10 Best Dress Shirts Under 50 That You’ll LOVE – (in 2021)

Best Dress Shirts Under 50

This is the complete review of the best dress shirts under 50 bucks. In this review, you’ll read:

  • Points to know before buying any dress shirt (aka the buying guide).
  • List of 10 cool and well-tailored dress shirts.
  • Some dress shirts FAQs.

Let’s dive right in.

Quick Summary

Here is a quick view of all dress pants for your convenience only.

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1. Van Heusen men's Regular Fit Poplin Solid Dress Shirt1. Van Heusen men’s Regular Fit Poplin Solid Dress Shirt
  • 65% polyester and 35% cotton mix.
  • Extra room increases breathability and comfort.
Check Price on Amazon
2. Alex Vando Men's Dress Shirts Regular Fit Long Sleeve Men Shirt2. Alex Vando Men’s Dress Shirts Regular Fit Long Sleeve Men Shirt
  • 97% cotton and 3% spandex.
  • Capability of high tenderness and air permeability.
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3. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Non-Iron Gingham Buttondown Collar Dress Shirt3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Non-Iron Gingham Buttondown Collar Dress Shirt
  • 100% Cotton made.
  • Additional space through chest and waist
  • The non-iron fabric is used 
Check Price on Amazon
4. Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Long-Sleeve Dress Shirt4. Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Long-Sleeve Dress Shirt
  • 100% cotton made.
  • Spread collar
  • Rounded hem and double-pleated. 
Check Price on Amazon
5. Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men's Dress Shirt5. Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt
  • 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • Tapered sleeves, a higher arms hole.
  • Pocket-less design 
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6. Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt Slim Fit Non-Iron Herringbone6. Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt Slim Fit Non-Iron Herringbone
  • 100% cotton made.
  • Non-iron fabric is use.
  • Wrinkle resists. 
Check Price on Amazon
7. Perry Ellis men's Slim Fit Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt7. Perry Ellis men’s Slim Fit Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt
  • 60 / 40 Cotton / Polyester
  • Slim-fit
  • Short spread collar 
Check Price on Amazon
8. Alimens & Gentle Men's Dress Shirts French Cuff Long Sleeve8. Alimens & Gentle Men’s Dress Shirts French Cuff Long Sleeve
  • 60 / 40 Cotton / Polyester USA made
  • Hidden button-front design
  • Metal collar stays and metal French cufflinks are included with this shirt.
Check Price on Amazon
9. Luxe Microfiber Men’s Fitted Dress Shirt9. Luxe Microfiber Men’s Fitted Dress Shirt
  • 100% Luxe Microfiber polyester.
  • Does not shrink, does not fade, anti-picking, moisture-wicking, and easy-to-care. 
Check Price on Amazon
10. Brooks Brothers Men's Textured Regent Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt10. Brooks Brothers Men’s Textured Regent Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt
  • All cotton and non-iron finish.
  • Classical regent-fit. Versatile enough to wear on both casual and formal occasions. But bit pricey.
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3 Things to Know Before Buying a Dress Shirt

Before buying any best dress shirt, you should know the following points:

1. FIT

Suppose you buy a new dress shirt. You can’t ignore fitting. Fit is everything. No matter what design, color, or brand you purchase, fit is the most important point to consider. You can measure it correctly by using any soft measuring tape. Sleeves’ length and neck size are measured. (Guys, please don’t use any hard or metal-made construction measuring tape because they do not measure accurately. Borrow it from anybody or buy it for a few bucks).

  • If you work out or diet daily, you may need to re-measure when you buy a new dress shirt, pants, shorts, etc.


Another most important point to know is Fabric. Everyone hates cheap quality. Dress shirts are available in so many fabrics. The choice of fabric depends on your own preference. Cotton, Linen, Polyester, Twill, Oxford fabric, are mostly used fabrics.

Shirts made of 100 percent cotton with 160 to 220 thread counts are the best because shirts made with these fabrics make you look lavish and very comfortable. That’s why people love Goodthreads Men’s “The Perfect Oxford Shirt” Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Solid because it is made of 100% cotton. The polyester and cotton-made shirts are also very comfortable, as this combination is also great. But I love 100% cotton made.

The key point to note is that, stay away from poor and uncomfortable material.


The last step to know is the price. Some can afford the most expensive, whereas people like you and I search for the best dress shirt under 50 bucks. Every man wants to buy the best, good-looking, and comfortable dress shirt in his budget. And that’s the GOAL.

10 Best Dress Shirts Under 50


man in blue dress shirt

Van Heusen is well-known for its classic comfort and style. The brand fulfills all requirements of modern men’s clothing as they are innovators of modern clothing since 1921.

This 65% polyester and 35% cotton mix dress shirt come in a regular fit with extra comfort. It has fuller sleeves and relaxed arms holes. Extra room through the waist and chest increases breathability and comfort.

The regular fit cut looks great on almost every person. Point collar (a classic collar that allows tie knot variety) gives you an elegant look when you wear a tie. A pocket on the left chest holds all your valuables. Van Heusen offers multiple-color of regular fit poplin solid men’s dress shirt. I like the flame color of this shirt.

In a busy morning routine, you probably don’t enjoy ironing. So, the wrinkle-free feature of this shirt saves your time. This means you need not iron the shirt after a wash. Wash, Dry, and Enjoy.

Most of the reviews reflect that this shirt is a great choice because it looks and fits great. And it is perfect for every occasion.

  • Extra room increases breathability and comfort.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Cotton and Polyester mix for extra comfort.
  • The shirt isn’t wrinkle-free.


White dress shirt with dotted design inside sleeves and collar

ALEX VANDO is the latest and unique collection of men’s dress shirts with the touch of European flair. This collection provides up-to-date styles with the whole comfort.

This shirt has the capability of high tenderness and air permeability as it is a mix of 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

It has been designed like you can wear it in a business meeting or a casual event. The cool point is, the sizes are perfect. You don’t need to order one size, small or big. (Sizes are USA-based).

  • PRECAUTION– Don’t bleach. Tumble dry low. Low iron is essential.

Mostly Buyers say the fabric is nice, and the shirt fits well. The size chart is perfect, but some reviews say sizes are inconsistent. However, 2,590 buyers give 5 stars to this shirt out of 3,700.

  • Fits great.
  • Looking nice and very comfortable.
  • Wrinkle issue after washing and drying.


man in light blue dress shirt with black dress pants

Well-known clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger offers a very comfortable and regular fit non-iron dress shirt. Thanks to their quality standards, which they keep maintain in every product.

This 100% cotton-made shirt comes in a regular fit. It has fuller sleeves and a relaxed arms hole. Additional space through the chest and waist enhances the level of comfort.

A button-down collar with a side pocket gives you a more professional look. Tommy Hilfiger offers multi-colors in this shirt. You have many choices of color to select.

We men feel the burden to do the ironing, especially in a busy morning routine. In this scenario, this shirt is a brilliant choice. This means the non-iron fabric is used to make these shirts. I seriously love this feature. Just Wash, Dry, and Enjoy.

Observing customer reviews is a mandatory step. Most of the reviews reflect that this shirt is perfect for the average person, and everything is as advertised.

  • Globally recognized brand.
  • Non – iron fabric.
  • Some buyers say the shirt is too large than a regular fit.


man in plain white dress shirt

Amazon Essentials can fulfill your everyday clothing needs. They focus on creating the best quality fabrics at affordable prices.

This imported shirt is made of 100% cotton marks spread collar, rounded hem, and double-pleated. You don’t have to iron as the fabric is wrinkle-resistance. In my opinion, this shirt is ideal for summer. Because the fabric is light, however, some buyers say it is a little see-through.

This shirt is the best option under 50 bucks, and the features are also fine, as most reviews say.

  • The quality is nice.
  • Great value for money.
  • Fabric is too light.


man in patterned design dress shirt

Searching for a quality check and strip (patterned) dress shirt can be a difficult job. Because no one likes cheap and outdated patterned dress shirts.

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole solves this problem as 712 out of 1,130 buyers have given the five stars ratings.

This 60% cotton and 40% polyester (great materials for any dress shirt) mix shirt guarantees you to provide all-day comfort. It has tapered sleeves, a higher arms hole, and a slimmer cut through the chest and waist. This fit is almost similar to the athletic fit. The pocket-less design gives a modern look.

It surprised me that Kenneth Cole offers multiple colors in this shirt. You have a large variety of colors to choose from.

  • Great design.
  • Good quality.
  • Not slim-fit as advertised.


CK light blue Dress shirt

This 100% cotton-made shirt comes in a slim fit. It has tapered sleeves with higher armholes and a slimmer cut through the chest and waist.

Non-iron fabric is used in this shirt, so ironing is unnecessary. Furthermore, the wrinkle resists feature helps you to keep looking crisp and hard all day. Another feature I like, the fabric automatically controls your personal temperature. It will wick the moisture away from your body to help you feel good and dry.

Most reviews say this shirt fits perfectly and wrinkle-free. But few buyers say the white color is see-through. Nevertheless, this shirt has 4.4 ratings.

  • Fits great.
  • Non-iron fabric that wicks the moisture,
  • Fabric is a bit thin.


Perry Ellis light blue dress shirt

Perry Ellis, the designer fashion brand, was born in 1976. Brand’s focus is only on innovation and creating clothes designed with real-life in the mind. First fashion brand partnership with Amazon Alexa. Today Perry Ellis is a global lifestyle brand that creates clothes, perfumes, watches, footwear, and more, with real-life in mind. 

This 60 / 40 Cotton / Polyester PE dress shirt comes in a slim fit. The short spread collar stretches up to half an inch. This motion ease collar gives your neck extra comfort.

Before purchasing any product, I strongly recommend you to see reviews of the customer. 217 buyers out of 374 highly recommend this shirt. But few reviews complain that the white color is see-through. This white color problem is also with other brands.

  • Fits perfectly.
  • Great quality and price.
  • Some buyers say the fabric is see-through and wrinkles also.


White jacquard weave dress shirt

This 60 / 40 Cotton / Polyester USA-made shirt has a regular fit. High-quality Jacquard weave and good finishing provide you a comfortable feeling when you wear it. Metal collar stays and metal French cufflinks are included with this shirt.

I like the unique hidden button-front design of this shirt. Remember a point, wash this shirt in cold water with similar color clothes. And only use warm iron if needed.

Most customers say the shirt isn’t see-through, so you can buy a white color. And this shirt is perfect for the wedding.

  • The fabric is so soft.
  • The front design is unique.
  • Cuff links were not as advertised.


plain white dress shirt

Luxe Microfiber’s tailored fit shirt features a 3-part “Tru-fit” design, tapered from chest to waist, shoulder to elbow, and elbow to the wrist.

This shirt is made of 100% Luxe Microfiber polyester, which feels soft and light on your body. Luxe microfiber does not shrink, does not fade, anti-picking, moisture-wicking, and easy to care for. Just Wash, Dry, and Wear.

You can wear this shirt as a formal or dress shirt. The buttons of this shirt are long-lasting, break resistance, and cross-stitch. Extra buttons are provided for future button damage. No matter what is your size, you can fit easily as the size range is from extra small (13-13.5″ neck) to XXX-large (19-20″ neck) with sleeves from 31 to 41 inches.

62% of buyers love this shirt and give five stars. However, 16 buyers face some fitting issues.

  • Material quality is good and soft to your body.
  • Sizes are inconsistent.

10. Brooks Brothers Men’s White Dress Shirt 

White dress shirt

Brooks Brother is among those brands that come to mind when we search for a dress shirt, especially white. 

The brand offers only white color and uses 100% Cotton in manufacturing. Innovative non-iron technology is also added, this makes them virtually wrinkle-free. Furthermore, these shirts come in a regent fit (a modern trim fit with chest and sleeves cut slimmer to the body). Traditional button-front closure and sleeves enhance their dress look.

  • All cotton and non-iron finish.
  • Classical regent-fit.
  • Versatile enough to wear on both casual and formal occasions.
  • Bit pricey.

7 Secrets for You to Look Sexier in A Dress Shirt

Some Dress Shirts FAQs

Q1. What is the difference between casual and formal shirts?

Formal shirts are usually made longer because they are supposed to be tucked in, whereas casual shirts have a lower side seam and shorter length than formal shirts. And they’re suitable to wear untucked.  

Q2. Why are shirt pockets on the left?

A shirt pocket is used to keep the small handy item, and since most men are right-handed, it makes sense to have a left pocket, so they quickly grab their items.

Q3. Are check shirts formal?

Generally, dress shirts have a basic look. The formal clothing does not count the dark or bright stripes, boxes, and fancy prints. But light color checks and stripes can be considered in dress shirts.   


This is the end of today’s article (best dress shirts under 50). Now I want to hear from you in Yes or No:

  • Do you have any above shirt?
  • Are you going to upgrade your shirt’s addition?
  • And what is your favorite brand?

Let me know in the comment section. Your comments are highly appreciated. Plus, you can join our email community by subscribing to us (form in the footer). 

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