13 Best Long Lasting Jeans That Have Awesome Durability – (2022)

best long lasting jeans

Looking for the best long lasting jeans can be quite frustrating, but if you get it correctly, by looking into every aspect, they will end up being the best thing in your closet. 

Here we will talk about 13 stylish and long-lasting jeans that are actually made for your feet. Style and trends continue to change over time. Jeans remain one of the most versatile clothes used by men and women. 

They have gained great popularity and are never going out of fashion. The younger to the older generation all prefer jeans as a style, full of comfort, and easy moving.

So, let’s go and read the buying guide before you choose your favorite pair of jeans. 

Buying Guide: 7 points to know before purchasing a pair of long lasting jeans

Long lasting jeans are hard to find and before you spend your hard-earned cash on a new pair, you should consider these 7 points: 

1. Quality 

Jeans are a staple part of your wardrobe. And when selecting a pair of long lasting jeans the factor of quality is super essential. We all probably face the crummy pair of jeans. 

They look good in the pictures or at the store, but after a few months, the fabric becomes weak. They lose their first-hand look. And in some cases, after a few washes, they lose their original color and look faded, and even have some structural faults. 

Make sure you check the label for cloth details before buying. Although synthetic is a cheaper fabric, it is better to stick with a mixed natural cloth because it will last longer and stay fit even though it is washed over and over. 

Finally, check the stitches on the inside and outside of the garment. If you are out of time or involved in intense physical work, just make sure that jeans are loosely sewn (which means not too skinny). 

Therefore, before crafting this article, we spent many hours identifying the quality and every other feature of jeans.

2. Durability

Fabric durability is determined by its ability to maintain its shape even after wearing and constant wash. Most fabrics come with a double rubbing rating which is a durability standard. And you actually need to take care of this. 

The Sutherland® 2000™ Rub Tester machine is used to assess textile durability according to its strength and ability to hold tears after some washing.

For the use of housing, 15,000 double rubbing is considered an adequate score, while 30,000 double brushes are preferred for heavy-duty fabrics that will be used in the commercial area. 

Double Rub is basically a back and forth grinding movement that usually applies when washing cloth. This determines how material reacts to friction and how long it takes place before the material.

We most of the time read reviews of other buyers, but reading reviews don’t tell us the exact durability. Still, this is the most effective way to understand. Therefore, our selection of jeans is passed from a few online pieces of research that enable us to share with you.  

3. Comfort & Stretch

Long lasting jeans are the priority but without comfort it makes no sense. In short, comfort is king. And comfort compromising on a staple part is nearly impossible, right? So how can you check the comfort?

In precise words: wear jeans, move here and there. If they create any sort of itching or problem, remove them. That’s it!

After comfort, the main point is stretch. We must note that stretch jeans need small maintenance. This applies to most of the jeans styles, but it is mostly true for stretchy jeans. 

The combination of denim with elastic material is soft. Besides occasional cleaning, there really is nothing else you have to do to keep your stretchy jeans looking new. 

Meanwhile, you should ensure an adequate amount of stretch, especially in slim or skinny jeans, as improper stretching can disturb comfort. 

4. Style

When choosing jeans, it is necessary to keep your body frame in mind. In general, the fat or big man will never want to wear skinny-fit jeans because they’ll be uncomfortable, whereas wearing slim or skinny makes sense to the average person.  

There are various cuts and styles available in jeans. Slim jeans, blazing jeans, ripped jeans, low waist, high waist, and more. However, everything does not look good on all types of bodies. 

If you wear the right pieces and styles, the results will definitely be amazing. For example, if you have a heavy lower body, you can choose boot-cut jeans that will make your feet look longer and give you a more balanced and comfy look.

And jeans are offered in many fit options: slim, skinny, tapered, regular, straight, etc. But now skinny, tapered, and especially slim-fit are the most popular. On the contrary, regular and straight-fit are universal and classic from the beginning. 

5. Occasion

Jeans have many styles, and it is necessary to understand what occasion you are going to wear them for. It depends on whether you are getting ready for a formal and friendly occasion.

If you’re planning to buy jeans for the office, college, or other formal places, then you should choose according to that.

Still, if you want to wear jeans for the office go for black, white or grey colors. It will reflect a casual yet professional look.

We don’t recommend too skinny and stretchy jeans for formal places because they reflect some non-professional look. But they are suitable if you’re going to the pub with friends or something like that.   

6. Brand

For jeans, many men buy and recommend only Levi’s. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Brand name matters only when it has given quality products to the consumer. In this case, Levi’s should get appreciation. 

Don’t get carried away by some sales and discounts. Always go for better designers and brand names. Iconic Levi’s and eco-conscious Everlane are two of our favorites of all time.

Shop those brands which you’re using and satisfied with. But don’t be afraid to try other brands that you probably don’t hear of.

In this article, we have highlighted many world-renowned jeans brands in detail such as Levi’s, Wrangler, CK, and many more in search for the best pair of long lasting jeans.

7. Budget

It is important to know your price range as it’s a limiting factor with any purchase. In our research, we found that long-lasting jeans are not that expensive but if you are going to buy a luxury branded one it may cost you a lot.

The reason is many manufacturers add some extra fibers to make them durable and rugged.

Not all can afford this. So, we’ve shared a list that has a friendly price tag and is extra-durable. In our jeans list, we’re sure that you’ll find a pair that’ll fit according to your every need.

How To Accurately Measure the Size before buying a pair of long lasting jeans 

13 Best Long Lasting Jeans for Men

1. Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans – (Editor’s Choice)

model wears slim fit jeans
  • Use of advanced technology for optimum comfort.
  • Slim-fit.
  • Available in many colors and patterns.
  • Versatile and iconic brand.
  • Levi’s doesn’t introduce the waterless feature in every model.

There is a reason you choose someone or something on top of others. Same like that we have chosen Levi’s Men’s 511 because it is worth it. It consists of the qualities and features that one looks for when searching for a pair of long lasting jeans.

The slim-fit jeans are a modern choice that never goes out of fashion. Made from fine quality cotton and elastane, these Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit jeans keep their shape so well no matter how much you wear them.

What makes them so popular among buyers is the use of excellent fabric and high-quality standards. Further, Levi’s includes the +Levi’s® Flex in the fabric which is the most advanced stretch feature. 

The sole aim of this feature is to provide a high grade of flex and optimum comfort to its user throughout the whole day.  

A plus point is that they are versatile. Whether you’re going to the office for a job or pub with your friends, these jeans will look great at every point. Lastly, these jeans sit below the waist and are slim-fit from the hips to the ankle. 

There are many other options in Levi’s such as Levi’s 502, 501, 510, and so on. But this Levi’s 511 is a great slim-fit quality product in itself. It provides you flexibility and stretches to move openly.

You can have a great day or night out wearing these and they don’t even bother you. You should definitely go for them.    

2. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Cotton Jeans – (Overall Best)

man wears blue jeans
  • Perfect fit and true-to-size.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Use of heavy-duty hardware.
  • Friendly cost.
  • Limited shades of color.

So, after Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans, we have given the second slot to Wrangler. Wrangler is itself a well-known and well-recognized brand all over the world. 

The reason for their popularity is none other than the quality and durability of the product. They have created numerous versatile, classic, and hardest-wearing jeans. In their list, Authentics cotton jeans have the top-level priority. 

For manufacturing, Wrangler uses 100% durable cotton denim that will be guaranteed long-lasting. No matter how active work you do, they’ll stay tough and keep your downward area comfortable.  

The brand offers a few shades of colors which are blues and blacks. All are versatile and stylish. They will easily adjust to your whole wardrobe.     

With versatile colors, they come in an all-time classic, regular fit, a positive for a guy who loves the classic look. 

Authentics jeans sit at the natural waist and fit regularly from the hips to the end. And have a classic 5-pocket styling (2 front scoops, 2 back, and a watch pocket).  

3. Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans

blue jeans
  • All-American jeans style. Original blue since 1873.
  • Awesome comfort, workmanship, and durability.
  • There are many color choices.
  • The zipper is not strong

Levi’s has taken aback and now presents its another masterpiece that is Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans. It’s very casual and comfortable without looking too dressed or dressed like blue jeans.

Regarding style, there are so many jeans out there today which costs hundreds of dollars in every piece. You know, you can’t go wrong with classics like Levi 501 and I think it makes you look good and stylish without being a slave-fashion trend.

501 Jeans have regular pieces through thighs, and straight pieces under the knee while 505 Jeans are perfect for those who want a relaxed thigh without even wearing loose jeans.

Both styles have straight pieces under the knee, meaning that the fit under the knee for these jeans will be very similar. Expect 501 jeans to show a little more form through the hips and thighs than 505 jeans.

Jeans 501 and 505 differ accordingly. 501 Jeans have fitting regularly through the hips and thighs with straight legs under the knee, and 505 jeans have loose through the hips and thighs with legs straight under the knee.

501 Jeans are different in that even though they are not tight like skinny jeans through thighs, they will not have loose material through the thighs like 505 jeans.

Levi’s 501 has more than iconic classic matches that are somewhat mounted through the thighs to show some forms, but it’s finished straight under the knee to take the idea of ​​a sleek/thin jeans pant. Levi’s 501 shows some forms without hugging your body like spandex.

4. Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg Jeans

Tapered Leg Jeans
  • Men’s jeans made of 15 ounces, 100% denim cotton.
  • More space to move comfortably through chairs and thighs.
  • Strong sewn-on-seam belt loop, for additional durability.
  • They can arise holes in the pockets even after less use.

It seems like a new champion among the long lasting jeans has arrived on the list. Carhartt is known for its unique designs and having versatile products. Here we will discuss Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg Jeans. 

This pair of jeans has an amazing cut. We haven’t talked about the cut in any previous one so here it gets the reward of being stylish and having good looks. 

I can’t stand the fact that so many brands and men’s jeans models are cut to have “low rise”/”thin legs” matches. Those are actually uncomfortable. These jeans sit at the waist where men’s jeans must sit. 

They are airy and comfortable without looking loose or careless. Denim also feels quite heavy and durable, which is an addition. They are expensive but worth it. The big thing here is that they are very comfortable. 

The material is durable, but light and exhales well. They look very good so you can wear them with a casual blazer and people might think they are casual dress jeans. That is the versatility I was talking about. 

Cut for comfort at work, Carhartt relaxed casual jeans are made loosely fitting through sits and thighs, and more space to be moved, so you can maneuver under the sink or to the crawling room. 

They are made of heavy-class denim, for durability which makes it stay more time with you.

5. Levi’s Men’s 502 Taper Jeans

blue jeans
  • The cuts and styles look good.
  • It has an excellent athletic fit.
  • A lot of color choices.
  • Some reviews say the sizes are inconsistent.

Tapered jeans have been popular for the past few seasons. And if you are not familiar with what it means to be tapered, don’t worry, I have mentioned above; you can go check it out. 

Even the most traditional denim users have found this looks versatile and easily paired with many styles. Levi has been at the forefront of the pointed movement, and a routine in fit 502 is a universal style. 

These Jeans sit slightly below the waist and fit it regularly past the chair and thighs. This will give you a little room to move without loosing. But tapering from the knee to the ankle gives jean’s slimming look and makes them sit right at the top of your footwear. 

If you wear lower shoes, then you can wear jeans with full length and make it sit at the top of your shoes. But if you want to show a little more of your kick, then we have seen many of their cuffs a little showing hi-tops or stylish socks.

Regardless of how you will wear it, these jeans combine modern style with a universal fit. We recommend trying a pair of 502 to see how great they will see you.

6. GINGTTO Men’s Ripped Jeans – (Best Skinny)

skinny ripped jeans
  • Perfect skin-fit jeans.
  • Highly stretchy and true to size.
  • Durable skinny jeans.
  • Only for a well-shaped body.

Skinny lovers probably hear about GINGTTO. As the brand is well-known for stylish skinny-fit manufacturing.  

Made with two different stretches (depends on the color you go with).

  • Black has super (6cm) stretchable fabric. 
  • And the blue has 3cm.

For fabric making, the brand uses spandex and cotton which made them super stretchy but comfortable also.

  •  If you don’t want too much stretch, buy a size up for a relaxed fit.

These long lasting jeans are crafted so well that they fit easily from thin guys to big thighs. Another point we like is, they have 2 design variants (plain or ripped) with 13 different nice colors.

The fabric isn’t too heavy but the brand doesn’t compromise on the durability, as the reviews say the material is stretchy but pretty durable and ideal for summer.  

7. Lee Men’s Performance Series Slim Jeans

black jeans
  • Perfect for active men.
  • You can do full motion activity.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Slim-fit. Perfect for any occasion.
  • The back pockets are short for big wallets.

LEE has established its extreme motion series by keeping a man in mind who has a lot of active work. And for it, they make the jeans so comfortable and stretchy. 

Usually, straight leg design feels too roomy around the legs and thighs but thanks to the brand’s stitching which makes them perfect from every angle.  

Lee is committed to designing the perfection that conforms to your body and a point we like; they have an elastic waistband that is super comfortable for any guy. 

Overall, these jeans sit at the natural waist and are slim fit through the seat, thighs, and legs (opening is 15.75”).

8. Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jeans

white shaded blue jeans
  • The quality of the material is very durable.
  • High color retaining ability.
  • Stays comfortable in a very active job.
  • They pick up lint/dust/hairs/anything with relative ease.

We included Levi’s other items above but each has its own qualities. 510 is not brilliant for its history but they have great durability also. For men who want contemporary style and a classic denim look, 510 skinny fit is a fine-line player.

Crafted from the most usable materials (cotton and elastane). They have a bit of stretch. But a little amount of elasticity could be a problem for some. 

With 27 colors and multi sizes, 510 skinny jeans have no issue in terms of color selection and any man will be easily adjusted.

Based on reviews of other men, colors are strongly retained and they don’t fade up after several washes. But we found that the dark colors attract the dust. 

They sit at the natural waist and skinny through the seat to thighs to the end. Zipper fly and button closure.

9. ZLZ Slim Fit Stretchy Denim Jeans

model wears stretchy black jeans
  • Extra durable.
  • Great fabric.
  • Solid craftsmanship.
  • Limited sizes.

The brand, ZLZ says, our slim-fit jeans will make you look younger and more energetic with a comfortable and smooth wearing experience. But for this experience, you should have a waist size from 28”- 40”. 

The material is machine washable and consists of cotton, polyester, and spandex. Its unique sweat-absorbing fabric is stretchy, breathable, and very soft. It doesn’t fade or loose after many washes. 

For extra durability, thanks to the brand for using a triple-stitched inseam that holds the original shape. No matter how much you play with them. 

ZLZ jeans have a 5-pocket styling and sturdy zipper. Overall, they are versatile (look great on casual and formal occasions).

10. Dickies Men’s Relaxed-Fit Utility Pant

white jeans
  • Less expensive than others
  • Stylish
  • The fabric is super comfortable.
  • The zipper is weak.

These are probably the best work jeans that are affordable on our list, but that does not mean Dickies double knee work pants are less functional. 

This painter’s pant is far more comfortable than other casual pants. They are airy as they should be as soon as you find the right size, which makes you try this several times. The fabric is a perfect weight and is not too thin or stiff. 

Far the way better built rather than poly-cotton mixed. They have fewer pockets but are available in only two-color choices with fabrics that are easily washed with machines. 

The front and rear pockets allow the wearer to get what they need. The typical tunnel belt loop also adds to a touch of the dickie style. Watch your budget, not everything is bad, and you might be able to get away with a couple or two cheaper work pants. 

11. Calvin Klein Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans

light-shaded dark blue jeans
  • Modern skinny jeans. Great for every environment.
  • Stitching is quite durable and sharp.
  • Fit true to size.
  • Bit pricey.

CK is primarily known for undershirts and boxer briefs. But their roots of production aren’t limited to them. They also produce high-grade jeans for men.

The fabric of CK skinny is crafted by a combination of both cotton and spandex with a hint of stretch for easy movement. 

Usually, skinny jeans have a non-professional look but these skinny jeans are 100% adjustable in both formal and casual environments.    

These jeans sit below the waist and skinny from seat to legs. You’ll find the omega-stitched pockets and CK’s contrast color logo on the back of the jeans.

12. Calvin Klein Men’s Straight Jeans

black jeans
  • Comfortable at first wear.
  • Nicely stitched as we’d expect from CK.
  • Easily adjusted on fairly large thighs.
  • Inconsistent sizing. Some reviews say order a size down.

Calvin Klein knows the perfect balance between tight and loose structures. And we all can see their perfection in straight-fit jeans that are more worthy than their name.    

Made of cotton and elastane, they are comfortable from the first wear and have a hint of stretch for movement. They sit at the natural waist, straight through hips and thighs with 17 inches straight leg opening.

They have 5 pockets – including CK’s signature omega stitch back pockets. You’ll also find the Calvin Klein leather logo on the back of the jeans – through which you can loop your belt.

Whether you wear them with a smooth button-down shirt or a t-shirt, you’ll achieve a cool, decent, and appreciable look that others will love.

13. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Original Simon Skinny Jeans

Men's Skinny Jeans
  • Great for tall & skinny guys.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Nicely stretched.
  • Bit skinnier than normal skinny jeans

A high-end designer brand, Tommy Hilfiger makes Simon skinny by keeping a guy who has a tall structure. These jeans are great for anyone, but particularly those who are longer.

Made with (81% Cotton, 15% Polyester, and 4% Elastane), the brand uses a high percentage of synthetic fibers which provide great mobility whereas 80% cotton ensures the proper airflow.   

Simon skinny jeans have an ultra-fitted look from top to bottom with a mid-rise waist. And the fit is perfect and true to size. Lastly, the jeans feature a classic 5-pocket styling.

Note: high % of synthetic fibers can cause some itching and ventilation problems.    

Some FAQS about long lasting jeans

1. How long are jeans supposed to last?

Jeans must stay for 8-10 years. But this long-lasting ability depends on the durability of the jeans. And also, which brand you buy. Most brands charge more but the jeans do not last long.

The reason is people don’t know what fabric or what stitching to buy. Jeans must be kept correctly and washed according to instructions. Hand washing the jeans is the best-considered method. Hence, you will not face many problems. 

The long-lasting feature also depends on how often you wear your jeans.

2. Are expensive jeans worth it?

I would say yes because if you buy expensive products, you buy quality products that shall be durable and comfortable. People pay for brand names rather than jeans.

Surely you will get quality and in jeans mode for that price, but you can get the same or at least close to the lower price too. Depends on how obsessed you are, or only willing to satisfy the use of jeans.

You can get jeans on Amazon at a lower price than you quote and it is Levi too.

3. Why are jeans so tight after washing?

There can be a lot of reasons but the most accurate is that when you wash jeans, water fills up and spreads cloth. When jeans are washed and then dried, the fiber in the strand becomes hard due to heat.

If you want to avoid this, you can iron the jeans after it has dried up. This will make the jeans softer and will last longer. 

4. Is it OK to not wash your jeans?

Yes, it is. Quality jeans don’t require too many water cycles. You can wash your jeans once in a blue moon or when it highly requires a cleaning. If you’re buying a new pair of jeans, don’t forget to check its manufacturer’s washing precautions.

5. How can I permanently stretch my jeans?

This depends on how many times you wear jeans and how much you move in them. But I have some points that can surely help you stretch your jeans.

  • When washed the jeans, just pull the fabric.
  • Get a shower with them.
  • Apply heat to dry them and then place jeans.
  • Do squat on your jeans.


So here was the list of top durable jeans to wear in 2021. The best long lasting jeans will leave you amazed with their quality and comfort. They are not just brands; they are a trust.

You can have a better experience with my all-time favorite Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans, which I also mentioned at the top of the list. 

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