10 Best Shorts for Concealed Carry: Latest Review (2021)

best shorts for concealed carry

Finding the best short for concealed carry is the most crucial thing because concealment is very desired as this is a matter of your personal safety and security.  

To help you choose strikingly perfect shorts for concealed carry that provides concealment and prevents the weapon from falling out or being lost, we have reviewed the 10 best shorts for concealed carry in this blog

In addition to that, we have added 3 points to know before buying concealed carry shorts that will help you prevent the regret you always have after buying things online. 

Thus, continue reading with us to secure your weapon with ultimate comfort for you. 

In a hurry?

A quick table view of all concealed carry shorts.

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1. Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts 1. Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts
  • Ample of storage.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Elegant look.
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2. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts 2. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts
  • Ample of storage.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
  • Lightweight.
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3. Helikon-Tex Men Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts 3. Helikon-Tex Men Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts
  • Multi 10 pockets.
  • Stretchable material.
  • Durable.
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4. Graystone Holster Concealed Carry Men’s Compression Short/Brief 4. Graystone Holster Concealed Carry Men’s Compression Short/Brief
  • Ventilated material.
  • Build-in spandex holster.
  • 2 holster pockets CCW shorts.
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5. UnderTech UnderCover Men’s Concealment Shorts 5. UnderTech UnderCover Men’s Concealment Shorts
  • Perfect for the summer season.
  • It also has a pocket.
  • Stretchable.
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6. Propper Men’s Tactical Short 6. Propper Men’s Tactical Short
  • Ample of storage capacity.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
    Stain and weather-resistant.
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7. ZENGVEE Men’s 3 Pack Compression running shorts for concealed carry 7. ZENGVEE Men’s 3 Pack Compression running shorts for concealed carry
  • Maximum mobility.
  • Breathable.
  • The pockets are perfect for a gun in the Ruger soft holster.
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8. TACVASEN Men’s Summer Outdoor Cargo Shorts 8. TACVASEN Men’s Summer Outdoor Cargo Shorts
  • Semi-elastic waist.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Water-repellent technology.
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9. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Fast-Tac CCW Ready Short 9. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Fast-Tac CCW Ready Short
  • Adjustable waistband.
  • 5 pockets.
  • Solid & Durable
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10. STRYKR Agent Covert Carry Holster Pants 10. STRYKR Agent Covert Carry Holster Pants
  • No need for a holster.
  • Stretchable.
  • Comfortable.
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10 Best Shorts for Concealed Carry

1. Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts

Men's Tactical Shorts
  • Ample of storage.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Elegant look.
  • The knife pocket is not deep.

Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical short comprises 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which features no closure. The shorts have an efficient design with a durable and water-repellent Teflon coating that protects against stains, moisture, and dirt. 

These are the summer cargo shorts for men, which have many pockets, including 2 cargo pockets with magazine compartments. Other than that, it comprises 2 extendable back pockets with hook and loop closure, reinforced utility pockets, and deep front pockets. You can also use a magazine pocket as a cellphone pocket. 

These pockets are resistant to wear and tear because these pockets are reinforced. Tru-Spec shorts provide an ultimate comfortable fit that fits according to your body shape. The shorts have an adjustable slider waistband that eradicates the requirement of side tabs. 

Also, the slider waistband accommodates the inside-the-pants holsters, which make it the best short for concealed carry.  The short has a 9-inch comfortable inseam with a side gusset and snap with a brass YKK zipper. The shorts are wide at the bottom. 

It has a wide 2-inch belt loop which adds convenience. These are the multi-use shorts that you can wear for hiking, camping, and other missions due to their weather-resistant construction. Other than that, these shorts can also be used for athletic wear or daily activities. 

The shorts are wrinkle-resistant and get soft on washing. Overall, it is a very well constructed durable shorts with a relatively thicker material.  

2. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts

Men's 11-Inch Tactical Shorts
  • Ample of storage.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • No gusset crotch.

5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro Shorts are constructed by a blend of fabric such as polyester and cotton. The polycotton fabric makes it perfect in many ways, such as the fabric formulation making it lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and above all, durable. 

The Tactical Men’s Shorts provides many pockets for convenient storage. It has deep and functional front pockets, strap-and-slash pockets, and utility pockets mounted on the thigh. Other than pockets, it also has a D-ring mounted on the hip. The strap on the back pocket is used to connect the holster and carry guns. 

These shorts are the perfect choice for the summer season. The Tactical shorts are sewn in a way to provide users the utmost comfort and productivity with 9.5 to 11 inches inseam variety. The inseam gives a perfect room for movement, squats, and even running. 

The shorts deliver a lightweight feeling that maximizes the movements. Also, it features an adjustable waistband and YKK zippers. The shorts are made very durable with its double-reinforced seat that proves its high-level construction.  

The short has a pyram snap and bar-tacking at major seams and stress points. Also, it has a Teflon finish for water resistance and durability. The shorts are machine washable but don’t use bleach on them. 

You can hang them for drying rather than using a dryer. Other than that, these are also wrinkle-resistant. Hang them after washing, and wrinkles are gone.  

3. Helikon-Tex Men Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

Outdoor Tactical Shorts
  • Multi 10 pockets.
  • Stretchable material.
  • Durable.
  • Made of thick material.

Helikon Tex Tactical Shorts has distinct fabric formulation for OTK [outdoor tactical shorts] and UTK [urban tactical shorts]. 

The OTK is a 4-way stretch material with 93% nylon and 7% elastane with a Teflon coating. On the other hand, UTK is a 2-way stretch material with 60% cotton, 37% polyester, and 3% elastane. 

The shorts have a loop and hook closure and have a unique US and EU patented design. The short has a lightweight and breathable material that makes them comfortable to wear for a prolonged-time period due to the long inseam. 

The Helikon short has a bunch of pockets for convenient and functional storage. The pockets include two mesh front pockets that have edges for gear clips and two mesh cargo pockets with a YKK zipper. 

In addition to that, it also has two mesh wide back pockets, and inside that back pockets, it also has additional slim back pockets that are used to carry flashlights, pistols, knives, and magazines. Also, it has two front pockets that have velcro flap closure in which you can store your smartphone or AR magazine. 

The pockets are made in a way to provide storage capacity but not disturb the look of the shorts. Also, the front and rear pockets are reinforced to resist wear and tears, and all the pockets are very well-positioned. It has a total of 10 pockets which include 6 front and 4 rear pockets.   

The waist design of the shorts is very efficient that prevents them from falling. The waist also has a velcro-closed belt that adjusts according to your size. Additionally, the wide belt loops enable you to wear belts of any width. 

The shorts are present in a wide variety of vibrant and appealing colors. Moreover, the shorts are unisex adaptable. They can be washed in the machine and are quick-drying. Also, these are perfect for hiking, festivals, casual wear, or day-to-day use.  

4. Graystone Holster Concealed Carry Men’s Compression Short/Brief

Men's Concealed Carry Compression Short/Brief
  • Ventilated material.
  • Build-in spandex holster.
  • 2 holster pockets CCW shorts.
  • Some weapons like barrel tend to slide down through the hole.

Graystone Holster Men’s Compression shorts are made of 73% polyester and 27% spandex. The Graystone is a lightweight short that is made of moisture-wicking fabric that is why it is perfect for hot weather. 

The shorts provide a great fit with freedom of movement but do not feel saggy. These shorts are also perfect for summer times due to their ventilated material. 

You can also wear these compression shorts backward for front carry. It also has left and right-hand draw holster pockets which make carrying weapons more easy and safe. This is an incredible concealed carry alternative to the IWB [inside waistband] options. They conceal well and make your shorts more secure for carrying guns. 

The short has one Glock holster on each side for left and right-hand gun carrying. The undercover gun holster provides better concealment and quick access to the gun while doing any activity such as walking, running, or even exercising. 

The fabric of these shorts is skin-friendly that offers elasticity and breathability that is ideal for daily use. The shorts wash well and do not tolerate chlorine bleach. Overall, these are worth the money.

5. UnderTech UnderCover Men’s Concealment Shorts

Men's Concealment Shorts
  • Perfect for the summer season.
  • It also has a pocket.
  • Stretchable.
  • Doesn’t have a zip closure.

UnderTech UnderCover Men’s Concealment Shorts is made of stretchable cloth that provides an excellent and relaxed fit. The short features an elastic closure that prevents it from falling off. These are the ultimate comfortable concealment shorts. 

It has a little holster that presses the weapon down so it will not come out even if you are running or jumping. Also, it has divided the rear elastic holder into two sections. You can utilize one section to carry weapons and another section as a pocket to carry magazines, keys, knives, and other items. 

You can carry your weapon without the need for a belt for the holster. The UnderTech shorts make concealment carry easy for you in a hot climate also. They are a bit expensive, but they provide incredible quality and functionality. 

This allows the concealment of the weapon with keeping you active better than any other shorts. Overall the shorts have a sturdy construction which makes them durable. Also, it runs true to size. These concealment shorts are a great alternative to the Inside Waistband weapon carrying method. 

The shorts are machine washable but avoid bleach. These are great for hiking, fishing, running, camping, or traveling.  

6. Propper Men’s Tactical Short

 Men's Tactical Short
  • Ample of storage capacity.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
  • Stain and weather-resistant.
  • Fewer belt loops.

Propper Men’s Tactical Short is made up of polyester and cotton. The shorts are lightweight, which provides you comfort while providing room for movement. The Tactical shorts are comfortable, functional, and fashionable as well. 

The short has a Teflon fabric that prevents them from developing stains, and also it can combat harsh weather conditions. The short features a robust snap closure with a french fly. Also, it has a heavy-duty double seat and a 9-inch inseam for added comfort. 

The tactical shorts have a relaxed fit with comfortable room through the hip and thigh. Also, the shorts sit at the waist. For the customizable, the shorts have a wide elastic waistband which allows you to stay active without any fear. It also has belt loops that can accommodate belts of almost 2 inches in width.  

The Propper Tactical short has 10 pockets that are reinforced and are resistant to wearing out. The 10 pockets include  2 seat pockets with internal wallet pockets and welt cell phone pockets. The short also has a separate magazine portion. 

It also features a D-ring above the front right pocket that allows it to carry keys and tools. To conclude all this, this short provides ultimate storage capacity and enables you to carry everything, including your personal items and valuables. 

The shorts are machine washable and do not shrink on washing. Also, they are resistant to fade, so their color will not fade and will hold up well. Additionally, the wrinkle-resistant feature provides you with the ease of no-ironing. The shorts are very well-made with double-stitching in needed areas. 

7. ZENGVEE Men’s 3 Pack Compression running shorts for concealed carry

Men's 3 Pack Compression running shorts for concealed carry
  • Maximum mobility.
  • Breathable.
  • The pockets are perfect for a gun in the Ruger soft holster.
  • Some guys say they’re wearable under the shorts.

ZENGVEE Men’s 3 Pack Compression running short is made with the poly-spandex mixture. It wicks sweat away from the skin due to moisture-wicking fabric. Also, the concealed carry shorts have excellent durability, which will not wear out even on heavy work. 

The fabric of the shorts is also abrasion-resistant that provides a soft feeling to the shorts, and prevents rashes. The shorts have exterior pockets that allow you to carry your personal items and belongings, such as mobile phones, weapons, and other items. It has two pockets on both sides. 

The shorts have a longer length and have a longer inseam of almost 8 inches. They provide a relaxed fit and room where needed. It is strikingly perfect for the ones with athletic bodies. They are very comfortable due to the fact that they have elastic in the waist and thigh, which provides flexibility. 

ZENGVEE shorts have flat seams to prevent irritation and rubbing. The material of the fabric has four-sided elastic. This decreases lactic acid accumulation. You can use these shorts for multiple purposes, for instance, training, hiking, running, exercising and biking, etc. 

The shorts are machine washable and do not need to be dry-cleaned. Also, they are resistant to wrinkles and color fading. Above all, these shorts come in a pack of 3, which makes them affordable. 

8. TACVASEN Men’s Summer Outdoor Cargo Shorts

Men's Summer Outdoor Cargo Shorts
  • Semi-elastic waist.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Water-repellent technology.
  • Not lined.

TACVASEN Men’s Summer Cargo Shorts has been made of nylon. It features a zipper closure and a drawstring. The fabric of the short is quick-drying that wicks sweat away and evaporates it. 

Also, the shorts are breathable that allow the movement of air and heat trapped inside. The shorts are lightweight, which makes you feel like you have nothing on, and the ripstop fabric makes it durable. 

The TACVASEN short is made with a water-repellent technology that prevents it from getting wet. 

It features a comfortable fit and also has a wide elastic that has a zipper closure. They have a straight leg that appears tapered. The short has an inseam length of 14 inches which makes it ultimate comfortable. 

More, it has 5 pockets, including 1 thigh, 1 back zippered, 1 zipper, and 2 front cargo pockets. The fabric of the shorts is neatly stitched and has elegant finishing. The TACVASEN shorts are machine washable and do not need to dry clean.  

Other than that, the shorts are available in a variety of colors such as blue, green, grey, khaki, light grey, navy, and black. You can wear these shorts for hiking, climbing, running, jogging, fishing, traveling, running, workouts, and other activities. 

These shorts from TACVASEN are comfortable, provide function, and look good as well. 

9. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Fast-Tac CCW Ready Short 

Men's CCW Short
  • Adjustable waistband.
  • 5 pockets.
  • Durable.
  • Little shorter for some guys.

5.11 Tactical Fast-Tac CCW Ready Short is made of 100% polyester ripstop fabric. The short has a water-resistant fabric that makes them ideal for any weather. The shorts give you an adjustable fit with a self-adjusting tunnel waistband. 

According to the situation, you can move freely and comfortably in these shorts because they give enough room and freedom for movement. The Tactical shorts have a secure closure with a YKK zipper that is sturdy. It has a total of 5 pockets. 

The short has a utility pocket and two back welt pockets. It also has a pocket for the magazines. That provides storage and adds up in functionality and convenience. 

They also have a bar-tacking at critical seams and active points. Reinforced stitching makes them more durable and increases their lifespan even more. The short has an 11-inch inseam and is the perfect balance between comfort and durability. 

Also, it is lightweight at 1.2 lbs. The short has sewn-on buttons. It delivers the comfort and functionality needed for the most strenuous activities. 

Therefore, this makes it perfect for outdoor activities. The short is available in three colors black, blue, navy, and khaki, and these are machine washable. They are not too long; they just sit above the knee. 

10. STRYKR Agent Covert Carry Holster Pants

Holster Pants
  • No need for a holster.
  • Stretchable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Available in one color.

The STYRKR Agent Covert Carry Holster Pants enable you to carry your weapon safely and securely. These also keep guns away from veins and organs. These pants will never imprint the weapon, even during running, walking, or bending.

In the STRYKR Holster pants, your gun will not fall off your waist, just like a drop-down holster. These pants can easily carry all pistols and guns from smaller size to bigger in size. It also provides you instant one-hand access to your weapon. 

You can also wear the shirt tucked-in with these pants. The fabric formulation of these pants comprises 98% cotton and 2% spandex. This makes it ideal for the summer season, comfortable and stretchable as well due to the added hint of spandex. 

It also allows you to carry magazines and other accessories. It has a lightweight holster around your thigh which provides a drop-down tactical holster. This does not allow your gun to fall or slap your leg, even during running.  

3 points to know before buying any concealed carry short online 

1. Reviews about concealed pockets and quality 

Before buying concealed carry shorts online, you should check other people’s reviews about the concealed pockets. 

This is because the main reason for which you have bought the shorts is carrying concealed. So, the pockets for carrying weapons are not too huge that weapons fell off from them and not too small that guns don’t fit in them. 

While some shorts carry one gun, and some can carry two or more two guns. Thus, it is recommended that you check whether the concealed pockets’ size is suitable for your weapon size or not. 

Talking about the quality, it is the factor that solely determines the lifespan of your shorts. This is because the shorts with all the other crispy features but compromise on quality are of no worth. No one wants to change their clothing products after every month. 

In addition to that, the quality also depends upon the fabric of the shorts. Some of the fabrics, such as polyester, make the clothes durable. Thus, it is recommended that you check the shorts’ quality before buying the shorts online.   

2. Brand 

Checking the brand is also essential because the well-renowned brands are dedicated to quality and functionality. However, the popular brands are little on the pricier side. This is because we get what we pay for. 

This does not mean that affordable brands do not produce quality products. Some of the underrated brands also provide perfect quality and functionality at a nominal price. It is all about which brand fulfills your requirements. 

3. Price 

The price depends upon your budget. Hence, you should analyze the price range that you can afford. After that, you should only search for the shorts that fit your price range. 

Some of the affordable brands also pay outstanding quality. Thus, price does not matter more, but the features and functions do.

9 most comfortable and common ways to conceal carry

1. Shoulders holster 

Shoulders holster 

The shoulder holster is a traditional and the oldest method of carrying guns that you have seen in old movies. It includes a band wearing over your shoulder in which you put your gun. This is an advantageous method to carry bigger weapons. 

In addition to that, it also provides a separate pocket to carry a magazine on the other side of the concealed gun. Other than that, the shoulder holsters give a very classy look as well. However, it has cons too, which include that it is easy to snatch guns concealed by this method. 

Also, drawing your gun is not easy in this concealed-carrying method. The shoulder holster has its availability in three designs such as angled, horizontal, and vertical.

XAegis Shoulder Holster

XAegis Shoulder Holster General Vertical Gun Holster Adjustable for Most Kinds of Pistols

2. Belly band holster

Belly band holster

In this method, a band is wrapped around your midsection, e.g., a belly that has a separate pocket for carrying a gun or weapon. The weapon is secured in this method by pressing it close to your belly with a tight band. Moreover, it also has separate pockets for magazines and ammo. 

The drawback of the belly band holster is that it does not provide you the quick access to the gun as the gun is covered under your shirt. Other than that, it is also not suitable for sweaty people and for hot weather. So, the solution is to have a belly band with high-quality waterproof fabric.

AIKET Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry for Men Women. Most Comfortable Waistband Handgun Carry with Magazine Pouch. One Holster Fits Most Pistols & Revolvers. BONUS Movable Mag Pouch.

3. Outside the waistband

OTW holster

Outside the waistband is also known as the OWB method. It allows you to carry bigger size handguns or weapons and enables you to draw the weapon quickly. The OWB method keeps your gun outside the waistband. 

However, outside the waistband method does not hide your weapon if you are wearing short garments. So, you need to wear long garments in OWB conceal carry method to make sure that your weapon is covered.  

Depring Concealed Carry Outside Holster Carry

Depring Concealed Carry Holster Carry Outside The Waistband for Right and Left Hand Draw Fits Subcompact to Large Handguns

4. Inside the waistband

ITW holster

Inside the waistband is also known as the IWB method. It is most widely used than the other methods to conceal carry because it allows you to draw weapons instantly. 

This method keeps your gun or any other weapon secure at your waistband with the help of a clip that rolls over the waistband and ties the gun. 

Inside the waistband method allows you to carry smaller-sized weapons without the need to wear too many clothes. These features make it perfect for concealing carry during hot weather. 

These are reasons due to which this method is more popular than the other methods of concealed carry. 

Fonrroni Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

Fonrroni Concealed Carry Holster. Universal Holster, Inside The Waistband Bundle. Holster for Man/Woman Fits Right Hand and Left. Compact Subcompact Handguns.

5. Pocket carry

Pocket carry holster

The pocket carry method is convenient and handy for carrying compact pistols with you. It also provides quick and straightforward access to your weapon. However, you can not carry bigger guns, and also you have to wear a more oversized shirt to hide the weapon. 

Uncle Mike's Pocket Carry Nylon Concealment

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon OT Inside-The-Pocket Holster.

6. Thigh gun holster 

Thigh gun holster 

A thigh gun holster is very comfortable, and it keeps your skin concealed securely. However, it is impractical to wear a thigh band inside the pants. This is because accessing the gun and re-holstering is very awkward; you have to pull off your pants. 

This is an excellent way to carry weapons for women as the thigh band is concealed more conveniently under the dress than the pants. 

Most people find this method useless because they think that the thigh band does not keep guns secure. In comparison, others find it a more secure method.  

Other than that, this method is just limited to carrying compact size guns. This method will not handle the gun with a bigger size. 

Nehostertfy Right Handed Tactical Thigh Holster

Nehostertfy Drop Leg Holster. Right Handed Tactical Thigh Pistol Gun Holster Leg Harness.

7. Small bag carry 

Small bag carry for gun

In the small bag carry method, you carry your weapon in a small bag that is zipped or attached with your pants. The benefit of the small bag carrying method is that it is very secure, and you can also carry many things other than the gun too. 

However, the drawback of the small bag for the gun is that it provides the slowest access to the gun because you need to unzip or open the bag to access the gun. 

Other than that, in the small bag carry method, the small bag attached to your pants draws the other person’s attention.

M-Tac Tactical Bag

M-Tac Tactical Bag Shoulder Chest Pack with Sling for Concealed Carry of Handgun.

8. Ankle support carry

Ankle support carry

The ankle support carry is also a well-renowned method to carry your guns. However, in this method, you have to choose and wear the pants wisely. The pants should not be narrow because it will make the accessibility to guns harder. 

The wide pants are a problem too because they will not hide your gun. Thus, while wearing an ankle holster, your pants should not be too narrow or too wide; they should have the perfect balance between the room and bagginess. 

This is a very convenient method, but it provides you with quick access to the gun.

Concealed Carrier TM Ankle Holster

Concealed Carrier (TM Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry Pistol | Universal Leg Carry Gun Holster with Magazine Pouch for Glock 42, 43, 36, 26, S&W Bodyguard .380.38, Ruger LCP, LC9, Sig Sauer.

9. Inside your waist belt without a holster 

gun inside waist belt without a holster 

Carrying the gun in a waist belt without a holster is a hazardous method. In this method, the trigger of the gun is visible, which may lead to severe accidents. Also, the gun can easily fall while moving or running.

Moreover, the gun can also slide from the waistband to inside the pants. You will not have quick access to the gun because the clothes can interfere. Thus, it is not a safe method. 


1. Can you conceal carry with athletic shorts?

You can conceal carry in athletic shorts such as gym or basketball shorts. However, one thing that you make sure of is that your weapon should be secured during physical activities. For this purpose, you can use a belly band or ZENGVEE Men’s 3 Pack Compression running shorts.

2. What is the most comfortable concealed carry position?

The most comfortable way to carry a weapon is the inside waistband [IWB] because it gives you instant access to the weapon and is also perfect for the hot climate. It is suitable for carrying small weapons. 

In contrast, if you want to carry large weapons, then outside the waistband [OWB] is most comfortable for concealed carry. This is because it also gives you the quickest access to your weapon. 

3. Should I carry a round in the chamber?

Your weapon should be ready to use every time. Therefore, you can carry round in the chamber. Watch the video for more details. 


4. Is it illegal for a concealed carry weapon to print?

Concealed means you should hide your weapon. However, print is not illegal. This may vary according to the states’ rules. In some states such as California, it is illegal to openly display or print your weapon.

5. What is a holster claw?

holster claw kit
A holster claw kit

The holster claw is a small thing that is used to press a gun close to your body to prevent the weapon from imprinting. The holster also keeps the holder in place whenever you are drawing the gun. 

6. Can I carry a gun without a holster?

Yes, you can carry a gun without a holster, but it is not a perfect or go-to option. This is because this not only exposes your weapon but is also dangerous. 

7. What is a concealment wing?

concealment wing

The concealment wing is meant to press the grip of the gun towards your body. It is also known as holster wing or holster claw. 



In finding the best shorts for concealed carry, the main thing that you are aiming for is concealment

All of the shorts that I have listed above have excellent concealment capacity. However, some of them also have crispy and handy features in addition to concealments, such as stretchability, breathability, durability, storage, and resistance to weather, wrinkles, stains, or water. 

We have comprehensively explained all the drawbacks and benefits of the shorts. After reading this guide, we hope that you have indeed chosen your ideal pair of shorts for concealed carry.  However, before carrying any weapon with you in public, you should read the country’s/state’s rules and regulations for the weapons in which you are living. 

This is because some of the states and countries have very harsh rules regarding weapons. Therefore, due to your negligence, you will face punishment in the form of a fine or imprisonment.

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