7 Best Suspenders for Ski Pants: You’ll love them

best suspenders for ski pants

In today’s post, you’ll exactly read the review of the 7 best suspenders for ski pants. But before buying, it is crucial to get some knowledge about ski suspenders. 

Hence, select the one with high quality, comfort, durability, or anything you need. So, no regrets come later.

For your concern, we have come up with a comprehensive review. Also, we’ve included a ski bib, belt, and FAQs, which you should consider.

So let’s get started.  

7 Best Suspenders for Ski Pants

1. Best Overall – American made Holdup Black Ski-Ups X-back Suspenders

x-back suspender 
best suspenders for ski pants
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for complete satisfaction.
  • The patented plastic Gripper clasp holds stronger than any conventional metal suspender clips.
  • Perfect replacement of bib and belt.
  • Only one variant and color.

Reliable and with a better look, these American-made Holdup Black Ski-ups are the ones you need to have. In addition, they are made to be water-resistant; if accidentally they come in contact with water, they will oppose the effect. 

There is a little calfskin cross on the rear of these suspenders that associates both suspender ropes together. They are made with plastic fastens to hold firm. It will sit pleasantly in the top center of your back. 

The American X-back suspenders are made to be customizable, and they’re flexible, made with a poly mix. So if you are somebody with broad, high shoulders and a wide back, at that point, you will appreciate these suspenders. 

The thick versatile, and movable lashes will keep your garments and jeans where they ought to be, so you don’t have to mess with your garments each time you take strict action.

These X-pack suspenders are made of top-notch texture, and the lashes are 1 and 1/2 inches wide. The front can be changed just like the back.

These suspenders must be washed with hands, not by machines. To dry them, leave them on the line and permit them to dribble dry.

2. Dickies Men’s Adjustable X Back Suspender

X-back clack suspenders
best suspenders for ski pants
  • Looks great at any age.
  • Durable and strong holding clips.
  • Almost every size can fit.
  • Bit flimsy hardware, according to some reviews.

Dickies is a synonym for workwear. It no denies they are among the biggest workwear producers since 1922. Their production list includes t-shirts, denim shorts, pants, and durable suspenders also. 

They are incredibly famous and great suspenders for casual skiing and work since they are made from company clothes that can bear any stress and movement. The elastic is also included, giving you flexibility and comfort when moving on the peaks. 

The clips of the suspenders have a strong snap. They are wider than usual and keep your pants up the entire time no matter what activity you do. And you don’t have to worry about them as they are rustproof and hand-washable.

Lastly, you will not face any fit issues because they came in two sizes: one size and extended size, for big and tall. They also adjust from 31 to 48.5” long, and each pair can fit up to size 42 with an X-back and embossed leather patch in the center.        

3. Fasker Men’s X-Back Adjustable Suspenders

black X-back suspender
best suspenders for ski pants
  • Available in two variants X and Y, with multi-colors
  • Anti-slip, sturdy clasps.
  • One size fits most men.
  • The clips are so strong they take some effort to unclip.

With over 5,441 5-star reviews, we can say that Fasker must be making something great. And they are, as their Men’s X-back suspenders make clear. 

The one factor, which we have found many times is their durability. Yes, these suspenders are very long-lasting and made from high-grade materials (Polyester and Elastodiene).

It also features anti-slip, sturdy clasps, while the thick stretch edge has an elastic ribbon.  

The strap is 2-inches wide, and it is fully adjustable, long, and one size fits most men (one size for all). 

Fasker suspenders come in two variants X and Y, with multi-colors. Both designs have heavy-duty clips that hold your pants tightly and don’t come to unbuckle unintentionally.

Whether you are an obese man or a lady or if you are a boy reading this Fasker review, then you are reading the right thing because the brand suspenders are adjustable for every human frame and convenient for every activity such as skiing.

4. Carhartt Men’s Utility Suspender

best suspenders for ski pants
  • The durability and stitching are top-notch.
  • Multiple colors and style options are available.
  • Premium and most trustable workwear brand
  • Some clamping issues might be faced.

After reviewing several items of Carhartt, we have understood a point that Carhartt is a premium workwear brand. Believe us; their apparels are rugged and durable that lasts with you.

In addition, each product, including the Utility suspender, shows the rich heritage and fine craftsmanship of over 125 years.   

These Carhartt Utility suspenders are versatile for every work. From ski pants attachment to casual use, you will never find any complaint or movement barrier.

These X-back suspenders are available in 12 colors. All are unique + universal, and perfect for any guy who wants some change. 

The straps of the suspenders are 2-inches wide and elastic. They help to distribute the stress that is applying to your shoulders.

This means you will never feel a burden on your shoulders when you are doing any active work, whereas the clips are durable and tough, as we would expect from Carhartt. 

We all know that leather center patch is common in almost every suspender, but the case is different. The brand uses a 100% full-grain leather patch on which the Carhartt logo is debossed.

  • For reference only: the full-grain leather is the highest grade of leather (source).

5. Chums Ski Suspenders

best suspenders for ski pants
  • Premium use of clips that are widely known for pants friendly and rustproof.
  • Versatile look for every place and functioned beautifully.
  • Easy on and off.
  • Some adjustment issues with the back.

One of the most common drawbacks we found in suspenders that metal or alligator teeth clips could potentially make some holes in your expensive ski pants. But thanks to the Chums for using the plastic cam clips that hold your pants tightly without tearing or making holes in them.

While the strap is 1.5” wide and made from durable nylon webbing, it is easily adjustable, super comfortable. In addition, it doesn’t cause any pressure on your shoulders.

Plus, you also have an advantage of look. Mean-to-say that they are versatile enough for every place. From your skiing to work to casual routine, you can wear them everywhere and every time. 

Some suspenders are only designed for ski pants or snowboarding. They don’t have any casual look, but these suspenders look wise are not limited. 

In the end, there is a flaw but not a deal-breaker is that once the X-back moves, so without help, it would not be correct, and only one color is available in these Chum Ski suspenders. 

6. Decalen Men’s X Style Suspenders

best suspenders for ski pants
  • The tailor-made, modern design makes them versatile for any guy.
  • Use of high-quality material in straps and braces that can hold any stress.
  • The clips strongly hold your pants without tearing them.
  • The jaws of clips are too tight. As a result, they make some problems when opening.

Decalen is a big player in the market as its suspenders are approved by over 5,460 men, including teenagers and women. However, one thing has been cleared here: Decalen suspenders are not only for ski pants, but you can also put them on motorcycle pants, work pants, and jeans.

From multi colors stripes to plain dotted design, they are over 14 colors and styles from which to choose. And the strap of suspenders is made from durable materials: Polyester and Elastodiene. And it is 1.5” wide.  

While the industry-leading, high-grade material is used for braces. The clips, compared to others, don’t puncture on your ski pants material. Plus, it also provides a sturdy and stronghold and doesn’t slip off no matter what you do. 

The adjuster is also remarkable. Once you adjust, it does not move anywhere. And after adjustment, you still have plenty of room for further adjustment.

This extra space prevents the “too tight” fit during activity and avoids the straps digging into your shoulders.       

Decalen’s suspenders are tailor-made and have modern cuts and designs. That’s why this suspender is not limited to any age – from men to women to teenagers. All are suitable here.

7. MENDENG Vintage Swivel Suspenders for Men

black suspender best suspenders for ski pants
  • Combination of high-quality polyester and synthetic leather.
  • Suitable for ski pants, fancy dress, partiers, casual, etc
  • Super easy to connect and disconnect because of the swivel hook.
  • Belt loops are compulsory for connection.

MENDENG should be in conversation during any discussion about the perfect suspenders for men as MENDENG is a specialty retailer for men’s neckwear and accessories such as a handkerchief, tie, bow tie, and suspenders.    

After reviewing suspenders from every angle, we can say that they are perfectly made – not too tight, wide, and skinny. Suitable for both purposes: casual and formal. 

Thanks to the Ultra Resilient webbing and reinforced stitched straps, the suspenders are durable and elastic. The length is 48” and the width is 1.4”. The universal standard sizing fits most people.  

While the flexibility ensures a comfy fit all day long, the suspenders are 100% adjustable and ideal for every pair of pants and occasion. 

The swivel hooks of the suspender connect to your belt loops, and the hooks are super easy to attach and off. So quality-wise, these clips are better than those crappy pinch clips.

But on the other hand, there is a significant drawback that your pants or trousers must have loops for connection.    

Best Ski Pant

8. Arctix Men’s Essential Insulated Bib Overalls

snowboard suspender pants
  • These relaxed fit pants include 600 Denier Ballistic reinforced ankle, scuff, and hem guards to hold up against daily wear & tear.
  • Reinforced seam, advanced insulation, and machine washable.
  • DWR (Durable Water Repellent) repels water from the fabric’s surface.
  • Some improvements are needed in zippers.

Arctix snowboard suspender pant indeed is the most famous and best-selling bib on Amazon. Several factors are responsible for this success. And here, we will discuss the most important points only. 

Let’s start with the size first. Whether you are a small guy or a big busted lady, it works perfectly for every size and gender.

The fit of this Overalls pant is true to size and consistent. But here is a tip: if you are a bigger belly guy, then first measure your size and order a size up for a more relaxed fit when you wear layers.

The fabric is multi-layered and specially crafted to keep you toasty warm during everyday winter activities.

The construction of the outer shell is lightweight, and it is both wind and water-resistant that keeps you dry from outside snow.

At the same time, the ThermaTech insulation offers awesome breathability, low bulk, and super warmth (that keeps you warm up to -20 C) plus, the articulated knees for additional comfort. 

Another notable thing we found in the fabric is that it contains some reflective ingredients that provide visibility at night.    

For further convenience, you have an easy zipper boot on/off and gaiter with grippers for seamless integration with boots to keep you warm plus, the Overalls bib has adjustable suspender straps, elastic side gussets for maximum motion, zip pockets, and O-ring for keys, gloves, and a lift ticket. 

Best Belt for Ski Pants

9. JASGOOD Military Tactical Men Waist Belt

belt for ski pants
  • Non-metallic buckle that avoids security clearance issues.
  • The strap is more durable, breathable, and strong.
  • Various colors and a friendly price tag.
  • It might be uncomfortable when you sit down for long durations.

Yes, we agree that not all of our bros prefer sus or bibs. Some guys also love belts for skiing. And it no denies that belts also perform outstanding well and hold your pants tightly. Still, they must have a strong grip, as we found in the JASGOOD tactical military belt. 

Here is the full analysis of WHY this belt is the best for ski pants: 

First, the buckle is extremely easy to adjust. Second, it is very sturdy, locks tightly on pants, and is made from high-quality plastic that never comes loose, a great plus when you are going through the airport or TSA.  

The strap is fine nylon-made. As a result, this strap is thicker, breathable, strong, and soft than other nylon belts, making them super breathable and perfect from gardening to hiking.    

And to match your wardrobe, the brand offers multi-colors with different patterns on the strap. All are versatile and easily matchable with your pants or shirt.   

Tip: cut the end of the belt to fit your size and then melted the newly cut end with a frame to prevent the nylon from fraying. 

Final Remarks

JASGOOD military belt is not only for ski or snow pants, but you can also wear them on every occasion. For climbing, hiking, fishing, cycling, this belt is perfect.  

Ski Suspenders FAQs

1. Is there a difference between snow pants and ski pants?

Ski pants are generally designed to be snug and fit. The bit tighter fit of ski pants allows better heat retention and air trapping.

On the flip side, the snow pants are a bit baggier. However, the loose fit allows the wearer to perform multi actions and stunts without any fit barrier. 

Both pants are slightly different in terms of fit. But select the comfortable pants for your purpose because you will never want any fit obstacles on snow peaks.   

2. Why do ski pants have suspenders?

Normally in snowboarding or skiing, the belts get loose, and the pants sag. That’s why ski pants have suspenders.

The suspenders have a stronger grip and hold than the belt. They keep the pants up the whole time and don’t let them fall, no matter how much you play. 

3. What is best to wear under ski pants?

A base layer is also known as underwear. You can also call thermal underwear or long johns. Thermals are the best to wear under ski pants because they provide excellent warmth, heat retention, breathability, awesome comfort, and they are durable also. 

  • In this article on best thermals, we have described each aspect in detail and why thermals are super important if you’re working in cold. 

4. Should ski pants be tight or loose?

As we discussed in question 1 that ski pants are designed to be snug. It doesn’t mean that they are too tight. In our opinion, your ski pants should fit well. Means, not too tight or loose.

They must have enough space to adjust your thermal or base layer inside. Also, make sure that they are tight enough to keep you warm when you aren’t wearing any layers.           

5. Do ski pants go over jeans?

No. My bro never. Jeans are not suitable as a layer because they are not flexible and are made from thick fabric. Plus, jeans may leave you feeling stiff and restrict your movement ability on the slopes. 

Remember, skiing is a full game of stunts and movement. Therefore, any object that creates a pinch of obstacles will not be accepted.    

6. Suspenders with ski pants yes or not?

In some cases, yes and in some your choice. Suspenders are widely used for ski pants. The ski suspenders are stretchable and keep the pants up the whole time while providing you a comfortable fit. 

And it’s nothing wrong with the belts. They also provide grip, but during skiing or snowboarding, they become loose, and pants start to sag, according to many skiers.


Now, this is the end of the best suspenders for ski pants. And all our selections, including buying points, are not specific to ski pants. Instead, they all are versatile and best for every use, just for your true value of money.

Now it’s your turn to answer me in yes or no:

  • Has our article helped you?
  • What’s your favorite suspenders brand? 
  • What do you like the most: belts, bib, or suspenders? 

Let me know in the comment section. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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