13 Best Parkas for Chicago Winter That are Super Warm & Comfy

Best Parkas for Chicago Winter

Looking for the best parkas for Chicago winter? Chicago has a rich history and extensive literature but winters here are crazy, and they can catch you badly.

It requires you to have the best parkas available in the market because the cold will not then bother you because you will be safe from this weather.

Nothing can defeat the parkas when it comes to a great winter coat. Saying that you can then go outside and have a good breath because you will have some of the best parkas for Chicago winter needed to survive in.

And by winters, I mean December to March. Having the best parka allows people to deal with these situations.

In a hurry?

A quick view of all parkas for your convenience only.

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1. Caterpillar Men's Heavy Insulated Parka 1. Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka
  • Water/Wind Resistant, and Breathable
  • Lower pockets with snap flap closure
  • Zip-Off Removable Hood   
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2. Eddie Bauer Men's Superior Down Parka 2. Eddie Bauer Men’s Superior Down Parka
  • No matter what kind of winter weather is thrown at you, this parka makes you warm.
  • type: Down insulation
  • Weatherproof
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3. The North Face Men's McMurdo Parka III 3. The North Face Men’s McMurdo Parka III
  • Ultra-warm, weather-resistant, parka with a zip-off hood
  • Removable Faux-Fur Ruff
  • 100% windproof fabric
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4. Alpha Industries N-3B Slim Fit Military Parka 4. Alpha Industries N-3B Slim Fit Military Parka
  • Two exterior handwarmer pockets
  • Two lower flap pockets
  • Removable faux fur around the hood.
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5. Columbia Men's Whirlibird IV Interchange Winter Jacket 5. Columbia Men’s Whirlibird IV Interchange Winter Jacket
  • Interior security pocket
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Attached, adjustable hood
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6. Canada Goose Women's Kensington Parka Coat 6. Canada Goose Women’s Kensington Parka Coat
  • Slim Fit that’s tailored to fit close to the body
  • Fleece-lined down hood with a removable coyote fur ruff
  • A stylishly modern take on classic women’s parkas
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7. Marmot Women's Montreaux Coat 7. Marmot Women’s Montreaux Coat
  • Zip-off Hood with Removable Faux Fur Ruff
  • Interior Drop Pocket
  • 700 Fill Power Down with Down Defender
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8. Canada Goose Men's Expedition Parka Coat 8. Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka Coat
  • 625 fills power that is awesome. 
  • Removable Coyote fur ruff surrounding an adjustable hood
  • A perfect option for extremely cold climates. 
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9. Columbia Women's Flurry Omni Heat Coat Hooded Parka 9. Columbia Women’s Flurry Omni Heat Coat Hooded Parka
  • Detachable Hood
  • Removable fur
  • Breathable and Waterproof 
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10. Fjallraven - Men's Singi Down Jacket 10. Fjallraven – Men’s Singi Down Jacket
  • A warm and durable jacket with a traditional long cut.
  • Waterproof.
  • The shoulder pad with the highest micro loft for extra resistance to the weather and wear.
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11. Arc'teryx Men’s Thorsen Parka 11. Arc’teryx Men’s Thorsen Parka
  • These parkas are heavily insulated
  • They are wind and waterproof
  • They have an excellent durability
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12. Spyder Men’s Metro Gore-Tex Infinium Down Full-Zip Hooded Parka 12. Spyder Men’s Metro Gore-Tex Infinium Down Full-Zip Hooded Parka
  • Extremely Durable
  • Excellent insulation.
  • Waterproof shell.
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13. Arc'teryx Therme GORE-TEX Men’s Parka 13. Arc’teryx Therme GORE-TEX Men’s Parka
  • The 750-Fill power of European goose isolation.
  • Coreloft waterproof insulation.
  • Insulated hood with Brim laminated protecting.
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Before You Purchase, here are 6 buying points to know:

1. Warmth

When you go outside in winter, make sure you are fully ready for it. Good practical rules are that you must be dressed in three layers:

The closest first layer that is near to the skin for breathing, a thin cloth that will help eliminate the moisture of the body. Keeping dry is one of the easiest ways to stay warm when outside in cold weather for a long time.

The second layer is the best for isolation. Layer that part with wool or feathers, you can even add one or two additional layers here as long as the weather is very cold.

The third layer is where you want to add wind/water protection. It will help keep all the layers inside to stay nice and dry, ensuring that you or your child stays warm all day. 

Here’s a tip for children:

If your child plays in the snow, we recommend adding bib-style snow pants.

Looking at all these clothing factors for winters, you must look for a parka that gives you all in one. 

Warmth is a function of many factors: type of insulation, weight, leather, wind, layering, and activity level. But the 2 most essential factors in determining the heat of the parkas are its rates and filling weight.

There are different parkas for different climates. Your search for a parka starts by considering the type of weather you will face, which is winter but winter has also levels. These force you to buy the specific one.


If you undergo a summer-based climate in Chicago, you have to go for a simple parka and to breathe without a genuine fur layer.

In general, parkas of this type have a layer of polyester and are equipped with a removable hood and many pockets. 


The cold weather of Chicago can be freezing, and you can expect snow; hence, you need a warm jacket, and it should be waterproof.

2. Fit

When buying a parka, you must always consider your body type and the parka’s fit. They come in various shapes, but then you cannot breathe more effectively, while the relaxed fit will give you more freedom for movement and many layers. 

You must aim for somewhere between these two extremes. Your parka must cover your lower back when you raise your arms and cuffs to protect your wrist for warmth.

If the coat has an adjuster, use it to adjust the parka to your body shape. 

It’s all to keep the cold air and rain from you. If you coat the parka on clothes, like feathers, then try the next size. 

Often there are 3 types of fit:

Relaxed fit:

Every day, a standard parka will have more extended suitability and be more prolonged for extra protection.

Active Fit:

Bit loose, this parka will provide enough space for you to wear another layer below it, like fur or softshell.

Technical Fit:

Hiking and climbing parka will offer more freedom of moves, but they will sit closer to the body. It often has shorter lengths and higher bags (pockets) that can be accessed while wearing the harness.

Note: When checking fit, always zip or snap. Your parka should be closed for accurate results. 

3. Insulation/Filling Details

The purpose of insulation is to trap heat from your body and to prevent it from escaping into the cold. This is a hot thermodynamic principle that will always move from a hotter area to a cooler area to achieve balance. 

In other words, the heat produced by your body always moves to the air around you. Isolation acts as a barrier between your body and outside air. It maintains heat and reflects it to you.

There are three types of insulation (filling) for winter coats:


The classical type does the perfect job by making you warm. They are lightweight and easily compressed. One drawback is that it doesn’t work correctly with moisture. Down parka will do its best if you live in a dry and cold place.

When buying a down parka, look for stuffing power rankings at least 600. Whatever is lower than this range will always have the risk to not perform well in cold conditions.  

Synthetic fiber

You need synthetic fiber if you live in a moist and cold climate because they survive against moisture. The good is that they do last too long. 

Pile Fabric

A waterproof insulator that will work for you if you don’t want something too thick for winter. The insulator decides what you are protecting, but your requirements determine which ones are the best for you. 

Keep in mind, parkas with higher filling power rates will almost certainly be reasonable, but they can go to the more expensive side. Finding the right choice between price and performance is essential when deciding which parkas will be purchased.

4. Weight/Size

The most important thing, light jackets cannot come with a combination of insulation. Winter parka is only worth the weight if it can keep the wearer warm in sub-zero temperatures.

Next, it is necessary to keep the wearer alive when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Understandably, parka should be very light and soft. But sometimes according to the weather you can go for a larger and heavier side. Cluster down has a round center called Plumule, which features thousands of tiny fibers. 

These fibers keep the person warm, which is very efficient. 

5. Durability

Similar to the weight, the endurance and durability of your parka can vary significantly. Fabric thickness is measured in denier, or “D,” and the lower, thinner numbers of the shell.

In terms of endurance or durability, the main thing to consider here is the aim you want it to accomplish. Like for how much time do you require the parka? 

For a day- parka, we prefer to use a model that is at least 20D – this will offer enough toughness to run with branches, play with your dog, and do most of the everyday activities. 

When you step into the realm of 15D and below, the material starts to be very thin, ferried, and sometimes even a little transparent. More durable parkas are for those who carry the burden on their backs high to the mountains, but ordinary people are better with the more practical jacket clothing.

6. Extras

1. Hood:

The hood is an essential part of any parka and should constantly be tested when trying the jacket on. A good hood must be adjustable to provide a comfortable fit and help you protect it from wind and rain.

A peak is also helpful to direct the rain away from his face.

2. Collar:

You need to check that it is adequately insulated and fastened or not.

3. Sleeves:

The sleeves of a parka are designed to allow insulating layers to be used below, as well as complete freedom of movement. Some parkas will have articulated sleeves (ergonomically shaped sleeves) to ensure a better fit.

4. Zippers:

An oversized bulky zipper is best, as you may be trying to zip while wearing gloves. Also, a high-quality zipper can prevent catching and jams. A two-way zipper allows better venting from the bottom or increased freedom of movement (sitting).

5. Storm flaps:

Does your parka have a storm flap? You need to check it as it adds style and protects cold wind from entering.

6. Pockets:

No matter what happens, you should not overlook the importance of pockets and what they can do for you whether you want to keep your essential elements such as mobile phones and wallets or just want to prevent your hand from becoming ice due to the climate. 

7. Waterproof:

You need to check whether your parka is waterproof or not because it’s essential for extreme cold weather. 

Here are some of the best winter parkas I suggest.

13 Best Parkas for Chicago Winter

1. Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

heavy insulated men's parka.
  • Water-resistant, wind-resistant, and breathable.
  • Lower pockets with snap flap closure.
  • Zip-off removable hood.
  • Some reviews say it can rip quite easily.


You might have seen this on the construction site because they have so far been one of the most widely used and high-performance parkas out there.

What we choose today is their heavy-insulated men’s parka. But, as usual, you will see all that for yourself in a minute wearing it. 

CAT means heavy duty. Whether drilling in the plains or mining in dry and shaken on the moist Arctic and tied to ice, their machines are always engineered to work extra – and they build work clothes with the same standard. 

This coat is fantastic and very suitable for winters. The outer material is heavy and for high-quality duties, like the fact that there are pockets everywhere, even inside and outside, also one pocket on the left arm.

They have two on the front with quick access to things in it. Also, a pocket for a walkie-talkie radio.

The hood can also be removed, and it is coated with fur. Also, the neck has a feather layer. There is also a reflective part so you can be seen at night.

Waiting for the weather is for those who are not ready, but CAT heavy insulated parka is made to keep your focus on the work that exists, no matter what blows.

Polyester shell, which is 100% tough, enhanced with the paint blocker technology to make it water/windproof, but breathe.

2. Eddie Bauer Men’s Superior Down Parka

hooded parka
  • Best winter protector. All you need is a shirt under this jacket.
  • Insulation type: Down insulation
  • Waterproof parka.
  • The front has Velcro that is hard to open.


Eddie Bauer Superior is one of the best parkas which is suitable, warm, and has many features, and even at a very reasonable price. 

Even though it only has one interior pocket (zipper line pocket above the chest), it has six large exterior pockets. Two lower ones are arranged in excessive design. Over Pocket is a big space that is styled with a very strong Velcro flap. 

Under the pocket is a surprising, wide, and warm cutting room. The length of the jacket is a bit more. Which makes the sleeves a little more above your hands so that you can keep them warm even by using them. 

The hood can be removed and has a removable hairpiece as well. It can also be adjusted to the Velcro rope to make it longer or shorter as needed.

The main two-way zipper is large and easy to use. Again, the jacket length makes the start of the zipper more difficult than a short coat, but you will learn to use it. 

You can also, of course, draw the bottom zipper from the end and provide more space for steps or walking if the parka is too low for you. Zipper closes on a high collar that wraps well on your neck for warmth.

The layer and features are amazingly warm. You can wear light tee clothes and light cashmere sweaters with this parka on a very cold day and stay comfortable. 

It has a pull tape that can be adjusted about the waist so that you can tighten to withstand the upper body heat, and there is a band pull hem to tighten your back if needed. 

For some, the parka is not too stylish or fashionable. It’s rather tubular and you might think of it as a normal winter jacket. It’s not as tubular as Gore-Tex parka so you don’t look like a lump, but also not ready for the runway.

Overall, it’s very lightweight and you can wear it the whole day without being tired. 

3. The North Face Men’s McMurdo Parka III

tnf black men's parka with front pocket
  • Ultra-warm, weather-resistant, parka with a zip-off hood
  • Removable Faux-Fur Ruff.
  • 100% windproof fabric.
  • Some size issues usually occur.


North Face McMurdo is above the trend towards everyday use, and they are more performance-oriented. Give you warmth, unique features, and consideration values.

Most importantly, you get hydrophobic 800-fill, which is far more than a lightweight jacket from brands such as Arc’teryx and Patagonia, which costs almost the same. NF McMurdo is an insulated parka for the worst winter. 

This parka shell is weather-resistant, preventing wind, snow, and hail from your immersion to bones. The imitation faux ruff in the hood can be removed, but keep on and pull the hood on your face for extra warmth. Or just zip hood for styles that are suitable for the city. 

Customized hoods from behind with shaved tensioners. Faux fur ruff can be removed. This jacket is recommended when the temperature starts to crawl closer to 10 or below; lower the temperature you will have it. 

If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, you can rely on the North Face men’s parka. Even though this jacket is stylish, I don’t recommend it for casual use because there can be “many layers” to carry it.

It runs just a little big, not too much; if you are going to wear it with sweaters and hoodies, go for your regular size. 

4. Alpha Industries N-3B Slim Fit Military Parka

Military Parka for men
  • Two exterior handwarmer pockets.
  • Two lower flap pockets.
  • Many color choices.
  • It has some zipper issues.


Alpha Industry N-3B is a USAF snorkel parka that displays reinforced elbow patches, full storm flap, and inset knitted cuffs for durability and protection against elements. Interlining nylon/polyester outer shell parka ensures that no cold air seeps. 

A hood is lined up and trimmed with synthetic feathers, complete with drawstring/rope takers. Fortunately, the N3B produces this trend and provides a sleek fit mantle, in fact, slim. Don’t get me wrong: this is still a thick and slim winter coat.

Even if you have attached to your training plan, no one can admire your muscles under this evil boy. But with that said, the parka made the contours into the body and gave a slim silhouette like that, given how much warmth it gave. 

The N-3B Military is high quality, sturdy, heavy, and very warm parka. A little bigger than expected. Come wrapped with alpha industrial plastic bags and hangers. Each button and zipper with protective paper. Even the tag looks good.

5. Columbia Men’s Whirlibird IV Interchange Winter Jacket

off white/navy blue combo parka
  • Interior security pocket.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Attached, adjustable hood.
  • Not available for larger sizes.


If you are in the market for super warm puffy, which will not disturb your budget, give Columbia a chance to save you from serious mountain cold. These parkas are high quality, heavy, and firmly stitched. 

This jacket is designed in a way that you don’t sweat too much when combined with the warm properties of usual outdoor jackets.

Because most of the time you take part in a fairly heavy activity which means you will sweat, you need to let your body breathe and also set your temperature better.

Overall, this jacket is good for keeping water out as well. It features an Omnitech Columbia waterproof membrane which helps with weather resistance. The good thing about the Columbia Interchange IV jacket is that it is super comfortable to use. 

There are few restrictions on the movement which mainly comes from the nuances of a slightly large jacket but not as bad as some other jackets in this price range. It doesn’t give a cheap appearance even if you see the budget. 

Some people don’t like the boxy look it gives. But you have several styles to choose from and you can use them for more time. As it is quite durable. 

6. Canada Goose Women’s Kensington Parka Coat

woman wears a parka
  • Slim fit that’s tailored to stay close to the body.
  • Fleece-lined down hood with a removable coyote fur ruff.
  • A stylishly modern take on classic women’s parkas.
  • Some reviews say the coat runs small.


Winter jackets come in various styles and are versatile in terms of warmth, but the Canada Goose Women’s Kensington Parka is perfect for the worst winter in years. This is the warmest coat but still fashionable and stylish without being too big. 

You get a healthy dose of 625-fill-power down and cut the middle thigh, which makes you covered without limiting your mobility.

Unlike most swollen jackets here, Kensington Parka is coated with soft and springy feathers along the stem, cuff, and coyote fur ruff that can be removed around the hood to make cold air and gives extra style. 

The addition of a durable water repellent finish is a good daily defence against cold rainfall and occasionally.

Parka steals the show when it comes to style. Fitting at the waist of this jacket is formed in a classic way. The manufacturing of the coat is very feminine and easy to wear. 

Polyester fabric has a matte and smooth layer. The interior is filled with 625-filling electric duck down, but there is no frumpy marshmallow appearance.

7. MARMOT women’s Montreaux Coat

puffy parka for woman
  • Lightweight and can easily be folded.
  • Interior Drop Pocket.
  • The length of the coat and the sleeves is perfect.
  • Few color choices.


Many women’s winter parkas come and go, but Montreaux Marmot has been a power plant for years.

With an affordable price, you get quality down, interior lined fur, feather framed hood, and clean style, making it everywhere in various cold weather climates and one of our choices for every winter.

This coat will help you stay warm even in the hardest temperatures. You can easily fit in this coat even if you’re wearing a thick sweater. The fitting for arms is perfect, not too long and not too short. 

It is light and can be easily folded to fit a large wallet or small carry-on. The removable fur hood does great work by keeping the head warm, it is rather difficult to use your peripheral vision because of its large hood. 

The pockets are in a generous size, the interior pocket matches the iPhone and can accommodate one more accessory if necessary. It has a double zipper, so you can zip and unzip more easily. 

And while you can, of course, be warmer with a parka like a Frozen Patagonia or Deep RAB cover below, we have found Montreaux enough for temperatures below zero, which is a good match for most of the winter conditions.

8. Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka Coat

man has worn parka
  • It is quite durable.
  • Pockets are well distributed.
  • The quality of the coat is awesome.
  • Costly.


At the top end of the winter, this Toronto-based brand has been working for years and adored by everyone. Canada Goose men’s expedition parka is super warm, well-built, and really fashionable for those who want a sleek look. 

It’s worth the money. Looks good, feels amazing, and keeps you warm whatever the weather is. It is waterproof (to a reasonable limit).

The hood is very protective. Without blocking your vision, it will protect everything except maybe the center of your face from frostbite. 

Add a face mask, nice gloves, boots, and winter pants, and you will feel almost like trousers. It’s extremely durable and you can use it for a lifetime.

With a duck filled 625-down (ironic that the company uses most of the duck down and not a goose) and thick and durable shell tech arctic, this expedition parka can be used in freezing temperatures.

Having extraordinary warmth, expertise, and appearance, the biggest problem with the Canadian Goose is price. But if you run cold, need extra insulation, or appreciate the styling, Canada Goose has been a valuable market angle.

9. Columbia Women’s Flurry Omni Heat Coat Hooded Parka

ladies hooded parka
  • Detachable Hood
  • Removable fur
  • Breathable and Waterproof
  • Sometimes the belt around the waist can come off.


The winter parka is a deal of expense, but Columbia budget-oriented brands offer some intuitive alternatives that save you a lot of money. We were looking at cold weather cuts and at a reasonable price. 

For warmth, you get the number of polyester in-house Columbia (although the beats are not provided), along with a shiny reflective heat, waterproof fabric, comfortable hood, and surprisingly nice designs for the price. 

There is room for a heavy sweater or shirt underneath, and you will still be able to move your hand freely – there is no tightness or narrowness.

The coat is heavy and warm but surprisingly flatter and not too big. It’s very comfortable, waterproof, and has long cuffs with extraordinary thumb holes. 

The belt in the back can be adjusted so you can have a more fitting look when you don’t wear big clothes below it. The hood is a bit open; it can get away in heavy wind, but it can be fixed with a small snap or Velcro.

10. Fjallraven Men’s Singi Down Jacket

black men's parka with front pocket
  • A warm and durable jacket with a traditional long cut.
  • Waterproof.
  • The shoulder pad with the highest micro loft for extra resistance to the weather and wear.
  • The zipper is not up to high quality.


Similar to Canada Goose, FjallRaven makes handsome outdoor equipment between casual and fancy performance. This men’s Singi down jacket is durable that offers solid warmth with 600 fillings, tons of storage, and many layers.

There is plenty of pocket space, a large hood that can be adjusted in-depth and helps to depend on how you wear your jacket. The jacket is a little more oversized, but not too big. 

At 6ft 4” 220lbs, with a waist of 36 inches, it is quite suitable if every time it is a little bit at the waist. The material is very nice. Fabrics is a very strict synthetic canvas that is very resistant to abrasion or obsolete. 

It’s quite water-resistant and can be made more than that with the wax application. Removable imitation feathers are of higher quality than most and can be easily turned off for natural feathers if needed.

11. Arc’teryx Men’s Thorsen Parka

men's flat-front parka
  • These parkas are heavily insulated.
  • They are wind and waterproof.
  • They have excellent durability.
  • Expensive.


Arc’teryx Thorsen is a stylish and warm parka built for wet and cold urban conditions.

It features tons of bottom insulation under a sturdy shell, providing excellent protection from elements. Its style is slim, sharp, and somehow made a statement without sticking out in the crowd. 

It is also very comfortable to wear and well done throughout our testing period. To start, waterproof and very warm with a combination of 750-fill power and synthetic insulation in the humidity-prone area. 

We liked the lean view, and Arc’teryx even chose features such as flapping pocket zippers to stay clean. Last but no less important, the interior is smooth and comfortable and reminiscent of puff-high-end puffy.

12. Spyder Men’s Metro Gore-Tex Infinium Down Hooded Parka

charcoal black parka
  • Extremely Durable
  • Excellent insulation.
  • Waterproof shell.
  • The size runs bigger than the ordinary athletic fit.


Spyder Metro is a well-known brand for making technical and innovative parkas, but this Infinium men’s hooded parka is a masterpiece in itself. This coat will make anyone not only warm but will look slim and stylish on any occasion.

It has an upscale Gore-Tex waterproof membrane and stitches that are completely affixed, making this jacket breathable and durable. This is insulated with a 750-geese-filling around the core for maximum comfort. 

It is also equipped with quality synthetic insulation in high-use areas such as casings, hoods, and collars. It has an insulated bag and zipper passport pocket on the front for convenience and ease of use.

Spyder Men’s Hooded Parka is a perfect jacket for winter in places that tend to be wet snow. The manufacturing is windproof and waterproof.

The sizes are inconsistent (sometimes) because it tends to run a little greater than the usual athletic size. When buying online, be sure to request the right measurement to ensure fitting.

13. Arc’teryx Therme GORE-TEX Men’s Parka

black parka
  • Slim-fit.
  • Coreloft insulation waterproof in areas that are susceptible to moisture.
  • Insulated hood with Brim laminated protecting from hail and snow.
  • Inconsistent sizing. The majority of complaints related to sizing.


Most Arc’teryx jackets are technical, but Therme Parka is urban, which is a pleasant speed change. Arc’teryx Therme Parka is waterproof, windproof, and very warm, able to handle anything that can be thrown cold in winter in urban areas. 

Isolated with goose feathers, it has a large weight to mass ratio, and coreloft’s synthetic isolation is strategically placed at the points that are susceptible to moisture buildup, so you stay warm even when it’s moist.

Arc Therme is available in various colors to be worn in almost all social situations. The hood is sufficient and also isolated.

An insulated hood is a “must” in a cold climate. The collar ends high when done and does a great job to protect the neck area.

The bottom contour means completely formed on your body shape, removing potential loopholes for cool air absorbing in. As a result? Warmth, distribute the length of the jacket. Reducing bulk and friendly movement feature also found under arms and on the side.

This parka is made beautifully, warm, modern, low, and very functional for urban use. The hood is relatively large, but Therme is unmatched in design, technical features, and exemplary performance for cold weather use.

Some FAQs

1. How do you wear a parka?

Parka comes in various styles, including those with a fur collar that many of us hang out with the design to look classy.

The parka finishes just below the waist, which I like, but you can go for longer if necessary. You can put on a parka with thick work shoes, heavy turtlenecks, and chunky scarves.

2. What to wear with a parka?

Guys, in the casual parka style, you can follow the footsteps that are more or less the same. A simple pair of legs or skinny jeans provide a perfect casual base, while plain or smooth knitted sweaters or simple crew-neck t-shirts under your unzipper parka add a relaxed final. 

Don’t be afraid to mix colors too; neutrals like green khaki, cream, and black all work in harmony. 

3. Are parkas supposed to be big/long?

Not every parka needs to be extended or extensive. 

If your winter is hard (routinely sub -10), you will want a longer parka (e.g., at least mid-thighs). I would say it depends on height and the length of your body to find what flatters you. I am 5’10, “and I like topcoats and parkas to hit mid-thigh. In the end, I would say you can use it according to your choice. 

4. Is Canada Goose better than North Face?

Both jackets are very well isolated. From bottom stitching to removable functional hood, we have no problem recommending one.

The North Face jacket uses a downward goose with 550 stuffing power, while the Canadian Goose uses a white duck down with a charging power of 625.

And we’d say that CG is the best in some of the most extreme climate conditions. Their parkas/coats/jackets are made from the highest materials and craftsmanship.   

On the flip side, North Face also performs extremely well. They’re well crafted, globally well-recognized, and super comfortable to wear. 

5. Are Canada Goose coats worth the money?

If you can afford it and you want to use it regularly, then I will say that the Canadian Goose coat is the best option. They also do extraordinary work that regulates your body temperature when indoors, making it very functional to use. 

Not to mention the fact that they are fashionable, very high-quality, will last a lifetime, and are a status symbol, which is rather fun. 


I know that you are here because you want something to keep you from the cold winds. After all, you want the flexibility to control the level of insulation and trap the heating layer. The explained parkas are for bad weather and block cold winds and heavy rain or snow.  

In addition to having dress professionally in the best parkas for Chicago winters which are 

Often with insufficient layers of heavy cotton clothes, I would suggest a three-layer system for outdoor activities.

Furthermore, you can read the buying guide more carefully to choose the best one for your daily use. 

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