nature wants to meet. 

4) HEROBIKER Men’s Thermal Underwear Set

set of thermal underwear
  • Controlled shrinkage for lasting size and shape.
  • Ultra-lightweight, durable stitching, and Silk lining.
  • Pee hole isn’t available (a problem for men)

The brand HEROBIKER is among the best sellers on Amazon, with over 4,757 positive reviews. The sole reason for this popularity is ultra-soft fabric and fine craftsmanship. 

There’s a lot to love about this thermal set. It features a premium silk lining that retains heat to keep the wearer dry and comfy. At the same time, the exterior is composed of synthetic fibers.

Thanks to the advanced moisture management that keeps you dry and comfortable no matter what activity you are doing.      

The fit of the whole set is snug, lightweight, and cozy. In contrast, the stitching is solid and elastic that doesn’t lose the threads and stretchability. Overall, this thermal set is durable, and you will get plenty of use before buying the new pair. 

5) UNIQUEBELLA Men’s Thermal Underwear Sets

Men's Thermal Underwear Sets
  • The fabric has excellent flexibility.
  • Thin layer but still powerful to bear negative temperatures.
  • Abrasion-resistant.
  • A review says it would be nice if they have an access port.

The UNIQUEBELLA thermal set is underwear, yet it looks like an outer and is also great for construction workers when they feel cold at the site.  

Made from poly-spandex, this army green thermal has a snug-fit and 4-way stretch that offers awesome flexibility according to your body movement. Plus, the flatlock-stitched seam ensures maximum comfort and prevents chafing and itching.     

No matter what activity you have, It absorbs moisture from your skin quickly. At the same time, this thermal provides all insulation you need for cold nights and days. 

6) MEETYOO Men’s Thermal Underwear

set of thermal underwear
  • 2-way air circulation for breathability
  • Skin-friendly design
  • Excellent moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabric.
  • The pants are only designed for outdoor use. No front hole.

Many features are hidden under MEETYOO thermal underwear. From top to bottom, they are awesome. You will love its specs and wearing experience.  

The MEETYOO thermal set is non-bulky and toasty, thanks to the fleece lining that retains heat nicely, and the poly-spandex exterior absorbs the sweat in no matter of time. 

Whether you are cycling, hiking, or dog walking, your body temperature won’t rise because of the 2-way air circulation design that provides super-breathability and odor prevention to the wearer.

Plus, its design is skin-friendly that avoids the friction between the garment and the skin. 

The fit of the thermal set is snug but go with the size up if you prefer a bit loose. 

Washing tips

Machine and hand wash. After drying, don’t iron or dry clean.    

7) LAPASA M24 Men’s Thermal Underwear Set

white thermal set
  • Designed for freezing weather
  • Easily tear off the label by hand.
  • Heavyweight. Highly recommended for snowy places.
  • Runs a bit small for some.

You probably don’t hear about LAPASA, but in the market of long johns, they have a deserving level, and their M24 bottom thermal is the best among all underwear.

Thanks to the synthetic fabrics that make them suitable for extreme cold and frigid temperatures, while the 4-way stretch allows the wearer to move anywhere with complete freedom, It also reduces the friction and wicks moisture from the skin immediately for dry comfort.

Another unique is its draping tailoring that provides super comfort and marvelous body fit to the user. And it supports any movement such as hiking and skiing without any barrier.

8) Duofold Men’s Double-Layer Thermal Union Suit

full body thermal underwear
  • Champion owned brand.
  • Awesome quality and cozy at a friendly price.
  • Lightweight but warm.
  • It does shrink a little bit but still fits.

An outdoor worker or hunter wants something full of comfort and flexibility. Duofold Union is a good option that you can select.


The reason is its warmth and excellent breathability that make the suit ideal to wear for a long time.     

The Union suit is a combination of cotton and merino wool. The inside layer consists of 100% cotton, while the outer layer features merino wool, nylon, and cotton.

The 2-layer construction offers excellent insulation and keeps you warm and comfortable in any work and hunting.    

The suit also features the front button placket design for easy on and off plus, a rare fly opening for convenience.

9) Carhartt Men’s Classic Force Thermal Base Layer Pant

full black thermal wear
  • Great in negative degree climates
  • Thick but too soft.
  • Lightweight. You don’t even realize it.
  • Inconsistent sizing. Order a size bigger.

Carhartt is primarily known for its durable and comfortable clothes that build to last. Thanks for its solid craftsmanship & high standards, which they maintain in the Force Classic Thermal Pants. 

The force classic thermal pants are adjustable for any man. We will say they are among the best thermal layers for construction workers and anyone who works outdoors or involved in physical labor.     

Because this thermal pant is crafted from 100% polyester, which is stretchable and allows your legs to move in any direction without restriction plus, the waffle-knit feature (in the fabric) holds heat, prevents odor, and dries quickly. 

In precise words: You’ll love the smooth feel of its flexible material. And there is also a tagless neck label, pee hole, and rib-knit cuffs for extra comfort. 

10) ColdPruf Men’s Layer Basic Activewear Pants

black thermal
  • Ideal base layer.
  • Fit perfectly as described.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Bit tight leg opening for big ankles.

ColdPruf is an experienced brand in producing warm clothing that keeps the wearer warm & comfortable from chair lift to the campfire. And we all can see the brand’s crafting skills in products such as the Basic Activewear thermal pants. 

The comfort of this thermal is not limited to any activity. From hiking to outdoor work and home, their comfort is versatile. The Activewear thermal pant has many exclusive features, including:

  1. Coldpruf’s technical fabric with Silvadur’s intelligent freshness protects against odor-causing bacterias. 
  2. The ThermaChoice System, a color-coded table that shows the perfect balance between the outside weather and how your body will react to it. 
  3. Dual-layer construction for ultra-warmth. Both layers are made with a blend of ring-spun cotton and polyester 60%/40%.  
  4.  For extra comfort, it consists of a pee hole, tagless labels, and a non-itchy, cozy waistband that sits at the natural waistline.   

Thermal Underwear FAQs

1) How to choose thermal wear?

Here’s the quick checklist for choosing the right thermal underwear:

  1. Fit – Snug or athletic-fit for winter while loose-fit for the warm season.
  2. Material – Wool, cotton, silk, but synthetic fabrics are the best.
  3. Purpose – There can be many purposes, such as skiing, hunting, and outdoor work. The weight of underwear determines what level of warmth it will provide.

2) Why does a construction guy need thermal wear?

Construction is labor-intense work. And due to sweat, and continuous rubbing of tough clothes against the skin can cause rashes, redness, bruises, itching, and sometimes odor. So for warmth and odor control, thermals can be useful undergarments. 

3) What thermal style is best suitable for construction workers?

A construction guy wears many protective gears, metal, and a jacket. And as we discussed, thermal underwear comes in 2 styles: 1) One-piece thermal underwear pants and 2) a set that includes a long-sleeve top with a pant. We will say go with what serves you best. 


This is the end of the best thermal underwear for construction workers. Now it’s your turn to answer me in yes or no:

  1. What thermal underwear are you going to buy?
  2. Or what is your favorite brand?

Let me know in the comment section. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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