Best linen pants to save you from the summer heat!

Best Linen Pants

Summer is around the corner and with it the usual record-breaking temperatures which require a good preparation in your trouser department, unless you plan to stay home all summer long. So to make it easier for you, we put together a list of the best linen pants every man needs in his wardrobe.

Why linen pants you ask? Well aside from the great summer friendly fabric which will keep you cool downstairs the linen pants are also back in fashion, with various color palettes and modern cuts.

So if you worry about style, relax you will be among the well dressed ones.

Let’s check what we got !

The 7 best linen pants for men

Cubavera Men’s Linen-Blend Pants

Cubavera Men's best linen pants

Looking for comfort and a more casual style? The Cubavera Men’s Linen-Blend Pants are the perfect match for you.

This linen pants which give a more island-vibe are a perfect combination of 55% linen and 45% viscose for a soft and breathable comfort.

You know the feeling after a heavy meal when your pants feel a bit to tight, well don’t worry another thing we like is that this pants come with a elastic waistband which allows you to adjust the waist tightness to your liking.

Also they come a various colors, so feel free to mix and match them as you like !

Perry Ellis Men’s Regular Fit Drawstring Pants

Perry Ellis Men's Regular Fit Drawstring best linen pants

For those seeking a more casual, Sunday family brunch style this pants are a must have.

Made out of 100% linen, they will give you the comfort you need and on the other hand make you look more sophisticated.

Pair them up with a V-neck and sandals when hitting the beach or with a linen shirt for a more formal occasion.

Whatever you choose, you can’t miss with this ones.

Hoerev Men Casual Beach Trousers

Hoerev Men Casual Beach Trousers best linen pants

We come now to one of the Amazon customer favorites, with more then 4000 reviews and a average score of 4.2 out of 5.

They come in all kinds of colors so you can pick the one you like most, and they are affordable so you can even treat yourself to a second pair.

They are very light and fit perfect for a beach wedding to a casual night out with friends.

Nautica Men’s Classic Fit Drawstring Linen Pant

Nautica Men's Classic Fit Drawstring Best Linen Pants

Nautica has been long in the game, and one thing is for sure, they got the good stuff.

At 52% linen and 48% cotton they give a good mix of comfort and durability, and on the other hand the classic fit will suit you well for mostly all occasions.

The only bad thing is that they don’t come in a lot of colors.

But hey, if you look for a pair of white linen pants you can’t ask for more.

iWoo Mens Cotton Linen Drawstring Pants

iWoo Mens Cotton Linen Drawstring Best Linen Pants

One of our favorites!

Affordable ? Check

Coming in a huge variation of colors ? Check

Comfortable, breathable and relaxed ? Check

Able to wear them on the beach, home, night out, yoga, sports? Wait… Yoga and sports also ? Yep, their relaxed fit makes them perfect for sports also. Check

What more can you ask for!

28 Palms Men’s Slim-Fit

28 Palms Men's Slim-Fit best linen pants

For those looking for a more slim fit, here’s the answer !

28 Palms is an amazon brand we found to like very much.

They have a huge selection of clothes for vacation which you can check out here if you like.

But for our search for the best linen pants this one will fit perfect. 53% linen 44% viscose and 3% elastane makes a great mix for comfort with the elastane making sure they don’t fall off.

If you searching for a slim fit laid back look, here is your answer.

AITFINEISM Mens Cotton Linen Pants

AITFINEISM Mens Cotton Best Linen Pants

After the slim fit look it’s only fair that we give a option for those looking for a more wide and relaxed look.

The AITFINEISM linen pants are just great, being more wide makes them perfect for those wanting more air downstairs.

Are they comfortable ? Hell yea ! They are super comfortable making them great for any occasion… even sleeping. Once you put them on you will never want to try another pair on, on the other hand you will probably go ahead and buy another pair!


What can I wear linen pants with ? Depends where you’re going. If it’s some relaxed occasion pair them up with some sandals and a white V-neck. For a night out just change the V-neck for a nice cotton shirt. You can’t miss with that.

How should I wash them ? We would recommend to read the instructions for every piece that you get because it depends from item to item. Usually it’s a good idea to not bleach them and try to wash with hand or normal-dry clean.

My pants shrank after I washed them! Yep, that can happen. That’s why we suggest reading the washing instructions because linen fabrics tend to shrink if you wash them on high temperatures.

Well that’s it. Hope you enjoyed our review and that you found what you were looking for!

For those looking to add some other pieces to their wardrobe check out our other reviews.

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