11 Best Men’s Swim Trunks for Love Handles: Awesome for beach & pool

best men's swim trunks for love handles

Here’s the thing about having some extra weight, or even an additional layer of fats; you’ve to accept it. If you are fat, then this is not an issue.

It is more to adore. But sometimes it becomes pretty tricky in summer when you want to swim.

You have a few things to consider while buying the best men’s swim trunks for love handles. In any case, if fat or love handles are a factor, you must work for it also.

Now we have got a list of the best swim shorts for you to wear by not losing those fatty layers.

In a hurry?

A quick view of all swim trunks for your convenience.

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1. Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim Trunks 1. Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks
  • Machine launderable.
  • Uncommonly agreeable fit.
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2. SILKWORLD Men's Swim Trunks Quick Dry Beach Shorts 2. SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Beach Shorts
  • Dry very easily.
  • It will keep you adaptable and lightweight.
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3. Columbia Men's PFG Backcast III Water Short 3. Columbia Men’s PFG Backcast III Water Short
  • Gives protection against hurting sunbeams.
  • Sunproof.
  • Durable. 
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4. Kanu Surf Men's Monaco Swim Trunks 4. Kanu Surf Men’s Monaco Swim Trunks
  • Sun security.
  • Additional pockets so you can store essential stuff.
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5. MILANKERR Men's swim trunk 5. MILANKERR Men’s swim trunk
  • Produced using delicate polyester and spandex.
  • Durable color and stitching. 
  • There are countless various prints to choose from.
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6. Kanu Surf Men's Legacy Swim Trunks 6. Kanu Surf Men’s Legacy Swim Trunks
  • No-frills trunk that feels comfortable
  • Adequate protection from the sun
  • Small key pocket is great for public pools
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7. MaaMgic Men's Slim-Fit Swim Trunks 7. MaaMgic Men’s Slim-Fit Swim Trunks
  • Ideal fit size,
  • Very cool texture,
  • It is probably the best trunk for the extra layers.
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8. Speedo Men's Square Leg Swimsuit (Endurance+ Solid) 8. Speedo Men’s Square Leg Swimsuit (Endurance+ Solid)
  • They include drawstring pockets and waist.
  • They have many sizes.
  • They are made of fast-drying cloth.
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9. Goodthreads Men's 7 9. Goodthreads Men’s 7″ Inseam Swim Trunk
  • The population is loose and wide.
  • Light and thin.
  • They have a fashionable modern pattern.
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10. YnimioAOX Men's Swim Trunks with Mesh Lining 10. YnimioAOX Men’s Swim Trunks with Mesh Lining
  • Imported.
  • Waterproof.
  • They have basic beautiful colors.
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11. Hurley Men's Phantom Patriot Cheers USA Flag 11. Hurley Men’s Phantom Patriot Cheers USA Flag
  • Design is a plus point for American male patriots.
  • The residents are long and comfortable.
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11 Best Swim Trunks for Love Handles

1. Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes) 

black swim trunk for men
  • The uniqueness of these swim trunks for men originates from their colossal toughness.
  • These trunks are machine launderable so you can clean them easily.
  • Uncommonly agreeable fit – you’ll have a whale of a period while swimming.
  • A few reviews don’t like the fit.


A model with a drawstring is especially appropriate to guarantee that your bathing suit consistently sits well—for instance, the swim shorts for fat guys by Kanu Surf.

The seashore shorts are accessible in various sizes and shadings and cost around 20 bucks. Around 37,880 buyers appraised the swimsuit with a smooth 5 stars and discovered no places of analysis. 

The shorts dry rapidly, the tones don’t blur, and there isn’t anything to whine about with regards to wearing solace. The pockets of the swim short, in which the main items can be stored, are additionally evaluated emphatically.

Singular review reports that the pants are somewhat little. When buying, especially make sure in the American size.

2. SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Beach Shorts 

blue men's swim trunk with orange drawstring
  • These swim trunks dry very easily.
  • It will keep you adaptable and lightweight to move and swim productively.
  • Your legs will be shielded from daylight, and you will not need to pour sunscreen oil over your skin.
  • A portion of the consumers said that the shorts are excessively short and are route over the knees.


Top-notch design swim trunks are what you can expect when you buy SILKWORLD trunks. In addition, it has a versatile belt with a drawstring to change its fit, as indicated by your abdomen. 

The snappy drying texture is lightweight and gives you abundant breathable room so your body can get some outside air.

The trunks additionally have a capacity limit with twofold-sided pockets and one back Velcro pocket. 

3. Columbia Men’s PFG Backcast III Water Short 

purple swim trunk
  • The uniqueness of these shorts originates from their capacity to keep your legs secured against hurting sunbeams.
  • Subsequently, you don’t need to pour huge loads of sun oil over your skin and cause yourself to feel awkward.
  • These trunks are moreover truly sturdy, so they will keep going for a long period.
  • A few reviews complain about the trunks being too little and tight in the groin. You can arrange one size bigger to evade this issue.


Columbia is presently outstanding amongst other notable brands on the planet when it comes down to a way of life swimming items.

Columbia figured out how to build up its essence available with the years cruising by, and it is presently truly outstanding out there. 

So, when you see Columbia Men’s PFG Backcast III Water Short on an item, you should realize that this is an excellent item. What’s more, this is 100% substantial for the swim shorts. 

They are unfathomably tough, just as agreeable to make your swimming experience more charming. Besides, this pair of swimsuits are worked from 100% polyester, which guarantees it will last more than the normal trunks.

4. Kanu Surf Men’s Monaco Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes) 

check design swim trunk
  • The swimsuit includes beating sun security that will keep your skin safe from the exceptional sunbeams.
  • They are planned with additional pockets so you can store essential stuff when playing sports on the seashore or swimming.
  • The midriff is substantially flexible, which may cause distress in the pelvic territory.


Assuming you see yourself as a games devotee, you can’t turn out badly by picking Kanu Surf Men’s Monaco Swim trunks.

Like the past Speedo model, this pair of swimsuits are planned with the extraordinary “fume in addition to” texture that guarantees a snappy dry so you can be in the groove again in a matter of moments. 

With regards to sun insurance, these trunks are planned with UPF 50+ factor that makes a momentous showing in getting your legs far from sunbeams. 

What’s one of a kind about Kanu Surf Men’s Monaco is that they accompany gobs of highlights like a hanging abdomen, full lattice coating, and side freight pockets with weaved logos.

Every one of these highlights makes them rank pretty high among their rivals.

5. MILANKERR Men’s Swim Trunks Swimming Trunks

multi color stripped men's swim trunk
  • Produced using delicate polyester and spandex.
  • The shading will continue as before even after numerous washes.
  • There are countless various prints to choose from.
  • The mesh lining is a bit uncomfortable for some guys.


Vivid, delicate, simple to wear, this pool brief is for every individual who likes to have a printed trunk. This unique swim trunk for men is made for those who incline toward comfort with style.

The brief has various types of bright examples to choose from. There is an enormous number of tints to suit everybody’s necessities with astonishing crazy plans. 

The texture is dainty and delicate, which makes it ideal for the summers and spring washing.

Regardless of whether you need to wear it at a pool party or on a shoreline cookout, this trunk suits your necessities and makes you stand apart from others due to the special tone and plan. 

However, the top midsection flexible is likewise made slick by concealing it, however, giving versatility and unbending nature in getting the storage compartment over the hips.

You can wash it at whatever point you need without getting stressed over the tone to disappear.

6. Kanu Surf Men’s Legacy Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes)

black red men's swim trunk
  • No-frills trunk that feels comfortable
  • Adequate protection from the sun
  • Small key pocket is great for public pools
  • Limited Pockets


This pair, in our list, is agreeable and comfortable and causes you to appreciate swimming at full. In addition, this bathing suit is produced using 100% polyester, making them ideal for wearing in water.

Polyester doesn’t wrinkle or adheres to the body while swimming which is truly agreeable for the swimmers. 

The sewing quality is the best in the market you can get. It highlights triple-needle side creases and rises that are not accessible in numerous trunks accessible today.

Alongside the best sewing, you will likewise get the UPF 50+ speedy dry microfiber that implies it will dry before long. 

When you are out from the pool, it dries all alone. Additionally, this microfiber gives it the properties of being exceptionally light-weighted yet profoundly tough. It doesn’t tear that without any problem.

7. MaaMgic Men’s Slim-Fit Swim Trunks

flamingo printed swim trunk
  • Ideal fit size,
  • Very cool texture,
  • It is probably the best trunk for the extra layers.
  • An elastic band around the waist loses in a short time.


Produced using 100% polyester, this best swim trunk for fat guys is entirely agreeable.

Due to the thin fit plan, it is prescribed to go for one size greater if anybody gets a kick out of the chance to have a looser fit. The lattice liner inside settles on it the decision of numerous individuals. 

The staggering printing looks popular and doesn’t blur in the light of the top-quality printing strategies.

This swim trunk is light weighted and dainty. However, it is excellent and ideal for each sort of seashore game or movement. 

Various sizes are accessible and to accommodate everybody’s midsection in a perfect world. It accompanies the agreeable flexible midriff having a drawstring.

The size assortment makes it simple for everybody to track down the correct fit and appreciate the best time at the seashore.

With everything taken into account, it is one best-sewed trunk to take your seashore amusing to an unheard-of level.

8. Speedo Men’s Swimsuit Square Leg Endurance+ Solid

swim short for men
  • They include drawstring pockets and waist.
  • They have many sizes.
  • They are made of fast-drying cloth.
  • Sometimes awkward around the crotch area.


Speedo Men’s Swimming is equipped with full side pockets and a waist that can be adjusted.

Even though they are designed to have a large number of sizes for different body shapes, comfortable waist stretches.

They are made with 4-way stretching fabric technology, which dries fast from pool water and body sweat.

You need a piece of clothing that can soak the liquid effectively during your training.

Speedo applies polyester mixed with microfiber to make functional swimwear with their trademark called “Vapor Plus.” Swimming trunks provide UPF 50+ sunlight protection, so you can wear them to the beach without worrying.

9. Amazon Brand – Goodthreads Men’s 7″ Inseam Swim Trunk

floral design swim trunk
  • The population is loose and wide.
  • Light and thin.
  • They have a fashionable modern pattern.
  • Limited sizes compared to other brands.


Amazon Brand Goodthreads Men’s 7 is measured to be 7 inches above your knees so that it won’t press your crotch area.

Men’s swimming shorts are thin and lightly only 180g for the most comfortable experience in wearing them.

These swim shorts are exactly Hawaiian swimming shorts with colorful grains and fashionable patterns. You can mix it with top plain to stand out in the crowd.

With a layer of mesh, inner mesh releases the remaining humidity 3 times faster than cotton.

The combination of polyester and spandex materials breathe in the summer for extreme exercises or normal daily clothing.

10. YnimioAOX Men’s Swim Trunks Mesh Lining

black mens swim trunk
  • Imported.
  • Waterproof.
  • They have basic beautiful colors.
  • They don’t have an elastic band.


These best men swim trunks are imported. They have been widely used in the whole world. All of the 6 colorways are basic and easy for men with different tastes for use.

They have a stem-style design which is the most favorite for swimwear, thanks to its wide shape, waist stretch, and long inseam.

Their back pocket contains a small drain hole, along with the closure of the hook and loop to save your wallet and keychain every time you participate in the exercise.

11. Hurley Men’s Phantom USA Flag Board Shorts

US flag printed swim trunk
  • Design is a plus point for American male patriots.
  • The residents are long and comfortable.
  • They are a bit pricey.


With 4.6 stars, this Hurley swim trunk for men reaches our list. These board shorts for love handles are available in various colors.

The brand advertises lightweight and dry-quickly material, which does not soak with water when bathing.

Shoppers can also confirm that these pants are dry quickly. However, until the size and fastness of swimming color, some users find shorts too small, while others feel very suitable. 

The same applies to the color of the swimming bar: most consumers are satisfied with color selection and say that the color looks as strong as even after being washed.

However, some notifications that the paint was washing. As a result, the company only recommends cold wash.

Buying Guide: A portion of 7 valuable points

1. Know your body structure

Check your body naked in a full-length mirror. See all perspectives: back, side, and front. Try not to suck in your stomach.

Most people have never done this; hence they don’t know what to buy. So to track down your best bathing suit, think about a couple of things first. 

What bugs you? A major tummy? Back fat? What’s your best stuff? Conditioned legs? Wide shoulders? Charming extra layers? Look at every perspective to match a swim short with your body.

And choose the swim trunks for big thighs for you. Once you know your body structure, you will be able to wear the best clothing.

2. Size

Men unusually don’t have their perfect swim shorts with big legs. But, same as that, they don’t consider buying the right size swim shorts. 

As a rule, practically every man glances extraordinarily in mid-thigh-length exemplary trunks, from 7 to 8 creeps at the inseam (the length from groin to fix at the internal thigh).

Tall men can glance more adjusted in a more extended suite that closes an inch or two over the knees. 

3. Fit

An overall customizable drawstring flexible belt can help keep stomach cushions from pouring out. While a half-versatile back band with a drawstring and a fake fly.

Swimsuits with an implicit lattice liner, similar to the given clothing, like help and security. You would prefer not to check and pull the suit at your groin or butt to forestall a sideshow.

Have a go at a sitting, hunching down, twisting around, and strolling quick or running previously to check whether it’s a solid match.

4. Activity

Will you be swimming laps or simply taking a plunge? Will you get athletic (seashore volleyball or kayaking) or lying around on a towel? Going from the seashore directly to a family grill? Swim shorts suits in a spandex mix.

Swimsuits must cover skin from UV beams that infiltrate everyday attire. But swim shorts do not cover the body; they must look good with your love handles.

They’re a decent decision if you’re inclined to skin malignant growth or simply need additional level assurance. 

5. Style

Shorts for men are as necessary as swimsuits for women. Each person ought to have at any rate one. Search for a movable drawstring midriff to make up for weight changes. 

Huge fellas who are stocky or husky and need to look slimmer ought to pick a size bigger (not more modest) than their standard gasp size and let the customizable drawstring belt accomplish the work.

The best swim trunks for men should fit delicately cozy — not so close that it squeezes.

And any extra layers will flood the band. The straight, semi-free fit aids balance width at the hips, back, and upper thighs if your body is more Homer Simpson than Brad Pitt. 

6. Material

Men’s swimsuits and other swimwear can come in various materials. Here’s a gander at the most famous textures found on swimwear and why you should mind: 

Nylon/Nylon Blend/Polyester:

One of the most mainstream materials utilized in making a bathing suit would be polyester. Very tough, lightweight, quick-drying, and dampness-wicking, polyester can withstand unforgiving chlorine or saltwater without staining.

While not as agreeable or delicate as cotton, there is no beating this material for a bathing suit. 


Cotton can be woven from multiple points of view to make an assortment of surfaces and thicknesses. Inconceivably delicate and lightweight, cotton feels incredible on your skin.

Nonetheless, one hindrance of cotton is that it requires some time to dry completely. 


Found in higher creation on surf shorts and other execution stuff, Spandex or Elastane causes the texture to stick to your body somewhat simpler.

When it’s not utilized in exhibition work, Spandex is regularly utilized for the flexible belt to guarantee your trunks don’t take off on the off chance that you jump into the water. 

7. Color, pattern, etc

Shading and Patterns

 A bathing suit will come in one or the other strong or designed plans; here are specific tips on when to wear the correct one for your next event.

Ideal for both proper pool parties at your manager’s end-of-the-week house or the lodging pool, strong swimsuits are both adaptable and ageless.

Strong Colors

Dim strong tones, such as naval force or dark, are also incredible for those folks who need not draw consideration.

Shades of blue look new on each skin tone, while energetic red, orange, or green says something, and you’ll not be difficult to spot in the water or a group. 

Swim Trunks for Men FAQs

1. Do guys wear anything under swim trunks?

Some wear skin-tight swim/speedo briefs or jammers under their swimsuits. Board shorts usually do not have liners. General guidelines are not wearing underwear under your swimsuit.

In practice, about half of everyone wears underwear. 

Some briefs or normal cotton boxers (clothing wearers wearing shorts for swimming) wear athletic compression shorts (more common with clothing users in board shorts).

Some wear swim pants jammers under their swimsuits.

Board shorts usually do not have a liner. Instead, traditional swimming trunks are usually done.

The main benefit to wearing swimming trunks lined up or wearing underwear under non-skin tight shorts is to prevent friction between your ball sacks (scrotum) and your feet. 

2. How long should men’s swim trunks be?

There are 3 standard length sizes for shorts.

Short = 4”-5″

In most men, this fit will regard around the middle thigh and display the connective tab if you are famous for your strong legs or heading to a stylish European place.

Medium length = 6″-7″

This must be the length of most men’s swimsuits. It will reach right above the knee by flattering and working in various situations, whether you play beach volleyball or baking on the deck.

Length = 8”-9 ” inseam

For men who are higher or who plan to ride the surfboard when they get to the beach, this length is ideal. Many of these suits will not be stripped with the closure of tie lace-up (a.k.a. Board shorts), but some will have a sporty elastic waist. 

3. How do you look good in a swimsuit when you are fat?

With a few tricks and the best swim shorts, you will look better. You can wear a swimsuit and feel slim and confident, regardless of your size. 

Dark colors tend to be the best number. If you go with a black or blue setting, it will make a solid silhouette. “Block the color” settings that display a darker panel, or cut-out, can also make curved or slimmer images.

A thin horizontal line can create an illusion of the number of hourglasses. Vertical lines are thin even better if you want to look higher and slimmer.

While the thick vertical line is a flattering number, it is best to avoid a broad horizontal line because it can make your body look wider.

4. Why is there a net in swimming trunks?

To provide support to the genitals while swimming. The swimming trunk has a net in it so that the water in the trunk can come out and so the air bubble is not formed.

If you don’t have a net inside, as soon as you jump into the water, large air bubbles will be formed, making you float because it makes swimming slower and harder.

I’m pretty sure you at least jump to the pool with the wrong stem, and instead of sinking, you will immediately float up and see a giant air bubble under your trunk.

Swimming trunks have nets so that air can escape and not in the form of air bubbles.


The truth is said, we have fun writing this guide about the best men’s swim trunks for love handles. It seems like just a few years ago. Then, there were only a few choices for men.

But now, there are so many choices and companies played by our heads with available options.

With that, we hope that this guide will prove useful in finding some good choices for your next party or beach party!

If you like this guide, make sure to go ahead and check links for more guidelines and product suggestions.

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