10 Best Clothing Brands for Skinny Guys: All are amazingly cool (2022)

best clothing brands for skinny guys

Many of you here are, of course, skinny and tall guys. 

But the body you have is fantastic, and you can enhance it more with some known brands. The important point to note is the best clothing brands for skinny guys, I mean for you.

Regardless of whether you want winter clothes or summer, I have got the best ones for you. 

These brands have a different connection with their users by providing quality and customer-friendly apparel. 

Let’s see what we have in the category of best clothing brands for tall skinny bros

10 Best Clothing Brands for Skinny Guys

All men’s clothing brands are doing some exciting things nowadays. And you can buy the best brands in your budget and comfort zone. 

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1. Champion 


Champion is a well-known brand and makes excellent apparel. 

The brand has gotten exceptionally fantastic feedback from its skinny users and forever customers. 

They have done this with sharp advertising and making the right items in terms of quality and quantity. 

There are a couple of different reasons they have set up their costs. Due to the hard work on their products, they need to be valued and are worth the prices. 

As for tall and skinny guys, not every brand takes care of their needs. But Champion, as the top clothing brand for slim, makes it to their requirements. 

Some of their t-shirts and pants, as well as hoodies, are a perfect fit for slim skinny guys. 

The popularity of brands proliferates, especially among students. They served as very efficient athletic clothes for athletes in a cooler climate.

1. Skinny Sweatpant example

Champion Men’s Powerblend Sweats Retro Jogger Pants
 Men's Jogger Pants
  • Poly-cotton joggers.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Ideal for warm weather.
  • Few colors.

2. Skinny hoodie example

Champion Men’s Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie
Men's Pullover Hoodie
  • High standards, as we’d expect from Champion.
  • The hoodie gives you a super cozy feeling.
  • Pilling issues.

3. Skinny T-shirt example

Champion Men’s Classic T-Shirt 
mens' t-shirt
  • Perfectly designed.
  • True to size.
  • Only one color.

2. Amazon Essentials 

Amazon Essentials 

Think of a comfortable shirt to relax, a tee and tank for layering, and an everyday dress to run the task. 

Amazon Essentials is a remarkable clothing brand that gives enormous casual wear, athletic wear, and different outfits.

When it comes to authentic body-friendly clothing, Amazon Essentials is one of the most trusted and tried brands for skinny and tall guys.

Look at the lines for classic casual such as hoodies, tees, sports pants, socks, and underwear with quality that cannot be replicated.

Amazon Essentials is a reliable source for wardrobe staples that are enhanced in a stylish silhouette. Over the past years, the brand has maintained a high-end casual status.  

The brand has thousands of reviews, and people trust the quality blindly. If you are a skinny person and trying to choose for yourself, Amazon essentials can be the one. A lot of times, there are many deals you can get at reasonable prices. 

1. Skinny Jeans example

Amazon Essentials Men’s Skinny-fit Stretch Jean
skinny jeans
  • Affordable.
  • Fits beautifully.
  • Bit wide from knees.

2. Skinny Sweatpant example

Amazon Essentials Men’s Fleece Sweatpant
Men's skinny Sweatpant
  • Suitable for a milder climate.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Ideal for everyday needs.
  • Little big for some.

3. Skinny T-shirt example

Amazon Essentials Men’s 2-Pack Slim-Fit Crewneck T-Shirt
men's skinny t-shirt
  • The fabric is quite comfortable.
  • Affordable.
  • Some reviews say that the color will fade after a few wearing.

3. Hanes 


Hanes is one of those subtle attire marks that have decades in history on the planet. 

It is possessed by Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI), a significantly large US aggregate taking care of several other dress brands. 

As the name recommends, Hanes is one of their highest brands, with a vast pool of happy skinny guys spread worldwide. 

The long-term presence in the attire business has permitted Hanes to become the main monster in this field. Just as a benchmark name for others to continue on the lookout. 

Hanes has become a dependable wellspring of value clothing items for a wide range of individuals from men to ladies. 

It has likewise settled a different area for ladies basics also, named as Hanes Her Way. 

1. Skinny Sweatpant example

Hanes Men’s Jogger Sweatpant 
 Men's skinny Sweatpant 
  • Huge size list.
  • Poly-cotton mixture offers several great benefits.
  • Few color selections.

2. Skinny hoodie example

Hanes Men’s Full-Zip Eco-Smart Hoodie
men's skinny jeans
  • Durable tough stitches.
  • Soft interior.
  • Very little storage.

3. Skinny T-shirt example

Hanes Men’s Short Sleeve Beefy-T (Pack of 2)
t-shirt for skinny
  • Durable.
  • Smooth flat neck collar.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Some stitching issues.

4. Adidas 


Most of Adidas’s growth has been started in fashion, and now the king turned to a clothing line where it’s doing great. 

If you are tall skinny, and like to dress according to your body settings, you can check out some of the best Adidas thin clothing and choose the best from them. 

Adidas sweatpants and t-shirts, for example, are perfect for skinny people too because they provide different body shapes and dimensions. 

Being a reputable clothing brand on the lookout, Adidas has consistently underscored intensely on keeping up with the quality guidelines of its attire items. 

It is one of their center factors that makes them a reliable attire producing righteous items. 

1. Skinny Sweatpant example

adidas Men’s Tiro ’17 Pants
men's skinny joggers
  • Zipper cufflinks for easy changes.
  • Many color options.
  • Great display.
  • Not too much stretchy.

2. Skinny T-shirt example

adidas Men’s Badge of Sport Tee
men's skinny t-shirt
  • Pure cotton
  • Extremely comfortable fabric.
  • Non-shrinkage.
  • They’ll loose.

5. Gildan 


Gildan is one of the highest-selling shirt brands available – and therefore, they can be relied upon. The brand produces quality apparel for all shapes, including skinny, at very affordable prices.

They provide unique quality cotton shirts for skinny people, and this is not the only feature. Gildan has all sizes, colors, and fits as well. 

You can wear Gildan clothing for work and parties. This is one of the rare brands that are pretty durable for tall guys. Gildan t-shirt and hoodie are the proof. And their fabric does not shrink when washed.

Gildan uses the Ultra Cotton material, which is quite comfortable for tall and skinny people. 

Generally, the brand offers 6 different colors for special printing and many sizes for you to choose from. Your custom design can save you a good time. 

1. Skinny T-shirt example

Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts
men's skinny t-shirt
  • Tubular collar.
  • Plain design.
  • Quality is average.

2. Skinny Hoodie example

Gildan Men’s Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt
men's skinny hoodie
  • Overall great quality.
  • It doesn’t fade.
  • Cost-friendly.
  • Bit pilling issues.

6. SouthPole 


Founded by two brothers, David Khym and Kenny Khym, Wicked Fashions, Inc. Started in 1991 when launching its flagship brand, SouthPole®, in New York, the world fashion capital.

While similar brands came and went, some SouthPole competitors continued to compete with them, but the brand never got low.

The brand uses a bit of spandex for comfortable moves. Usually, they make the low rise for the perfect skinny look to make you stylish, relaxed, and comfortable. 

In terms of fit, Southpole clothing fits pretty well. The layer and fabric on the skin feel very good and soft. 

We noticed that the SP’s skinny clothing is sweat-resistance which makes them even more comfortable. That is why Southpole is trusted for being a comfortable one. 

1. Skinny Jeans example

Southpole Men’s Super-Skinny Tech Stretch Denim Pants
 Men's Super-Skinny jeans
  • Many colors.
  • Renowned denim brand.
  • The zipper isn’t too good.

2. Skinny Sweatpants example

Southpole Men’s Basic Fleece Jogger Pant
men's skinny sweatpants
  • Twill woven with cotton mixing.
  • High-rise waist.
  • Hot for summer.

7. Russell Athletic 

Russell Athletic 

There is a reason this stylish hoodie brand is the best-selling one on Amazon, and it all comes down to the fact that Russell Athletic has a reputation for getting quality hoodies at such reasonable prices. 

Unlike most clothing brands, team members produce more than 86% of Russell Athletic® products. 

As a brand built on the pillar of teamwork and respect for people, Russell Athletic is committed to sustainability efforts that support communities and help the level of play for everyone.

You should not be surprised if you begin to see it more in everyday life for weeks and months. People like suitable sports clothing, and Russell Athletic seems ready to take advantage. 

1. Skinny Sweatpants example

Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Open Bottom Sweatpants
men's sweatpants
  • Durable fabric mixture.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Lots of storage.
  • Some reviews say that they run big.

8. Levi’s 


Levi is one of the skinny jeans brands that provide quality in a moderate price range. 

The quality standards are high, and there are no variances in quality for denim, zippers, and others, such as rivets that might be used on jeans from the same price point.

Remember some things for skinny people: the sizes are accurate, so your thin size order should exactly fit. 

As I mentioned before, my favorite thing about Levi’s clothing is that it fits every part of the body very nicely. That is why people are obsessed with this brand. 

The Levi brand is an icon because it is trusted by consumers – trusted for innovation, quality, performance, durability, style, fit and more. Levi listens to buyers and empowers them to help guide the brand.

1. Skinny Jeans example

Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jeans
men's skinny fit jeans
  • High-quality jeans.
  • Many styles & colors.
  • Skinny fabric.
  • It should be high at the waist.

9. Under Armour 

Under Armour

Instead of selling images or lifestyles such as Lululemon or Nike, Under Armour sells solutions for skinny for solving problems. Whether you want compression clothes, armed jackets, and other items, they have it all. 

There is a probability that you don’t put the same amount as the way to dress for the gym as you do for a job interview, marriage, even the average day at work. 

Under Armor is built for making lives easy, providing optimal comfort, along with the mapped fall. You can cover yourself in extreme breathability. 

Thanks to their Threadborne fabric, which they use widely. The material moves with you when you exercise, a 4-way stretch fabrication that allows more significant mobility in all directions, so you can easily activate the slope and squat of overhead; Because your clothing choices should never hinder your natural movement. 

Light and breathable composition provide a more extensive stretch and recovery on your skinny frame. And let your exercise without disturbing you. 

Construction that is almost free sewing means an irritable free fit—enriched with the Humidity Transportation System as the Signature of the UA. The axis of its skinny hoodie sweats the skin for rapid evaporation, makes you freely moist and comfortable during intense exercise.

The application of anti-odor technology equips the garment, preventing the growth of microbes that cause unpleasant odors. 

1. Skinny Hoodie example

Under Armour Men’s Storm Armour Fleece Hoodie
men's skinny hoodie
  • UA storm technology repels water.
  • The inner fabric catches heat and keeps you warm.
  • Non-standard size.

10. Lanky Llama 

Lanky Llama 

Lanky Llama is the first and only clothing company globally that is exclusively for skinny people. 

As skinny people buy expensive clothes, but they don’t feel comfortable, trusting a specific brand can help.  

It has prepared itself as probably the best organization in the attire business by keeping up with its long-term quality principles. Till today, the comprehensive load quality stays a top selection of individuals during the summers. 

Likewise, they have presented a different product offering for youngsters, consummately making themselves an all-inclusive resource for all.

Most importantly, Lanky Llama offers a wide assortment of attire items that settle on them an ideal decision for a wide range of clients. 

The scope of their relaxed wear outfits continues developing as indicated by the patterns of industry, which is the thing that many individuals love the most about them. 

1. Skinny T-shirt example

Lanky Llama Legends Crew Neck T-Shirt
men's crew neck t-shirt
  • Very comfortable.
  • Many color options.
  • It shrinks.


Now that you know about the best clothing brands for skinny guys, you can check our latest skinny product reviews to learn more about them

Tall and skinny guys look best when they have the right clothes and express their personalities. 

Whether you like to dress like a basketball player or prefer an enhanced office wardrobe, you should be able to find clothes you want that also match your frame.

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