Best Men’s Rain Jackets Under 100: All are Super Awesome

best men's rain jacket under 100

You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks on the waterproof jacket.

The surprising part is that many remarkable brands including Columbia, The North Face, and Carhartt manufacture super quality rain jackets at a friendly price tag. 

So, here we’ll discuss some best men’s rain jackets under 100 bucks. But Buying guide is a thing which you should consider first. 

Let’s dive in. 

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For your convenience only, there is a quick summary of all rain jackets.

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1) Columbia Men’s Watertight Jacket II (best overall)Well-crafted
Various colors and sizes.
Omni-shield to keep dry and clean.
2) FROGG TOGGS Classic All-sports Waterproof SuitFully taped and sealed seams
Adjustable sports case
Breathable, waterproof, and durable
3) MOERDENG Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket (best for snowy places)Perfect for snowy places
Fits true-to-size
Fluffy lining
Zipper pocket in the lining.
4) The North Face Men’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket (best for hot weather)Lifetime warranty.
DWR coated.
Perfectly fit
Stylish and lightweight.
5) Arc’teryx Zeta SL Jacket Gore-Tex membrane.
Taped seam.
Microsuede chin guard for additional comfort.
6) Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Rain JacketAffordable & Packable
Suitable for all traveling.
Velcro seal flaps at the front zipper.
7) Marmot Men’s PreCip Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket (good option)Use of different technologies.
Great value for the price
Elastic drawstring on the bottom
8) Carhartt Men’s Rockford Rain Defender JacketCarhartt’s RD water repellent.
Compared to other brands it has more storage.
Machine washable
9) Outdoor Research Men’s Helium II JacketSuper lightweight.
Multiple colors.
10) Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket (best for ski)4-layer protection with a 10,000 mm rating.
It’s both wind & waterproof.
Adjustable snow skirt.
Inner big mesh pocket. Chest and sleeves pass pocket.

4 Points to Know Before Buying A Rain Jacket

There are over 4,000 rain jackets available on Amazon alone. Not all are some. Before spending the hard-earned cash, you should know the following 4 steps: 

1)Waterproof construction 

The primary purpose of any rain jacket is to keep its wearer dry. No matter what outdoor activity you do. The waterproof construction of rain jackets has different levels which are denoted in “layers.” 

  • 2, 2.5, and 3-layer constructions are the most common.  

All types have the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. It is factory applied to the exterior and makes the water beads when it lands on the surface.

HyVent, PolyUrethane, PVC, and some others are the most usable fabrics. But Gore-Tex is the most popular. Thanks to its superb quality, reliability, breathability, and durability. Solid and technical outerwear also crafted with Gore-Tex can range from 15,000 to 20,000 mm.    

Some layers are described:


Less-equipped but ideal for drizzling. However, a 2-layer constructed rain jacket is not recommended for heavy or high-intense outdoor activities. 


This layer is often lighter than 3 but not too durable. Polyurethane is painted onto the inside waterproof membrane. It can bear the heavy splashes of water but is not suitable for high peaks (mountain) climbing.


The waterproof technology is in the middle of the face and inner layer. 3-layer construction tends to be more expensive but the most durable and well-suitable for rugged conditions. In short, if you’re looking for a rain jacket which can do everything, this is for you. However, this layer is less packable. 

 2) Breathable

PU & PVC are fantastic water repellents. But naturally, they are not very breathable. Remember, breathability is the comfort’s key. Membrane like Gore-tex is recommended. Because it provides nice breathability while doesn’t allow any water droplets to enter. But for optimal comfort, your underneath cloth must be breathable also. 

  • The tip is: avoid any stuff which absorbs moisture or sweat.

3) Durability

A quality rain jacket doesn’t only make your life easier but also should last you a long time. 

In most cases, unfortunately, as jackets get lighter, they also become less durable. This is because of the use of lower-grade fabric. 

If you want that your jacket should last then always prefer Nylon or Polyester with a higher denier.

  • For example, 1680D or (denier) Nylon is far better than 210D nylon and has the same rule as Polyester. 

4) Other vital Features

Other important features to look at:

Fit & Length

Fit & size are different from person to person. Normally, all rain jackets are a bit bigger because when you wear the inners they won’t fit too tight. Another reason is you can lift your arms over your head without riding up your jacket on your abdomen.     

Taped Seam

Taped seam means to cover the holes left by sewing needles through glue or heat bonding. To make sure, every spot is covered and water-sealed. 


The Hood is an essential part of a rain jacket. It protects your head from the weather elements. Some jackets have elastic drawstrings which enable the customized fit.  


The majority of brands do not make multi pockets. The lesser the pockets, the simpler the look. But we’ll say: keep your activity in mind and go with it that serves you best.      

Hardware (zips, pull cords, and velcro)

  • Zip: Almost every rain jacket has a zip for the front opening. And to prevent water, the coated zipper (aka the laminated zipper) requires a rubber coating or storm flaps. Some manufacturers also make armpit vents or pit-zip for ventilation which can be opened if you feel hot. 
  • Pull cords & Velcro: To keep you dry effectively, rain jackets should have velcros at the wrist and head. And the elastic pull cord should be placed adequately.  

Let’s move on our main topic.

10 Best Men’s Rain Jackets Under 100 

1) Columbia Men’s Watertight Jacket II


Columbia men’s watertight II is a slim, sleek, and lightweight rain jacket with a snug fit construction. The jacket is fully capable of keeping you dry and chill on rainy days. However, its value goes way beyond a jacket. In your rain outerwear wardrobe, this jacket is an excellent addition. Here’s why: 

This jacket is fully waterproof equipped. Thanks to Omni-shield technology that helps you to stay dry. It repels water and dries immediately. No matter how dirty this jacket gets, a wipe is enough to restore its original face. The Omi-tech also avoids stains and helps you to stay clean & crystal.

100% nylon shell doesn’t allow the wind to enter however the polyester lining is breathable allowing the moisture to move away from the skin. 

For more convenience, the Columbia rain jacket has an abrasion-resistant chin guard, an elastic pull-cord at the bottom whereas sleeves are equipped with durable velcro.

Another notable feature is they are versatile from the fishing points to the road walking in rain – you’ll love the practical design and colors of this jacket.    

  • Well-crafted
  • Various colors and sizes.
  • Omni-shield to keep dry and clean.
  • Hood might be big for some heads.

2) Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

men's ski rain jacket

Ok, you have decided on snowboarding and skiing and there are many essential things including your outwear. It should be warm, protective, breathable, provides you a full range of motion, and most importantly waterproof. We see all these features in Wantdo.

A Wantdo ski jacket includes a warm polyester shell that nicely retains heat and makes it one of the best rainwear for minus temperatures. Thanks to the fuzzy fur lining that removes excess heat and sweat and makes the wearer dry and comfortable. 

The DWR polymer coating ensures waterproofing but also removes the stains from the shell. This jacket also features a detachable hood that protects you against rain and wind. And it is easily adjustable for a customized fit.     

Classic elastic cuffs for complete sealing against water, wind, and snow. It comes with four pockets – including two hand-warming zipper pockets.

  • 4-layer protection with a 10,000 mm rating.
  • It’s both wind & waterproof.
  • Adjustable snow skirt.
  • Inner big mesh pocket. Chest and sleeves pass pocket.
  • The sleeves are not fur-lined.

3) FROGG TOGGS Classic All-sports Waterproof Suit

waterproof black sports suit

For a person who loves camping in harsh and rugged environments, FROGG TOGGS all-sport should be your priority. Why?

There are many notable points in it. First, the brand offers the whole suit. From legs to chest, you’ll cover in a classic waterproof + breathable case. The fabric of the suit is composed of non-woven special FROGG TOGGS material. And the seam is taped. As we discussed in the buying guide section, the taped seam has a 0% chance of water penetration. 

The jacket also features an adjustable hood which can be removed at any time. Plus, the front zipper is covered by snap-down storm flaps and elastic sleeves cuffs for a comfortable fit.    

While the pants are super comfortable, breathable, and waterproof. They are fully adjustable from the waist to the legs opening. 

From camouflage print to plain designs and contrast colors – there are many color and size options that you can select.            

  • Fully taped and sealed seams
  • Adjustable sports case
  • Breathable, waterproof, and durable
  • No hand pockets

4) MOERDENG Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

waterproof ski jacket

Some jackets are made only for rainy days. But jackets like MOERDENG ski can bear the extreme snow and misty climates. In other words, if you’re looking for specialized snow wear for skiing, this jacket would be an awesome choice.  

From top to bottom, the craftsmanship is superb. The outer fabric consists of 100% polyester. Highly compressed pores of polyester are effectively waterproof as well as windproof. And the Ergonomic 3-structured fuzzy lining guarantees the best heat retention. 

The micropore structure of this jacket allows proper airflow to keep you breathable and comfortable. 

The front zip is durable and covered with snap-down storm flaps. It has 3 pockets, 1 pocket on the left chest and the remaining are zippered hand pockets. 

The jacket also features adjusted velcro sleeves which can be loose or tight at any time. Plus, the hood is removable and it has elastic pull cords for your customized fit.

  • Perfect for snowy places
  • Fits true-to-size
  • Fluffy lining
  • Zipper pocket in the lining.
  • They don’t have a waist drawstring.

5) The North Face Men’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket (Best for hot weather)

rain jacket for men

If you’re looking for something which is season-wise versatile – means you can wear it in a hot climate or monsoon also, you should check The North Face Resolve jacket. 

Made with lightweight dryVent nylon, this jacket is breathable and thanks to the DWR finish which helps to stay dry and clean. No matter how much water strikes on the jacket. 

You’ll also love the brand’s support as they have a saying: “A lifetime warranty for a lifetime exploration.”            

The hood is also perfectly good. It is stow-away. Means it rolls nicely into the collar at any time but adds some bulk to the collar. 

Lastly, a storm flap with a hook-and-loop covers the front zip. Plus, it has two secure zipper pockets, elastic pull-cords for a customized fit, and the cuff of the sleeves are elastic.    

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • DWR coated.
  • Perfectly fit
  • Stylish and lightweight.
  • Bit pricey compared to other NF jackets.

6) Arc’teryx Zeta SL Jacket 

men's black rain jacket

It’s true, you may have to pay more for Arc’teryx but the return on investment is also very high. In other words, you’ll get what you pay for. 

The 2L gore-tex PACLITE constructed exterior protects you entirely from weather hardships. Plus, it is lightweight, easily packable, durable, and super comfortable, and contains all premium rain jacket features. Thanks to the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating which repels the moisture from the surface.  

The brand makes zeta SL easier to adjust from all angles. For the waist, you have an adjusted hem drawcord while sleeves are configured with die-cut velcros that won’t catch or tear off and reduce bulk. 

For extra mobility & comfort, it has gusseted underarms. Another notable is that the zeta SL dries quickly, no matter how much you play with rain.  

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or walking around in the rain – they are versatile.      

  • Gore-Tex membrane.
  • Taped seam.
  • Microsuede chin guard for additional comfort.
  • pricey

7) Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

waterproof zipper jacket

You probably don’t hear about Gioberti but the rain outwears they made are widely known. And this men’s waterproof jacket is the most popular among all. The basic reason is a quality jacket with a friendly price tag.  

Inside and outside both are made from 100% polyester. The composition of the fabric also includes the latest waterproof technology that wicks away water immediately. Plus, the sealed seam of the jacket doesn’t allow a drop of water to enter.       

For proper airflow, this jacket has a complete mesh lining. It allows excess heat to escape from your body during activity. 

The jacket also features a protective hood with an adjustable pull string lock and drawstring at the hemline for a customized fit. And the cuff of the sleeves is velcro-sealed. Another noticeable is they are easily packable when not in use.      

  • Affordable
  • Packable
  • Suitable for all travelings.
  • Velcro seal flaps at the front zipper.
  • Threads have been coming loose.

8) Marmot Men’s PreCip Waterproof Lightweight Rain Jacket

grey jacket

Marmot’s PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket lives up to its name because it’s one of the most lightweight men’s rain jackets. It is reliable, valuable, functional, and one of the best rainwear overall for a lot of reasons.

The PreCip Jacket features Marmot’s special “NanoPro” waterproof technology. The microscopic holes of NanoPro coating are highly compressed and smaller than the water droplet making it nearly impossible to pass through while each pore of NanoPro coating is bigger than a water vapor molecule this enables the fabric to breathe so the vapor can escape keeping you dry from inside.  

The jacket also features a fully taped seam and an adjustable hood that roll up in the collar when not in use. During the activity, if you feel hot then simply open the pit zips for ventilation underarms for airflow. 

For further convenience, the Driclime chin guard protects your chin against scratching when the jacket is fully zippered. Plus, for the smooth arms movement, it has a built-in, Angel-wings mobility feature.    

Lastly, when this jacket is not in use you can pack the entire jacket into its interior pocket. 

  • Use of different technologies.
  • Great value for the price
  • Elastic drawstring on the bottom
  • They have a slim cut. It feels a little too tight when you wear a layer underneath.

9) Carhartt Men’s Rockford Rain Defender Jacket

model has worn waterproof jacket

Carhartt is specialized in making heavy-duty outerwears that build to last. Their Rockford RD jacket is durable, rugged, and able to bear any splash of water. 

It also has a lot of great feature including:

  1. The body and sleeves are made from pure oxford nylon with special rain defender (RD) water-repellent. Water beads up and rolls off. 
  2. During any activity, lightweight polyester mesh lining ensures that you won’t feel any heat.  
  3. Dual chest pockets with snap storm flaps. The left pocket has a media port which can be helpful in some cases. And the front is zip closure. 
  4. For the desired fit from head to the waistline, you have elastic drawcords at the hem and hood. 

Among all nice features, the Rockford jacket has taped sealed seam. Two front slit hand pockets, including an interior pocket.  

  • Carhartt’s RD water repellent.
  • Compared to other brands it has more storage.
  • Machine washable
  • Some reviews say it’s a bit large in size or inconsistent sizing.

10) Outdoor Research Men’s Helium II Jacket

model has worn golden rain jacket

In terms of breathability and lightweight, the Outdoor Research Helium II jacket is the best overall. You can fold it to the size of the wallet which makes it super portable. 

Helium II is the awesome water and wind protector – thanks to Pertex® Shield, a premium synthetic fiber, which provides superb breathability and protection against weather elements. It is often used in sports and outdoors items. 

Look wise, the Helium II rain jacket is versatile. This means it is suitable for all places. And with 24 colors, you have multiple choices.

In a humid and warm climate, breathability is a challenge for some waterproof shells. But the thin & durable fabric of Helium II allows complete airflow. 

You’ll also like the close fit of this jacket and it is true to size. This jacket doesn’t have too many features, but it’s not a deal-breaker. It has a chest pocket on the left and a water-resistant, durable YKK front zip (but no hand pockets). With adjusted hem and pull-cords. 

Overall, OR Helium II is an excellent choice for any place or activity.  


Pertex® Shield 2.5L, 100% nylon, 30D ripstop

  • Super lightweight.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Portable
  • No hand pockets.


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  • What’s your favorite rain jacket brand?
  • And which jacket are you going to buy?

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