10 Best Golf Hats for Hot Weather: Absolutely perfect for your game (2022)

Best Golf Hats for Hot Weather

Choosing the best golf hats for hot weather may seem as important as choosing the right golf shoes because it is quite important. Hot weather is now in full swing, and it’s the time of the year when your golf friends will visit the golf field often.

For that reason, you need to protect your eyes from the sun, covering your head with a golf hat to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes, which we all know can be very annoying and painful.

While many purchases of golf hats are affected by styles, serious golfers will also look for hats that provide the greatest comfort and practical benefits.

Here I show to you some of the top recommendations for golf caps that cover all key factors.

In a hurry?

A quick table view of all summer golf hats for your convenience only:

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1. GADIEMKENSD Long Brim Folding Outdoor Hat 1. GADIEMKENSD Long Brim Folding Outdoor Hat
  • Extremely Light, breathable, and very affordable.
  • Reflective strip for additional security.
  • Fits perfectly.
Check Price On Amazon
2. Ontel Arctic Air Hat 2. Ontel Arctic Air Hat
  • It has a cooling liner that evaporates.
  • Protect 99% of UV light.
  • Super flexible. One size fits all.
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3. Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney 3. Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney
  • Mesh panel for extra ventilation
  • Bora Hat keeps your head protected from heat.
  • Very lightweight.
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4. GADIEMKENSD Outdoor Reflective Running Cap 4. GADIEMKENSD Outdoor Reflective Running Cap
  • UPF 50-Plus protects users from dangerous UV rays.
  • Waterproof pond treatment droplets.
  • Brim and a good reflective edge to run at night.
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5. Unknown MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat 5. Unknown MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat
  • Instant cooling technology that does not use chemicals
  • Ultra-wicking fabrics that make you dry
  • The closure can be adjusted according to all head sizes
Check Price On Amazon
6. Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Baseball Cap 6. Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Baseball Cap
  • Headwear is resistant to stains.
  • One size is suitable for all.
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • best-rated hat for any game.
Check Price On Amazon
7. Tilley T5MO Organic Cotton Airflo Hat 7. Tilley T5MO Organic Cotton Airflo Hat
  • Guaranteed for Life
  • With your neck and face, it also keeps your ears covered.
  • Great quality.
Check Price On Amazon
8. Aussie Chiller Original Outback Bushie Cooling Hat 8. Aussie Chiller Original Outback Bushie Cooling Hat
  • Can be soaked to cool instant and cool back.
  • Made of soft ultra-light chamois fabric that won’t fade.
  • The unique perforated design provides superior ventilation and blocks the sun.
Check Price On Amazon
9. Adidas Men's UPF Golf Sun Hat 9. Adidas Men’s UPF Golf Sun Hat
  • High-quality product.
  • Renowned brand.
  • Lightweight.
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10. Callaway 2016 Bucket Hat 10. Callaway 2016 Bucket Hat
  • Built-in Sweatband continues to sweat.
  • Relax with a long-lasting cloth.
  • Not too wide and not too narrow.
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Buying Guide: 9 points to know when purchasing a golf hat

If you want the best golf hat for hot weather, you need to go through this buying guide to ensure your purchase is ideal. 

1. Fit

Most golf hats have a customized strap, but you still have to check the size. The size of the golf hat is important, especially if you have a small or big head. Don’t be blinded by design only. Comfort for golfers is a significant factor.

Take your head to use the measuring tape. Make sure it’s in your forehead for accurate measurements.

Measure your head for golf hat:

  • Measuring Tool: soft cloth measuring tape or string.
  • Place around your head, in the middle of the forehead, and position 1/8 inch above the ear.
  • Measure: hold tape/string with strong but not too tight, length in cm.
  • Find the appropriate size in the capsize table.

If you are still confused about measuring the size of the head for a hat, then this 82 seconds video will help you a lot. 

After you have known the size of your head, compare it with the hat size graph that you plan to buy. Usually, this hat has a fit range, so it won’t be difficult to find the one that suits you.

2. Material

Golf hats can be made from various fabrics and materials. You must look for the comfort option of breathing using a moisture-wicking cloth and having an odor control feature.

Choose polyester and nylon to pull away moisture. Both of these materials have the same moisture/sweat-wicking ability, so that the percentage of nylon and high polyester in the hat will ensure that you stay dry throughout the day.

Mesh and spandex for gentleness, breathability, and flexibility – cotton-making soft caps. It also absorbs sweat, so select a hat with a low % of cotton.

Spandex is a famous material for golf hats nowadays. Spandex allows golf hats to be stretched so that they can fit comfortably.

Mesh is another popular choice because of its soft and enhancing fabric for golf hats. Small perforation allows air through a hat that will keep you cool for the whole day.

Flex caps are designed specifically to have a flex hat that allows a stretchy lid. Even though it’s stretchy, it comes in sizes ranging from small to large.

Polyester is one of the most used golf hat materials. However, polyester hats are a good choice if it has enhanced ventilation using mesh support. You can also search for a mixture of cotton for excellent absorption with additional breathability.

However, you should avoid pure cotton hats because it can be a little hot to wear, especially if it doesn’t have ventilation.

There are also leather hats lined with wool. Both are ‘’No’’ if you are looking for the best golf hat for hot weather. Wool and hot leather skin are used in cold weather.

3. Closure

Golf hats can use various types of closure. Velcro straps are usually used in visors and offer excellent adjustment levels. It’s also easy to use, even though Velcro might lose the stick later.

On the opposite side, you can also search for sliding buckles. These are usually seen on the ball cover and help adjust the fitting.

You can also consider plastic beans or rivets clicking on the place. This allows you to adjust fit, even though it’s not a glance like a sliding buckle or velcro strap.

Finally, there is a brass buckle. It has a square buckle that clamps the fabric strap. Like a sliding buckle, you can adjust the hat according to the width you want.

4. Sun protection

If your goal is to protect your face and head from direct sunlight, you must look for a golf hat with maximum protection. 

Full hat and bucket hats are the best choices, even though they don’t fit style like other options. However, in my opinion, protection should be considered before style.

Remember that melanoma or skin cancer is on a large scale for many golfers because of their continuous UV rays exposure. People like Justin Thomas have fought this condition before.

As many hats can be a little uncomfortable, the best is to protect yourself from the sun. 

5. Moist wicking

Even when it’s not too warm, golfers tend to be hot and sweaty. In the hot sun, this fact becomes increasingly challenging, and equipment utilization is essential with many ventilation.

Choose a hat with a light cloth like a thin mesh or polyester, especially if you spend a lot of time golfing in the field in warm conditions.

Choosing hats in light color can also help keep your head cool as long as you run—some hats, like the Ontel Arctic Air Hat specifically designed for hot walking weather.

Choose a hat that has a moisture-wicking protector. In this case, note that there is a guide tape or not with the hat you are buying. A sweatband will help you to stay dry and to remove sweat during the course.

6. Washable

Golf hats can be very sweaty. You have to wash it in every game to prevent the bacteria and smell of that sweat. Various kinds of bucket hats can be washed with machines, making them a very convenient choice.

For ball hats, visors, and other types of golf hats, you have to clean them manually using brushes, soaps, and water.

7. Color

The color and style both are just a bonus, but it will provide more value for your purchase. Try to look for a color that fits your clothes but in a light color as I mentioned before. Also, for cooler nuances, choose brighter colors like white and gray. 

Black is a trendy and stylish color, but it attracts more sun than the normal light colors. 

8. Breathability

Breathability is an important aspect of a golf hat because you will wear a hat all day. It (breathability) means air quality that passes through the material from which the hat is made. Remember that cotton has less breathing ability than polyester.

9. Price

Product value estimates are expressed in price, quality material, technology, and durability. Because of huge competition in the market, many makers offer high-quality products at lower prices.

So, before buying, justify the price value and try to get a better product with your budget.

Finally, always consider the overall value of the hat. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on one accessory. Make sure it is durable and can last for years.

Types of Golf Hats

Some people might consider golf hats as normal casual hats, but it’s far more than that. The type you choose says a lot about your personality and approach to sports.

Let’s discuss some styles of golf hats so you can get good nuances for them.

1. Ball hat

ball hat

If you don’t care too much for fashion and just want something practical, then ordinary ball caps can be ideal for you.

It fits right on your head and will block the sun rays from your eyes when you make an important swing. This is a classic look that reminds some pro golf players like Tiger Woods.

It comes in plain colors, so you don’t need to think too much to buy. Go with black, dark blue, or white if you want to cover your ball to fit your golf clothes.

When people see you on the green field with this type of hat, they will know all your business. You are there to emulate pro.

2. Visor


If for some reason, you want to keep the top of your head open, you might want to consider the visor, not a hat. They both serve the same function, even though the visor might be a little better to keep the sun coming out of your eyes and from your face.

The visor has more geriatric associations with it, so if you’re not so young, wearing a visor can make you look updated and young. However, if you are young and mature, you can make a fashion statement by wearing a visor.

Like ordinary hats, visors especially come in solid colors. You don’t need to consider the hue to get one because your choice will be rather limited.

3. Bucket hat

bucket hat

This is a hat usually associated with fishers, but it can be used to play golf. This hat covers the whole head and has a wide edge around it. If you want to change your appearance, you can even fold full to look more like what fishers wear.

A bucket hat is good for people who want more comprehensive coverage from the sun. Like other types of hats, you will mostly find bucket hats in solid colors. 

However, some brand names have dynamic prints on their bucket hats. So, if you want to stand out while playing golf, choose an interesting mold.

4. Straw hat

straw hat

For those who have played golf since the 1980s, you might remember a pro named Greg Norman. His typical look is a straw hat, which has a little western vibration.

If you want something similar, try a straw hat. Even though you can get what looks like it, you can also go for the Cuban display.

Whatever you choose, the straw hat will give you a classy look. Most are full wide, which means you will get good protection from the sun like with a bucket hat.

5. Ben Hogan Cap

Ben Hogan Cap

If you like retro appearance, you have to get Ben Hogan’s hat. Whether you are in the 50s or a young golfer who likes all the vintage things, this hat will make you look elegant every time you play golf.

While this style hat becomes popular with a hipster crowd (many of which don’t even play golf), you can pay homage to one of the best golfers in history by wearing a hat named after him.

10 Best Golf Hats for Hot Weather

Now you have come to the list of hats best for hot and warm weather. 

1. GADIEMKENSD Long Brim Folding Outdoor Hat

Long Brim Folding Outdoor Hat
  • Extremely Light, breathable, and very affordable.
  • Reflective strip for additional security.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Sometimes an inner plastic liner can make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are looking for a solid-friendly walking hat, you will not be disappointed with this purchase. Affordable hats have UPF 50 cloth, which means providing adequate protection from UV light and mesh ventilation on both sides of the head to breathe. 

It is also waterproof and has some reflective details. This super-affordable choice on Amazon is a quality hat to buy. There is a rating of UPF 50+ against a dangerous UV light and many colors to maintain style. Hence, style and protection at the same time. 

There is a spacious and long visor design for full coverage, and the cloth is fast dry after washing. The fabric is wicking moisture and has a cool and comfortable mesh design. 

The edge of the brim’s hat is reflective to make you protected and give a shadow to your eyes. The hat has a water repellency built, so you will stay drier if caught with a rainy rain shock.

Gadiemkensd Running Hat displays mesh fabric, as mentioned, which not only easily dries but gives you a colder sensation.  

It is designed to keep you cool and comfortable even on the longest trip and days. Quick-dry features also mean you have more choices in the weather. It will dry quickly and make you comfortable, even in the rain.

Having all features but being affordable is the attractive line for the Gadiemkensd. This is surely the best value for your dollars. Plus, it is suitable for new golfers who don’t want to invest much in the early gear.

It all comes with a total weight of 2oz, light enough to feel comfortable on your head. If you are looking for an affordable hat and still more comfortable and effective than your average ball cap, this might just be right for you.

2. Ontel Arctic Air Hat

Air Hat
  • It has a cooling liner that evaporates.
  • Lower the body temperature 20 degrees less.
  • Protect 99% of UV light.
  • Super flexible. One size fits all.
  • The top is large enough to cover the neck and face.
  • It can’t be washed in a washing machine.

To start with the review of this hat, we would like to introduce you to the famous brand Arctic that you might have seen on TV. But first, what is an Arctic hat?

This is a sun hat that utilizes evaporative cooling technology and sunlight. The brand claims this hat can reduce the temperature to 20° lower than its surroundings and offer 99% coverage of dangerous sunlight.

That’s a big declaration! Let’s look at some hat details to see why they can say that.

Ontel Arctic hat is an evaporative cooling cap. This means that you need to wet the hat to make it work (of course, it will still work when dry, but it is far more effective).

Made of strong and lightweight material with a ventilation design, this hat can keep you fresh and comfortable during the event all day! You can take it to a camping place, or when you go fishing, lying on a bright beach, etc. It can be your reliable new friend!

One thing that is a little disturbing about this cooling hat is that it is not washable in the washing machine. You need to do it by hand.

The head of the liner makes you stay fresh, comfortable, and active for long days. This Arctic hat is produced with a UV barrier to deflect and protect you more than 99% of UV sunlight, and it makes you so cool, fresh, and active for hours, even on the hottest days.

It is made of durable, breathable, and lightweight fabrics; Breathable panels allow excess air to flow freely. This Arctic hat is a stylish and unisex design, and it is perfect for everyone.

Anyone can share the other. They can be adjusted, and they can fit on anyone’s head.

3. Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney

booney hat
  • Affordable
  • Mesh panel for extra ventilation
  • Bora Hat keeps your head protected from heat.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Only one size.

We can praise Columbia Bora Bora Adult Booney because of its breathability factor, which made sense because they had the most generous mesh ventilation of whatever people used. 

It keeps your head cooler, both in the golf field and in warm shadowy areas. A solar cap that falls higher at the style spectrum than most others we see offers good coverage, including UPF 50 fabrics. 

Neck-straps and crowns that can be adjustable make it stay on the head when there is some air. The Columbia Bora hat goes down to minimal size in your package on airplanes and at the golf ground when you don’t need it.

Adult Boney hat is a high-performance golf hat. Not only golfers but common people admire the quality of these hats a lot. 

Bora Booney Hat combines UPF50 nylon fabric quickly with the Omni-axis and non-UPF mesh panel to ensure that your head is not only protected against the sun but also remains cold in the heat. 

Unlike other solar caps on this list, available in a wide range of colors but in just one size. However, because the headband has a customized drawcord and switching on the back of one size must fit with the circumference of 21 to 24½ inches.

The Columbia Bora Booney Hat is a good choice if you are looking for a hat with Chinstrap. It keeps the hat on your head in case there is rough air. 

We like the Bora Bora hat because it is the best choice for ventilation and breath. 100% nylon gives you a light and comfortable taste to play golf in a fresh mental environment. You will also find a mesh panel covering the crown cap, which allows air to pass it.

The Omni-wick sweatband is a great plus to this hat. This produces a clean and fresh display on your face. Because the hat is made with high-quality material. It won’t surprise us if you wear this hat for several years until the next adventure.

4. GADIEMKENSD Outdoor Folding Reflective Running Cap

Folding Reflective Running Cap
  • UPF 50-Plus protects users from dangerous UV rays.
  • Waterproof pond treatment droplets and do not absorb moisture.
  • Brim and a good reflective edge to run at night.
  • Convenient folding system for easy transportation.
  • Not the most durable.

I have already mentioned another hat for hot weather of the Gadiemkensd brand, and they are worth mentioning again due to the quality productions. 

This hat is ideal for golfers who travel frequently. Smart folding design allows the entire hat to easily fit with a small suitcase without any wrinkling or damage. 

Like other quality hats on this list, Gadiemkensd comes with wise features such as Brim Reflective and UPF rating 50+ to protect your skin from dangerous UV light.

This affordable hat is made to stay with you in hot weather. Water repellent care makes moisture droplets absorb into cloth. If it gets wet, this dry polyester fabric will not let it be for more time. The breathable mesh strip complements the design for maximum ventilation.

The inner elastic band will stretch to accommodate everything except the biggest head by size. 

5. Unknown MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat

 Bucket Hat
  • Instant cooling technology that does not use chemicals
  • Durable cooling effect
  • Hands and washed with machines
  • Ultra-wicking fabrics that make you dry
  • Comfortable to wear, and light
  • The closure can be adjusted according to all head sizes
  • The material is not high quality.

Do you like being active during the summer and looking for a perfect hat for hot weather? The standard Unknown mission cooling performance hat is designed for you. 

This is one of the best cooling caps among many brands and is equipped with instant cooling technology that you need to activate by wetting hats. Activation is no rocket science; You just need to soak it with water then go before wearing it. 

In addition, it feels comfortable on your head because it is ultra-light. With UPF 50 protection, you are protected from dangerous sunlight. But the sweatband will excite you. 

It helps in regulating moisture evaporation for a long time, ensuring you enjoy longer cooling effects. You might be wondering how you stay dry while wearing this hat. All sweat from your body is pulled by an ultra-wicking axis used to make this hat. As a result, your skin remains sweat-free.

Also, the standard Unknown Mission Cooling Hat comes with adjustable closure, making it ideal for the size of the head. It does not attract sand and dust particles easily. And can be washed in the machine.

Enjoy this golf hat for hot summer that can be activated with water and cool in 30 seconds to help you stay active and comfortable for a longer time.

Instant cooling technology highlights this hat, among others. Hats can be activated in three simple steps: Wet, Go, and Wave it. 

Lightweight fabric and sun protection technology are benefits that will keep your face, neck, and ears protected from the sun.

6. Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Baseball Cap

 Baseball Cap
  • Headwear is resistant to stains.
  • One size is suitable for all.
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • best-rated hat for any game.
  • Color may be a bit different from pictures.

Nike Authentic Low Profile Baseball Hat has all the features you want in a golf cap, everything at a very affordable price. 

This headwear has a 100% dry polyester to allow heat to escape and air flows in, keeping you fresh and comfortable.

The ability of moisture-wicking caps, sun protection, and non-glare under the cap makes it the best Nike sports cap in protecting your head and face from the heat and dangerous sunlight. In addition, polyester fabric is singing any liquid. 

Therefore, this hat can withstand rain or sweaty games. With the strong Velcro closure on the back, you can adjust the cap to fit and stay active.

This light golf hat comes in one size that is perfect for men and women. Thanks to its comfortable weight, Nike Swoosh Hat has received high scores among tennis players who like classic style and comfortable nuances.

It is also available in eye-catching colors, so it’s easy for you to find the right hat for any color. While it comes in classic colors and eternal silhouettes, this is not an average baseball cap of your childhood. It is made with stretchy, quick-dry, and adjustable material.

More than 3135+ Amazon buyers gave it a 4.6-star rating overall, with reviewers calling it “quality, light hat” and “the best golf hat.” 

Want more from Nike? Price is extremely affordable and makes you feel luxurious in a usual price hat with tremendous features. 

7. Tilley T5MO Organic Cotton Airflo Hat

 Men's Hats
  • Guaranteed for Life
  • With your neck and face, it also keeps your ears covered.
  • Great quality.
  • Costly.

These days, Tilley makes many stylish hats. They have beanies, ball caps, fedoras, and much more. 

Measuring your head is a must, and then measure the size guide. After you wear your hat for a while, it might feel a little stretched. So, this is what you do: Dunk it in cold water, and let it dry. This will stretch the hat to fit on your head. 

A hat that can keep the sun rays away from your eyes, keep your head dry in a moist condition, and cooler in the summer, this hat is visibly alright and casual.

As I said, the Tilley hat is very normal and casual looking, but the traits are beyond normal. It gives you all the protection from heat and sun rays.  

There is a guarantee for your Tilley hat, and secure it for life by registering with the company. As the company will repair or replace your hat eighty years from now. So yes, you can trust this hat.

Tilley men’s hat was built with UPF 50+ material, designed to keep your face and neck protected while providing you a very stylish look. 

These hats are very durable and vintage in style. If you prefer a vintage and aesthetic look, then this hat is for you. 

8. Aussie Chiller Original Outback Bushie Cooling Hat

soak me fabric hat
  • Comfortable for summer days.
  • Never lose shape.
  • Can be soaked to cool instant and cool back.
  • Made of soft ultra-light chamois fabric that won’t fade.
  • The unique perforated design provides superior ventilation and blocks the sun.
  • Few colors.

Aussie Chiller Bushie is light but stylish that can be used not only on the golf course but also on any other sports platform. It is also a good accessory for outdoor activities, especially during the summer. 

From the name itself, this hat is Australian-made. This hat is actually designed for maximum ventilation and cooling, so you can line up the next shot without narrowing or blinking.

AC hat can be a cooling headwear by soaking it with cold water, like soaking your towels in cold water. Absorbed cold can last up to 3 hrs. You can wear it until it dries. 

You can even soak the interior of the hat without worrying. The material for this hat is designed for this functionality. This hat will not shrink, does not lose shape, or even does not rot from soaking. Thanks to this hat’s ultra-soft chamois material.

Perforated Aussie Chiller is very convenient for summer days. Because this hat will help you stay calm during summer days. The unique design has superior ventilation and blocks sunlight. 

The cooling convenience will last for 1-3 hours or until it is dry and quickly cold with a refreshing spark if necessary. It’s light and twice ascent, plus the well-structured brim holds the shape very well.

9. Adidas Men’s UPF Golf Sun Hat

bucket golf sun hat
  • High-quality product.
  • Renowned brand.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can run big for some heads.

This bucket hat from Adidas is designed for use in the field and off the field. In addition to protecting from the UV rays, the Sweatband of this hat can make you dry and smooth, so you will feel better when playing golf.

This is a combination of polyester and spandex, so you feel comfortable while wearing this hat. Sun UPF 5O protection technology will make you safe from all types of ultraviolet sun.

You will find this hat in two color varieties. These also have good reviews from customers, so you don’t have to worry about product quality.

In addition, Adidas is famous for ensuring quality and gives you the perfect product. If you like this one and want to buy a good quality golf hat, then you can try it.

10. Callaway 2016 Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat
  • Wicking moisture fabric.
  • Built-in Sweatband continues to sweat.
  • Relax with a long-lasting cloth.
  • Classic display.
  • Not too wide and not too narrow.
  • Only two colors are available.

These Callaway super cool hats are very light and breathable. This is a multi-use cap for golf, tennis, running, and hiking. You can use this everywhere if you are a multidisciplinary sportsman.

There are 2 sizes, so if you have a big head, you can still enter into one. Classic Callaway Hat is synthetic, so you won’t have hot heads and soak wet hats when you are filling your bag. Callaway makes high-quality products, and this hat is no different.

Callaway wide brim hat provides excellent rays protection from many sun angles. Having UPF 50+ UV protection from dangerous sunlight, all 360 degrees of the bucket hat provides ray blocking. 

In performance, the headband wicking moisture makes your face dry, giving full comfort to you on sunny days.


1. What are golfer hats called?

A “flat cap” but Golfer hats have many styles and types, which I explained in the buying guide.

While many golfers are now wearing snapback hats and bucket hats, classic golf hats still hold themselves as standard gold golf clothing. 

Golfers select hats by their own choice, whatever suits their needs and looks. They can be of different brands and different types, so we cannot give any specific name to golfers’ hats. 

2. Can you wash golf hats?

Yes, golfer hats are just like normal hats. Sweat stains around the edge of your favorite lid can damage the appearance and arch. These stains are a problem that permeates.

Unfortunately, they are more common during the summer when you need the most sun protection. 

If you want to know how to remove sweat stains from the hat, I recommend you to watch this video:

Ideally, you don’t need to wait too long while washing your hat. The stains are caused by sweat buildup and oil and can cause permanently faded colors. Depending on how often you wear your hat and how sweaty, wash your hat once a week to avoid issues.

3. How to clean golf hats?

If you wear a golf hat on a summer day, it will most likely be full of sweat and dirt. You can delete this by washing your golf cover, but it’s important to do it safely, or it can lose shape and become unreachable.

Step 1:

Fill your sink with cold water. Make sure you feel comfortable with the temperature.

Step 2:

Take around one-third of a cup of detergent laundry. Keep your hat in that solution for some time. 

Step 3:

Remove the lid from the solution and check.

Step 4:

The dirty areas of the hat can be cleaned with an old toothbrush. This can be done under or outside the water.

Step 5:

Hang close so that the air is dry, which can take some time. To speed up the process, you can hang the hat in the sun.


Hats are needed to protect you from all types of weather when you play or travel. Some golf associations have made it obliged to use hats. 

Because sunlight can interfere with potential abilities to play, or if you fail to control your sweat production, then you might not get the perfect handle.

Before you buy the best golf hats for hot weather, choose the perfect material and substance to ensure better quality games.

Another factor you have to see is your health safety. They will protect you from the sun and all types of ultraviolet rays that can cause skin diseases.

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