10 Best Boxer Briefs to Prevent Chafing: All are amazingly comfortable

best boxer briefs to prevent chafing

We usually give importance to outwear, but today I need to discuss the critical topic: boxer brief. Not having an anti-chafing and protective underlayer can lead to your failure not only in your sports platform but in your comfort zone. 

Believe me; you require the best boxer briefs to prevent chafing. It is to make sure you play well, run fast and walk with confidence.

But don’t despair, today we are talking about all the things that run underwear so you can find the best boxer briefs for anti-chafing.

The best underwear that will be effective must eliminate moisture, chafing, and sores.

Some runners prefer shorts with a built-in briefing (and if it’s you, there are options for you below). Still, for those who want a layer of support added, a pair of good moisturizers will help you. 

In a hurry?

A quick table view of all boxer briefs for your convenience only.

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1. Fruit of the Loom Men's Micro-Stretch Boxer Briefs 1. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Micro-Stretch Boxer Briefs
  • Lightweight, breathable material, and great support to balls.
  • Silk touch
  • The long leg design is attractive.
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2. New Balance Men's 6 2. New Balance Men’s 6″ Boxer Brief with Pouch
  • Extraordinary moisturizing.
  • Comfortable stay dry and fresh.
  • Anti-chafing properties.
  • Available in various colours.
  • Wide comfortable waist.
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3. PUMA Men's 3 Pack Performance Boxer Brief 3. PUMA Men’s 3 Pack Performance Boxer Brief
  • Sports Inspired – Good for Sportsmen.
  • Dry wicking properties.
  • Adapt to wide thighs without feeling constricted.
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4. ExOfficio Men's Give-n-Go Boxer Brief 4. ExOfficio Men’s Give-n-Go Boxer Brief
  • Lightweight, fast-drying, and affordable
  • Wonderfully comfortable.
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5. Hanes Men's Comfort Flex Fit Boxer Briefs 5. Hanes Men’s Comfort Flex Fit Boxer Briefs
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Does not stick to the body.
  • Do not require all-day adjustments.
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6. DAVID ARCHY Men's Micro Modal Boxer Briefs 6. DAVID ARCHY Men’s Micro Modal Boxer Briefs
  • Material is quite comfortable.
  • Dry out sweat quickly.
  • Amazing moist control properties.
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7. Chill Boys Anti-chafing Bamboo Boxer Briefs 7. Chill Boys Anti-chafing Bamboo Boxer Briefs
  • 90% bamboo fabric.
  • Cool and breathable.
  • Control Odor.
  • Soft belt.
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8. Spyder Performance Men’s Sports Boxer Briefs 8. Spyder Performance Men’s Sports Boxer Briefs
  • Nice breathability, long-lasting, and incredibly comfortable.
  • Material is lightweight.
  • Designed for the dense summer months
  • Stay up all day.
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9. AND1 Men's Compression Long Leg Performance Boxer Briefs 9. AND1 Men’s Compression Long Leg Performance Boxer Briefs
  • The mesh offers outstanding breathability.
  • Excessive-end and sturdy creation.
  • Silky touch to the body.
  • The look is quite remarkable.
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10. Nike Men's Training Boxer Briefs 10. Nike Men’s Training Boxer Briefs
  • Sturdy compression.
  • Mesh ventilation.
  • A flat elastic waistband provides an anti-chafe and cozy suit.
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Buying Guide: 6 points to know before purchasing any boxer brief

Anti-chafing boxer briefs come in various styles, fabrics, and fittings. These include different types of underwear according to their size and brand. So, does anti-chafing underwear help you? This most commonly depends on the type of underwear that you wear. 

1. Fit

Choose suitable underwear that will remain in place, especially in the deep thigh area. That’s where chafing is most common.

Your boxer brief must allow you to sit, bend, or jump without your underwear slid down and without any hesitation.

If they don’t stay in a place, they might not make you feel comfortable in a public place. Boxer Briefs must offer a lot of support, and that is why most men appreciate its assists.

Open waist can roll over or move on your body, causing a bulk increase in the thigh area or unnecessary rubbing. Plus, an open waist and belt tend to make your waist look bigger (egg muffin-top).

Underwear with a high-grade stretchable belt is a good choice because they leave the underwear in place and not bind around the waist & handle as many areas as possible.

Also, make sure you measure it right.

A low-quality stretch waist is far more likely to roll down when you move, limit movement, impact on your level of comfort, and leave chafing and a rash, and if worn repeatedly, can develop into painful skin wounds.

You also need to make sure the inner foot seam-like stitching on the inner leg will cause additional chafing and friction. Look for foot stitching / offset outside, i.e., Not a stitch directly in the middle of the inside’s feet.

Tips for getting a proper fit:

Choose a fit boxer brief but not too tight, which may be causing discomfort. In Flipside, be careful not to measure it too big because it can cause chafing, which will irritate your skin.

Some people like to wear compression briefs for active sports, such as running and exercising. 

You can experiment with using this, but you might find that constant pressure becomes uncomfortable after a few hours on the road.

The right fit increases the wicking: Loose fit seems to provide more ventilation, but keep in mind that the fabric to clog your skin’s moisture needs contact with the skin.

So, it will usually be helpful for you to have clothes in the axis that are more in perfect form.

Longer pieces can help with friction thighs: If you experience deep thigh chafing, try a pair of long underwear covering the place where you feel uncomfortable. 

2. Fabric

Many types of boxer briefs come in various fabrics. Besides choosing the non-itchy ones, some useful facts about materials will definitely help you select the best boxer briefs for you.

It is also essential to choose anti-chafe material with the ability to stretch and provide comfort.

Comfort is the most crucial feature of underwear. Men tend to prefer cellulose fabric underwear because it is comfortable and cool to carry. 

Synthetic fabrics are often considered sportier and more relaxed than cellulose fabric cloth. They are highly associated with sporty, good breathability, high-quality material, and sound, comfortable, and dry support. 

People now moved from plain cotton underwear to designer vests with sophisticated fabrics that serve active purposes and follow some trends and styles. 

New trends that just appear in the underwear industry are a variety of fabrics used for underwear. People prefer these clothes because of the same comfort and compatibility.

Fabrics made of sticky wood pulp (usually eucalyptus, but sometimes oak and birch) are dissolved and placed through several complicated machines, appearing on a fine cloth. 

Types of Fabrics

Fabrics that have characteristics of moisture-wicking include:

  • Cellulose-based fibres such as capital, viscose/rayon, Tencel, micro modal
  • Nylon / polyamide.
  • Polyester

When sweating happens, there is a wet withdrawal from the body. Plus, these fabrics will usually dry out faster than 100% cotton.

I mentioned some fabrics, but if you still can’t find out which is better, I present their features to you to differentiate. 

1. Neoprene

Neoprene shows good waterproof chemical stability and maintains flexibility when subject to various temperatures. It can fight ozone, sunlight, oxidation, sand, snow, and dust – basically all weather conditions. 

These features make this fabric the best for your anti-chafing underwear and having a relaxing day. 

2. Microfiber blends

The thin microfiber fabric will allow your thigh-grazing with each other without chafing, letting you avoid the rash that is easily offended after a day of walking. They will feel like the second skin and will protect your sensitive skin.

3. Lyra

Like neoprene and microfiber, Lycra can prevent friction because it shifts moisture, reduces chafing, and maintains irritation to the body, legs, or thighs. “The best fabric you can wear to minimize chafe is a synthetic fabric.”

4. Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic fiber. As I mentioned above, synthetic fabrics from head to feet reduce dangerous rubs that cause friction. Polyester nylon is designed to remove moisture from the skin.

While chafing can be a painful thing, it really can be defeated. If you avoid sweat-absorbing material and stick to synthetic fiber, you must be able to let your thighs glide through the pain of the world.

3. Moisture Wicking

The fabric used to make underwear is also important to acknowledge its moisture-wicking abilities. Because wearing the wrong material can create and store sweating and trap bacteria. 

If you do not choose specially designed underwear, then choose clothing that does not rub or cause friction.

The best type of men’s clothing to prevent friction is boxer briefs. Boxer Briefs remain close to the skin with enough length to protect the deep thighs. 

Moisture control is essential because when sweat is trapped near the skin, it increases the likelihood of experiencing chafing. Wearing inappropriate fabrics and unfit underwear and rubbing your thighs against each other will only increase the risk of chafing. 

CoolMax is an advanced high-performance fabric specifically designed to remove moisture from the skin and promote healthy airflow. It is an ideal fabric when choosing anti-chafing underwear. 

Avoid underwear containing any form of silicone or latex. , Because silica gel sticks to the skin, especially when you are sweating, hot, or active during the day. 

In addition, it is often necessary to remove underwear containing silicone or silicone bands from the skin at the end of the day, or it increases the risk of unpleasant and uncomfortable sores and lumps. 

It’s not just the length of the legs and fabric choice that you should choose carefully. Still, your waist size will also affect your comfort, especially if your tailoring is not wide enough. 

However, men can also enjoy wearing their thigh ribbons when doing sports like running, which causes friction between the thighs. For men and women, it is essential to choose anti-chafe clothes that use moisturizing-wicking fabrics for a better experience. 

This means that as soon as sweat touches it, it is pulled from the skin and evaporates. Many styles of undergarments are stylish, but they are not practically used a lot. For a perfect display, you need to look for underwear with a Lacey thigh ribbon!

4. Proper airflow

Anti-chafing is more than just avoiding skin contact. It is also about keeping the skin dry and fresh. If you sweat a lot, it attracts bacteria and other types of problems. 

If you have ever experienced a crotch swamp, you will know what I’m talking about. Not only daily life but other activities also require ventilation, such as yoga, running, gym, etc. 

Encourage the use of chemical fiber fabrics in anti-chafing underwear. Effectively remove moisture and sweat. Avoid cotton because it attracts germs or bacteria, and sweat takes a long time to dry.

5. Odour-free

Cleanliness, especially those concerning your masculinity, is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The body odor is natural and unavoidable. 

Talkin of nature then, we better know that underwear can cause serious odor problems. Hence, it is essential to hold discussions around our bodies and the type of inner garment we wear. 

Underwear made of antimicrobial fabric will help you reduce body odor, and you will feel fresh for a longer time. As we know, the area between our feet is a breeding place for germs and bacteria. 

This area is vulnerable to bacteria because of our body’s sweat. Heat exposure and sustainable friction throughout the day can easily cause this area to give bad smells. 

Have you ever heard of bacterial infections in men? Yes, men can get these infections that can cause balanitis. This condition usually manifests itself from jock-itching, which is often caused by poor underwear choices.

It is a fact that no one gives importance to the idea of ​​odor. There are some inner clothes out there that even contribute to more odors and bacteria. You must be careful about what kind of material you want. This is where antibacterial underwear comes into action.

Antimicrobial or antibacterial clothing is built for resistance to sweat and bacteria. They will make a big difference in your life with only one wear. They combat bacterial breeding land and eliminate any activity that can cause odor.

Every manufacturer uses different tactics in making products to control bacteria. Some tend to use special chemicals, and others use natural antibacterial properties that include bamboo, synthetic fibers, etc. It’s always best to go for manufacturers that utilize natural elements.

6. Price tag

Now, I don’t want you to be cheap and go for the lowest price. Because if you want high-quality hygienic underwear, then you have to be willing to spend a little more at least. 

But don’t make mistakes by spending an excessive amount because not all expensive antimicrobial underwears guarantee satisfactory results.

10 best boxer briefs to prevent chafing

1. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Lightweight Micro-Stretch Boxer Briefs

Micro-Stretch Boxer Briefs
  • Lightweight, breathable material, and great support to balls.
  • Silk touch
  • The long leg design is attractive.
  • The waist can be smaller for some.

If you want an active lifestyle in which you play a heroic active role. And carry out sustainable tasks or at least travel easily then Fruit of the Loom can be your partner in this purpose.

Mainly made of antimicrobial fabrics, it redefines the description of underwear. It has a soft and comfortable fit. The fabric will not rub the skin. It is also super breathable and strong. 

The material is also high quality as it provides fresh touch to the skin. You can consider that this is your go-to safety boxer briefs. 

The fabric feels light and breathable. One of the top qualities of this anti-chafing underwear is its ease of use. 

I know that some of you like to wear underwear, especially shorts. But there is enough padding and protection under this underwear. 

It has a unique “fit for me” nature, which means it has a custom fit. Embrace and support your waist and hips in all directions. 


The task of these shorts is to make you feel comfortable and provide support. This is the whole point of the fruit of the loom: it prevents the material from irritating your skin. 

The groin area remains comfortable and dry. Considering its polyester and spandex fit, it fits most body types. So it’s not just size. Microfiber underwear can be attached to a curved, hourglass, pear-shaped, or oval body. 

The feeling of this underwear is a light, seamless comfort. It does not affect the body in any way. The fit buttocks are slightly lifted for a smoothing effect. So you can say that it has shaping qualities. 

The belt will not sag, bend or roll. When you sit or move in different ways, the band will stand still and provide strong support. Even in hot and humid weather, you will not feel the band causing chafe. 

The waistband is firm and durable. It keeps the skin dry and well ventilated. Whether you are more sitting and walking instead of a run, it won’t cause chafing. 

This anti-chafing underwear provides you with full coverage. I highly recommend this style and the Boxer Briefs brand for all the guys who just want to focus on their careers and don’t want to worry about the clothes.

They are cheap and perform pretty well compared to other underwear. If you choose dry and hygienic underwear, then you are fine. 

They will suit you well. There is no possibility of rising or falling; it promotes blood circulation instead of restricting it. Once you put them on, you don’t even feel like you are wearing underwear.

2. New Balance Men’s 6″ Boxer Brief

6" Boxer Brief
  • Extraordinary moisturizing.
  • Comfortable stay dry and fresh.
  • Anti-chafing properties.
  • Available in various colours.
  • Wide comfortable waist.
  • Can loose some threads with wash.

The best underwear type for men is the most suitable type for you as an individual. This means that the fabric may not irritate your skin and must feel smooth and soft. That is why we present the New Balance boxer brief.

The new balance Men’s 6 has smooth polyester fabric to the skin and lets the skate layer pass without causing them to ride. 

The three-dimensional pouch in front is comfortable, and plain stitches in the middle are a nice touch to reduce friction. The broad but flat waist keeps everything in a place without bulk.

Like most pairs of underwear of Polyester, this New Balance boxer brief is also good to reduce foul odor. 

The new balance website claims that this resistance smells but does not claim any details about how it will be achieved. 

I am not too impressed by its quality of odor control. But the smooth touch this fabric provides to the body can save you from chafing. 

The smooth seams will not irritate or irritate the skin. When you sweat a little, they will not stick to your skin. The belt is solid but soft to the touch. So, it will never pinch or cut the skin. 

The overall structure of this underwear is solid. It is round, which means it can stay in its original shape. Whether your size is big or small, short or tall, it will take care of itself. 


It has some properties of absorbing moisture and sweat. You can even wear it in shorts. This underwear provides comfort and impressive support. One thing I noticed is that they don’t provide as much support as sports briefs. 

So you can’t run, stretch with them. They are perfect for hanging out, casual dining, or walking in the park.

Men can prepare these affordable boxer pants from a trustworthy balance, so they don’t need to worry about finding their favorite partners. Made from light polyester fabrics, they breathe and sweat, keeping you dry and fresh in a runaway.

These cozy boxer pants are also known for their soft and cold feeling to your skin. The four-way stretch fabric supports you every step of your run, while inseam no-ride saves you from chafing and friction.

3. PUMA Men’s 3 Pack Performance Boxer Brief 

Men's 3 Pack Boxer Brief 
  • Sports Inspired – Good for Sportsmen
  • Pretty comfortable.
  • Very high-quality fabric
  • Dry wicking properties
  • Adapt to wide thighs without feeling constricted.
  • Odour control is not up to mark.

Puma is not late coming out with the brand of their boxer briefs. They are already famous in sports circles for a long time, and their boxers specifically make sportsmen in mind. 

The same boxers are durable with ordinary Puma products, and they are available in various shapes and sizes. Perfect for use when you go run or to the gym to prevent chafing.

The material consists mainly of Polyester and spandex, which provides durability. The waist is soft cotton, preventing itching and irritation. This is flexible and breathable underwear, perfect for casual use and sports. 

It is also the top choice of our general men’s clothing guide with ball support. When it comes to fashion and style, PUMA is no stranger to the public. 

With these boxers, too, PUMA has raised their distinctive, classy, and fantastic style. The best part of these boxes is that they look perfect and can function better than their looks when the time comes.

Soft material allows easy mobility and prevents itching and chafing. The waist is elastic, so you don’t need to worry about a specific size with specificity. The front bag adds value and makes it more comfortable when sitting, walking, or running.

4. ExOfficio Men’s Give-n-Go Boxer Brief 

men's boxer brief
  • Lightweight, fast-drying, and affordable
  • Wonderfully comfortable.
  • Not very durable.

ExOfficio give-n-go boxer briefs are very popular among hikers and other athletes. The brand offers two options: standard models and “sport mesh” models. 

Our preferences are for the last. Good standard models and sports mesh models are made of Nylon with a small percentage of Lycra Spandex. However, mesh sports have lighter and breathable woven.

There are some sacrifices in durability and lasting quality if you choose a mesh sports model. However, this does not affect performance. Although more durable, we found that the standard model was heavy and slow drying compared to mesh sports.

Exofficio offers a Boxer Brief in three different Inseam long, each sold as a different product line. The material of this underwear is excellent. Spandex makes soft, strong, and durable underwear. 

It also maintains its shape, which means that it produces slight lifts. A minor enhancement is what most men want. It has breathable panels. So, you can guarantee that you will no longer make adjustments in public. 

No matter where you are, the quality of being lightweight will be paid attention to. You can have a relaxing day on the beach, go for a run, or even do yoga in the studio. This underwear gives you protection.

If you don’t want to spend a lot or prefer the anti-chafing properties added, then the ExoFFicio Give-N-Go Sport Boxer Boxer is a good choice. Not only for hiking but for every outdoor activity.

5. Hanes Men’s Comfort Flex Fit Boxer Briefs 

Flex Fit Boxer Briefs
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Does not stick to the body.
  • Do not require all-day adjustments.
  • Affordable prices
  • Fit perfectly.
  • Few colours are available.

The popular and affordable boxer brief has more than 1,310 reviews on Amazon. It is made with Polyester, Tencel, and spandex mixture for soft nuances that will eliminate moisture and prevent chafing. 

Hanes thinks of all that a man needs in his underwear and for a meager price to boot with anti-odor and moisture-wicking capabilities.

The blending of Polyester and spandex promotes better moisture absorption. This fabric will not allow sweat to form a swamp around the crotch. It also does not interfere with exercises such as stretching, running, or walking. 

The legs are cut longer to provide a complete fit and support. The seams running through the briefs are seamless and light. The belt is quite strong. It sits on the stomach and does not roll or squeeze. 

Hanes underwear has a smooth, frictionless quality. There is a lightweight mesh patch on the crotch. So it feels soft and breathable and is very suitable for anti-chafing underwear. 

Some reviewers with sensitive skin appreciate the waist – and affordable prices of Hanes. Instead of the open elastic, they are covered with a mixture of soft cotton-poly. “Comfortable, colorful, and very suitable. 

6. DAVID ARCHY Men’s Micro Modal Boxer Briefs

men's Boxer Briefs
  • Material is quite comfortable.
  • Dry out sweat quickly.
  • Amazing moist control properties.
  • A review says that the material is starting to pill.

David Archy Boxer briefs are made of modal, known for their crisp look, super-soft, breathable, moist-slander, and resistance to chafing. 

The brand’s briefs have 92% modal and 8% spandex, and this combination makes it the most comfortable boxer brief. 

This brief has an inseam of 6.5 inches, and even after being washed, they don’t ride your thighs, even when pulling pants.

They came in five solid colors – white, black, navy, grey, and wine – in a three-brief package. I think that once you try Archy David’s boxer briefs, you will never want to replace your boxer brief.

This brief is popular with Amazon buyers, getting an average rating of 4.6 more than 2100+ reviews. They are also more affordable compared to many of their competitors. 

The unique quick-drying steam technology is fantastic. It does handle the humidity differently. From the crotch area, it protects and cushions the penis and ball. The inside of the fabric feels as soft as the outside. 

All you need is to find the correct size. Archy David provides its custom size chart for this purpose. This emphasizes the care of this anti-chafing underwear. 

The thing about the “compression” effect is that the fabric sticks to the skin. But won’t this cause more irritation and stimulation? Well, not in this brief. It is super soft, stays dry, and wicks moisture. 

The flat seams prevent chafing. It is beneficial during training, walking, or running. This way, you will not feel hung up or unprotected. This underwear has a single layer of padding to promote ventilation. 

This also promotes a smoother feel and texture. However, the only con with this underwear is the support of the belt. It’s too short; it can be rolled up after a few washes.

7. Chill Boys Anti-Chafing Bamboo Boxer Briefs

bamboo boxer briefs
  • 90% bamboo fabric.
  • Cool and breathable.
  • Control Odor.
  • Soft belt.
  • Available only in three colours.

If you prefer traditional boxers, this bamboo choice from Chill Boys is among the most comfortable boxers for men. 

90% of construction comes from breathable bamboo fibers, while the remaining spandex provides stretch and mobility. They are soft and light, with comfortable belts that reduce friction and itch; according to reviews,  

The design holds something in a place while it’s also fixed, so there’s no ride. They are environmentally friendly and come in four color choices.

Chill Boys have been around for several years and focus on making the most comfortable bamboo briefs for men. They are made with 90% bamboo fiber and 10% spandex. This blend produces super-soft boxers that keep you cool and comfortable.

You will enjoy some great features like a soft belt and don’t need to worry about itchy and annoying tags. But the best features are their natural ability to keep you cool and dry when wearing them.

Finally, bamboo combo materials also help fight the smell that causes bacteria and microbes to keep you fresh longer.

8. Spyder Performance Men’s Sports Boxer Briefs

Men's Sports Boxer Briefs
  • Nice breathability, long-lasting, and incredibly comfortable.
  • Material is lightweight.
  • Designed for the dense summer months
  • Stay up all day.
  • Weiner flap is missing.

With many colors and sizes, it is the ultimate performance icon for men. More importantly, these Spyder Performance boxer briefs are designed for the dense summer months. 

When you plan to hike or travel somewhere, humidity, constant breeze, and extreme conditions are challenges to the body. To control this, you need maximum protection and comfort, and you can’t just wear any underwear on such a trip. 

You need zero hassle; therefore, it may be helpful to buy such anti-chafing underwear. Fight against foul odor and sweat. It prevents skin contact between the thighs. 

You can machine wash or hand wash; it will dry quickly. The fabric is super elastic and adjustable. You can move to as many directions and positions as you need. And the waistband and support of this underwear do not move. 

It can last longer. Even though they’re solid in terms of pleasantness, they’re affordable. Most of the boxer briefs on this listing come from famous manufacturers; however, Spyder Performance is a tier above in how it’s usually perceived. 

Completely Nylon, and the quality is quite impressive. They are a supremely cozy way to get along with your exercise and daily routine. 

9. AND1 Men’s Compression Long Leg Performance Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs (6 Pack)
  • The mesh offers outstanding breathability.
  • Excessive-end and sturdy creation.
  • Silky touch to the body.
  • The look is quite remarkable.
  • Only 2 colours.

This is a pair of cozy and comfortable underwear from AND1 Men’s Compression briefs which will definitely meet your comfort and style needs.

It has a dual pouch match made up of lightweight and lovely fabrics. The material tends to dry quickly and has a special moisture-wicking ability. 

Thanks to the polyester and spandex, that is a fantastic combo for boxers. Your crotch won’t appear wound up under tight clothing or sports clothing. 

They are woven from a lightweight four-way stretch polyester/spandex blended fabric with an inner seam lengthened 6 inches to prevent scratches during long-running. 

This provides ventilation; specially stitched crotch will not drag uncomfortably during mid-steps. They have unique elastic panels on each side to increase your mobility; polyester-spandex fabric absorbs sweat and wicks sweat to keep you dry. 

They are also label-free and come with a standard packet. The seams are pretty flexible so that you don’t have to fear the threads coming loose or feeling flimsy. 

The AND1 Briefs are a perfect balance between high-quality and overall performance. You could forget constantly adjusting yourself down there—no greater stickiness, itchiness, or chafing.

10. Nike Men’s Training Boxer Briefs 

Men's Boxer Briefs
  • Sturdy compression.
  • Mesh ventilation.
  • A flat elastic waistband provides an anti-chafe and cosy suit.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Superlight.
  • No fly.

When it comes to Nike, you can always expect the best quality fabric and elasticity in the underwear. This is a soft, stretchy, and fast dry material that is perfect for an active lifestyle.

A fantastic mixture of the dri-in shape material with the mesh airflow, this feature complements comfortability and preserving the athlete dry at some stage in the entire exercising consultation. 

In addition, they offer a match each at ease and flexible, something preferred with the aid of many athletes. 

The stretch allows for a massive variety of moves. The elastic waistband presents a snug fit to the frame. 

It is extraordinarily lightweight and has a vast quantity of stretch. The shorts pass with you for the duration of lunges and movements that require mobility, like wall-ball shots and air squats. 

You will feel no restriction wearing this, and the light, cool cloth felt ethereal and cozy. It’s high-quality at wicking away sweat, which makes it feel perfect. 

The fabric distribution makes it evaporate quicker, which allows the cloth to pull more sweat. Further, perforations on the waist and hem vents keep you from overheating. 

They keep you cool in warm weather. In case you stay in warmer climates or work out in a field without an air-con, those are going to be your move-to shorts.

General Tips

1. What is Chafing

A lot of people must have experienced chafing sooner or later in our life. It’s one of the most commonplace skin problems resulting from an aggregate of friction, moisture, and traumatic rub. 

Any extended rubbing of complex garments at the skin causes your pores and skin to sting and burn and lead to pink rashes. 

In severe instances, chafing can cause swelling, bleeding, or crusting. This consists of thighs, buttocks, groin, and underarms. 

2. What causes the skin to chafe?

There could be several reasons for chafing. But in general, when your skin interacts and rubs continuously with your hard clothing, it starts to chafe. 

As the skin is the biggest organ of your body, and it is responsible for protecting and retaining your general fitness. 

Similarly, if it faces germs, bad friction, rub, and moisture, or humidity among thighs, it easily causes chafing, which is quite uncomfortable.

The most common causes of chafing are:

  • Humidity
  • Extreme exercise
  • Long-time sitting or cross legs.
  • Having large thighs
  • Not having good quality underwear. 

Cuts and bruises are also typical examples of pushing your skin beyond its limits. 

3. What are the symptoms of chafing?

A sense of soreness on the skin with a burning sensation is the maximum common symptom. Still, chafing can vary from mild to intense in certain instances. 


Slight chafing signs might not make themselves appropriately known. When you do cycling, running, or other exercises, you could notice that certain areas (thighs, groin, underarms, nipples, feet) feel soft and raw.

The symptoms of this slight chafing include:

  • Itches
  • Rash
  • Redness of skin
  • The burn-in deep thigh area
  • Heat


Intense chafing signs and symptoms will display up after extremely strenuous activities or whilst formerly mild chafing was no longer adequately treated or neglected. 

The skin may also emerge as swollen and raised like a welt; this is due to inflammation of the skin caused by no longer best injuring the topmost layers of the epidermis but the underlying layers and, in a few instances, the muscle as nicely. 

Some severe symptoms are:

  • Swelling of the affected region
  • cracked, or damaged pores and skin
  • bleeding
  • blisters or sores

4. Treatment

Pores and skin chafing must be treated, so do not ignore them. 

  • Lightly clean the chafed area with water and dry it thoroughly. 
  • After cleaning the place, apply a substance like petroleum jelly. 
  • If the region may be very painful, swollen, bleeding, or crusted, your fitness doctor may suggest a medicated ointment. 

Single-day Removal of chafing

  • Apply a restorative ointment earlier than bedtime. 
  • Keep away from touching or rubbing the skin in that area. 
  • Keep off scented creams, soaps, or merchandise with “actives,” like glycolic acid. 
  • Allow clean air to settle down the area, or use ice.

If you want to understand better the causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention of chafing, you should watch this video. 

Some FAQs

1. Do boxer briefs prevent chafing?

The first-class sort of underwear to save you chafing are boxer briefs because they stick to the skin with sufficient duration to guard the inner thighs.

It is also essential to pick out an anti-chafe with a few moisture-wicking capabilities and stretch. Yes, but most effective if you find a suitable pair of them. 

Although I have provided a detailed guide on choosing boxer briefs, here are some more points. 

  1. Need to pick out clean and gentle fast-drying underwear.
  2. Have to select the suitable boxer underclothes: the correct boxer brief can facilitate perspiration and reduce friction.
  3. Boxer briefs have to be slightly longer, waist anti-skid: leg length is to keep away from the brink of trousers slowly rolled to the thigh root within the running technique to increase friction. 

2. How do I stop my boxer from chafing?

If you want your boxer brief to save you from chafing, then you should go for underwear that prevents moisture. Those which keep you dry and soak the sweat are ideal ones for your health. 

It won’t cause your thighs and legs to chafe and start itching and have a rash. 

3. What helps prevent chafing?

To assist prevent your pores and skin from getting chafed, you may: apply balms or lotions to areas at risk of chafing.

Petroleum jelly, vaseline, zinc oxide, or other anti-chafing balms or creams can help protect your skin from the friction of repetitive motions. Wear protective covers or anti-chafe underwear.

4. What is suitable for chafing between legs?

Follow approximately a teaspoon of petroleum jelly to the interior of your thighs. You may additionally try chafing lotions and balms, inclusive of frame float or zinc oxide ointment. 

Regular products that incorporate petroleum jelly and other moisturizers can also be used to lubricate your internal thighs.

5. Does deodorant help with chafing?

Applying deodorant and antiperspirant can help prevent chafing even as you run – even in areas apart from your underarms. 

With the aid of supporting your pores and skin to stay drier, a good antiperspirant prevents irritations because of sweat. 

Deodorant or sprays also acts as a lubricant that soothes the skin and reduces friction. Repetitive thigh-to-thigh friction can cause sweating, redness, and irritated bumps. 

To keep away from, take the good-quality deodorant and apply it to the internal thighs to keep away from chafing. Rub deodorant at the heels and aspects of your smooth, dry toes to keep away from the scary new-shoe blisters.

6. How to prevent chafing for guys?

No matter how you usually experience chafing, there are a few ordinary methods to prevent it and deal with it fast. 

You can watch this video to get more detailed information. 


Choosing the best‌ ‌boxer‌ briefs to ‌prevent ‌chafing may be difficult, but it can save you from many health issues. 

Try to choose boxer briefs that provide the qualities explained in the buying guide so you can easily rely on them for your entire life.

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