10 Best Baseball Caps for Small Heads

best baseball caps for small heads

Is shopping for the best baseball caps for small heads stressful for you? Do doubts roll over your head and confuse you? We are here to solve this problem by providing research-based information.

I have gone through the entire baseball cap research to make a genuine list of the best baseball caps for small domes available on the market today. I included a list of caps and a buying guide and some questions that come to mind. 

Although there may be more than we suggest here, you need to ensure that you do exclusive research (like see a size chart before buying) for these caps.

In a hurry?

A quick table view of all the best baseball caps for small heads.

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1. DALIX Youth Childrens Cotton Cap Plain Hat 1. DALIX Youth Childrens Cotton Cap Plain Hat
  • Fit perfectly. 
  • It protects you from heat rays. 
  • Washable and dries well, 
  • Quite adjustable. 


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2. The Hat Depot Plain Baseball Cap 2. The Hat Depot Plain Baseball Cap
  • The hats fit perfectly. 
  • 100% cotton material makes it suitable for summer.
  • This design displays embroidery to present a beautiful look. 
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3. Adidas Men's Prospect Stretch Cap 3. Adidas Men’s Prospect Stretch Cap
  • Adjustable metal strap. 
  • Many bright colors can match your outfit. 
  • Made of high-quality fabric.
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4. KBETHOS Vintage Washed Baseball Cap 4. KBETHOS Vintage Washed Baseball Cap
  • Durable and comfortable fabric. 
  • Useful in any weather. 
  • Dry out quickly.
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5. Under Armour Men's Blitzing 3.0 Cap 5. Under Armour Men’s Blitzing 3.0 Cap
  • Built-in HeatGear tech that absorbs sweat quickly. 
  • A huge variety of colors. 
  • Quality material as we’d expect from Under Armor.
  • The shape looks great. 
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6. Flexfit Men's Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap 6. Flexfit Men’s Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap
  • Stretch band accommodates a variety of small heads. 
  • Have a lot of designs and colors. 
  • A mixture of fabrics makes it more comfortable.
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7. Adidas Men's Superlite Performance Cap 7. Adidas Men’s Superlite Performance Cap
  • The cap has a strong sun protection (50). 
  • Beautiful design.
  • Great moisture-wicking ability.  
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8. Tillak Wallowa 5 Panel Camp Cap 8. Tillak Wallowa 5 Panel Camp Cap
  • Awesome 5-panel construction. 
  • Suitable for all sizes.
  • Good customer support. 
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9. Nike Low crown Baseball cap 9. Nike Low crown Baseball cap
  • Super lightweight. 
  • Premium-casual looks, as we’d expect from Nike. 
  • The brim isn’t too long. 
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Buyer’s guide: 3 points to know before purchasing the best baseball caps for small heads

As for buying a hat, buying online can produce some limitations, and you cannot touch or try it. Therefore, to select the right cap, you can follow the following purchase guidelines.

1. Size & Fit

When you play baseball, you will move and run a lot. Baseball caps won’t help you much if they fall all the time. Stretches to fit hats must be purchased smaller, so it matches comfortably but is not too tight. 

Of course, the hat that can be adjusted is perfect because you can measure it perfectly to fit you. But without knowing how small your head is, it’s hard to say where you will find a hat in your size.

However, you can determine the size of the cap by measuring your head. Measure your head, use a measuring tape and divide the numbers with π (pi or 3.14) and this will give you your hat size, or you can find an online size graph.

The following video is a good instructor for measuring your head.

How to measure your cap size.

The size of the cap is usually found in a 1/8 inch. Also, keep in mind that, like all clothes, the size is not universal, so if a brand doesn’t fit your head, it doesn’t mean the same hat is not available anywhere else.

Also, one condition is that with different people having different head sizes, it is complicated for companies to produce every cap size. Instead, the possibility of adjusting right with the existence of a rope or buckle makes sense. 

There is an elastic-based adjustment and several only with buckles. Elastic can begin to lose its elasticity with regular use, and you might see it as expected. Therefore, it is recommended to use that with buckles.

head's size chart
Source: https://www.sungrubbies.com/blogs/news-articles/how-to-determine-your-hat-size 

2. Material.

To choose the best material for your cap, you can consider the season you wear and your preferences.

What kind of material is best for hats? Well, I recommend cotton because high-quality cotton can save your scalp to a certain extent by avoiding dangerous light. Cotton also absorbs sweat easily so that you can keep your head dry when you play. 

If your head is wet, then it is likely to catch a high cold. 

A mixture of cotton with polyester is also good. They are also recommended because they are good to avoid heat.

Baseball caps are not only for summer but also for many other seasons. There are various materials to make hats, such as leather, cotton, denim, spandex, fur, acrylic, or fur.

For summer material, polyester and cotton are too popular. So, in this section, I will focus more on materials for cold weather. About feathers, it’s famous for having a decent touch and comfort. It also keeps heat efficiently away.

Next is fur. This is a favorite choice for winter because it is comfortable and fashionable. In addition, fur is famous for its ability to keep your head warm.

Make sure the cap you buy is made using high-quality, durable, and breathable material. Cotton is one such material that can also protect your head from the risk of UV light.

As I mentioned above, a mixture of cotton and polyester is the right choice if you want a baseball cap.

So again, to find out the best type of material for the best baseball caps for small heads, consider two things:

  • Which season do you want to wear?
  • Your preferences for comfort or fashion. 

3. Other useful features

Some other features that you must look for while buying caps for small heads.

1. Closure

The closure of the baseball cap is equipped with an elastic tape or velcro strap that makes it easy for them to be easily adjusted and perfectly fit. For buying a cap with the best closure, avoid the metal closures because they can hurt your head while playing. 

Also, it is significant for small heads to consider the closure because you need to shorten or open the caps quite a lot. 

The adjustable baseball cap has closures on the back of the cap that allows you to adjust the size. Closure type includes: 

a) plastic snap 

b) hook ribbon/loop (aka velcro) 

c) customized fabric tuck strap with scape cover

d) metal buckle closure,

e) closure d-fit

f) nylon rope with closure buckle plastic

Find a plethora from the closure of baseball caps in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, and it will help a lot.

Various amazing baseball cap closures at very affordable prices ensure that there is something to appeal to everyone. 

2. Durability

Hats need to be made well and sturdy. I don’t want a few thin fabrics with plastic straps and abnormal bills to you. You must not waste your money on things that don’t even last till your expected timings.

The benefit of wearing a leather hat, in this case, is that it lasts longer. Compared to other caps made of traditional textiles, the skin cap of leather hats is more durable and long-lasting.

3. Moist wicking

The moisture transfer is the ability of a hat to dry quickly after being saturated with sweat and other moisture. Many hats on our list include moist/sweat-wicking and internal liners that help remove sweat from your skin and eyes.

Hats are made of mesh, and thin polyester tends to dry quickly. When shopping for hats, avoid materials such as wool.

4. Breathable

Even when it’s not too warm, runners tend to be hot and sweaty. In the hot sun, this fact becomes increasingly challenging. It becomes essential to utilize equipment with a lot of ventilation.

When you run in the sun and heat, you will definitely sweat. You don’t want sweat to get stuck under your cap, so consider a hat with heat moisture management. 

Choose a hat with a light cloth like a thin mesh or polyester, especially if you spend most of your time running in warm conditions.

Choosing the color of light can also help keep your head cool as long as you run. Some hats, like Nathan RunCool, are specifically designed for hot weather.

Mesh running hats allow sweat to evaporate quickly and help keep your head cool. Running the protector further gave a breath with their top open.

When running and playing in the rain, you should consider the hat with the properties of moisture-wicking. This cloth can help remove moisture quickly, allowing it to dry quickly.

When the right material is used, the right shape and visor curve can be defined. They plan an important role in the right head correctly and provide a sense of completeness if the cap matches correctly. 

5. Washable

As I mentioned before, when athletes run, and basketball fans play, they need long-lasting heat and moisture-wicking to prevent sweat and wetness. 

But do you know the sweat can later cause a bad odor? Of course, it does, and we obviously don’t want to. So go for the caps, which can be washed. 

  • Place the hat in the washing machine (alone or with a smaller laundry load, so it doesn’t lose its shape) with a mild detergent and wash with water in a soft cycle. Leave the cap in the air to dry. 

9 Best Baseball Caps for Small Heads

1. DALIX Youth Cotton Cap Plain Hat

best baseball caps for small heads
  • Fit perfectly.
  • It protects you from heat rays.
  • Washable and dries well.
  • Quite adjustable.
  • Not enough colors.

Dalix Youth Children’s flag cap is designed for supporters of avid patriotism. It is made of 100% cotton and designed to fit almost all heads. 

If you need an extra room, and maybe to give a more fitting appearance. The color and pattern are not quite unique, but they will give you and your child a more trendy look.

This hat is like getting two caps in one because of its reversible design that lets you choose between wearing a brightly colored pattern on one side or a cap color with a little pattern on edge on the other side. You will have many colors to choose from with this cap.

Dalix cap fabric has a 50 plus UPF rating which blocks up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays. So you can rest easy in the sunny play. This hat will even work for sensitive skin. And it’s very light; you will feel comfortable wearing it all day.

Maybe there is no time you worry more about durability and comfort than when you have this hat. It lasts longer than you think and can be your permanent companion if you take care of it making it one of the best baseball caps for small heads.

2. The Hat Depot Plain Baseball Cap

best baseball caps for small heads
  • The hats fit perfectly.
  • 100% cotton material makes it suitable for summer.
  • This design displays embroidery to present a beautiful look.
  • The fabric is easy to get dirty.

You will be stunned to see this amazing cap. It has many designs, prints, and colors to make you feel more confident while wearing it. 

It is very comfortable and well made, and carefully sewed embroidered. This adorable and classic cap is perfect for anywhere you go. 

This close combines colorful style to rotate head and comfort for clothes throughout the day. You can use it for your daily activities. Or it can be used for sports and obviously basketball or baseball. 

100% cotton makes it comfortable and convenient for perfect conformity, especially for daily activities. So, your children don’t want to take it off. The smooth cotton protects the sensitive scalp from ultraviolet rays. 

Also, soft cotton makes it packaged and crushable so that you can bring it everywhere easily for your children.

3. Adidas Men’s Prospect Stretch Cap

Men's Prospect Stretch Cap best baseball caps for small heads
  • Adjustable metal strap.
  • Many bright colors can match your outfit.
  • Made of high-quality fabric.
  • Some reviews say that the fit is a little weird.

There may be times when the baseball cap was not so much in fashion because one needs to comb hair, make a style, and then go out. 

A great way to complete your unique style is to add a vintage baseball cap to your wardrobe. It’s perfect for get-up retro, cool setbacks. They are also one of the best quality baseball caps.

But nowadays you don’t have time to do styles on your hair, and we don’t usually do it for any sports occasion. Adidas’ amazing printed and colorful caps are here to help. 

Adidas is one of the hats that have many technologies built into it for competitive performance. It is also one of the best-century brands that are best known for baseball caps with classical nuances but look aggressively modern.

Fabric provides a mixture of top tiers and stretches. Plus, this hat absorbs the sweat and makes it dry in a short time during the match.

This vintage hat is simple in appearance so that it can be paired with a variety of different clothes. If you become a fan of baseball players, this hat is perfect for you.

The metal adjustment for this cap is an amazing feature that every buyer applauds. It can fit any head size giving you cool vibes. 

4. KBETHOS Vintage Washed Baseball Cap

Vintage Baseball Cap best baseball caps for small heads
  • Durable and comfortable fabric.
  • Useful in any weather.
  • Dry out quickly.
  • The length of the brim is a little longer.

If comfort is your only priority while buying a hat, this is the right choice.

Use convenient metal closure to adjust the baseball cap to your head and ensure maximum comfort and right at any time. Unisex design makes it perfectly suitable for both men and women.

Do not stake down your health and safety by walking outdoors without adequate sun protection.

Protect skin from dangerous UV sun rays and keep your hair away from your face and eyes by wearing this comfortable yet stylish baseball cap during all your outdoor activities. 

Made of high-quality cotton, 100%, it is a perfect friend for your active lifestyle. This material has long been sought for soft quality and isolation. It’s perfect for comfort all day in all weather.

This perfect hat can be worn at any time of the year, but given the nature of its isolation, it is perfect for cooler weather.

So, if you like playing golf on the autumn days of coolers or your children have baseball training this year, this is one of the best baseball caps for you.

5. Under Armour Men’s Blitzing 3.0 Cap

Men's baseball cap best baseball caps for small heads
  • Built-in HeatGear tech that absorbs sweat quickly.
  • A huge variety of colors.
  • Quality material as we’d expect from Under Armor.
  • The shape looks great.
  • Some reviews say size is not adjustable, so you must measure and order the right size.

Does walking in the sun on the beach, doing hard exercises, and playing sports make you sweat? With more than 34,600 reviews, UA 3.0 cap helps you make your life easier and more protective.

You might want a hat that is breathing and not complicated but still looks good. The Under Armour Men’s Blitzing cap has got your back to provide you comfort with quality. Making it a top contender for the the throne amongst best baseball caps for small heads.

Firstly, the hat is made mainly from polyester; the fabric is known for its breadth and the ability to absorb moisture for rapid evaporation. This means your head will remain cold and keep sweat to a minimum.

This 3.0 baseball cap also looks great. It has a classic and neutral look. It will be nice with any casual or sports clothes.

We know baseball can be a frustrating sport sometimes, but you don’t need to get off your game because there are sun rays in your eyes. 

To keep this minimal, we recommend checking the next hat on this list. It comes from a brand that knows one or two things about sports equipment. 

6. Flexfit Men’s Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap

Men's Athletic Baseball Fitted Cap best baseball caps for small heads
  • The stretch band accommodates a variety of small heads.
  • Comes in a lot of designs and colors.
  • A mixture of fabrics makes it more comfortable.
  • It can be stained (sweat marks).

Not many hats are classics when it comes to baseball caps, but the Flexfit Men’s Athletic Baseball Cap is one of them. 

It boasts a clean design with canvas straps and backward buckles and the iconic front logo – simple but effective. It is also relatively cheap, as far as baseball caps designers go.

So, if you are on the market for a versatile hat from the brand but don’t want to spend most of your money, this is definitely a way to go.

This premium baseball cap is made of mixtures of fabrics that will help you acquire comfort and durability at the same time. 

It can be washed and cleaned easily. With the metal buckle it makes you look cool all the time after wearing it.

What’s more, do you want to? These caps are available in various styles, designs, and colors that give you many choices to choose your preferences easily. 

Thus, if you search for a high-quality and washable material baseball cap, this one is your first choice.

7. Adidas Men’s Superlite Performance Cap

Men's Superlite Performance Cap  best baseball caps for small heads
  • The cap has strong sun protection (50).
  • Beautiful design.
  • Great moisture-wicking ability.
  • Some reviews say that velcro isn’t so strong.

If you need a low-profile baseball cap with a polo style, this is yours. Adidas Superlite is made of polyester and spandex to ensure durability and lightness than other baseball caps. 

What is more, it has a metal buckle in the back that can be adjusted to fit your head size easily.

In addition, it is also available in various colors that you can choose for your preferences easily. And, the cap also makes you look more attractive once in the field, without a doubt.

Superlite baseball cap is the most popular that is suitable for all ages. This cap also has a customized velcro strap that makes it convenient in binding all the time. 

In the case of material, it is made of breathing material which provides better comfort than other baseball caps. Plus, it is an iron safe which means you are allowed to iron on slogans, logos, etc. 

Most importantly, it is washable and moisture-wicking, which is a great point. At the very least, baseball caps can be used for daily sports activities and exhausted outdoor use.

8. Tillak Wallowa 5 Panel Camp Cap

 5 Panel Cap best baseball caps for small heads
  • Awesome 5-panel construction.
  • Suitable for all sizes.
  • Good customer support.
  • The adjustable strap is a little hard to use.

Tillak Wallowa Camp cap is produced with 100% nylon that is durable, lightweight, and fast quick-drying. 

The 5-panel design that is very breathable and full of the form lets you forget it even in your head while keeping the sun coming out of your eyes or rain from your face while climbing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping, or just hanging on the beach.

Nylon is among the most popular synthetic fiber options for athletic gear. While being thin and flexible, it was also very durable and moisture resistant.

Nylon hat is no exception. This hat is ready to be consumed outside the rain or shine. This means whether you plan to be on the path, spend the night in the forest, or sweat to play the ball, this is a perfect cap for you.

More than that, the Tillak Wallowa cap comes in various colors, so you can choose the shade of your preference to meet your needs easily. Another plus, it has the snap closure with a nylon webbing that is not like other nylon baseball caps.

9. Nike Low crown Baseball Cap

Low crown Baseball cap best baseball caps for small heads
  • Super lightweight.
  • Premium-casual looks, as we’d expect from Nike.
  • The brim isn’t too long.
  • It will wrinkle easily.

Searching for the best baseball caps for small heads ? Nike has unquestionably clung to the thought, with their genuine Nike Low Crown Baseball Cap one size fits all. This novel material is fast drying, permitting this cap to have the greatest dampness control. 

A position of safety, unstructured crown upholds the differentiation decrease sun glare. It is the best sports cap. 

If you’re preparing for an impending long-distance race, do have a look at this adaptable cap from Nike that is mainstream with distant runners.  

A super-lightweight design and a wide edge give agreeable inclusion from the sun and components with a soft feel.

The lightweight, stretchy texture wicks away dampness and is incredibly speedy drying, so it’s a pleasant decision for long, damp sweat runs. 

With a flexible back, you can get a redone, familiar fit with each wear. Deliberately positioned holes all through the cap give cooling ventilation, and the moisture-wicking polyester texture keeps you feeling fresh and dry. 

The cap comes in a few shading choices and one size; however, a flexible back strap makes it fit for all. 

And, it can be a gift for your special people who like to wear a baseball cap. For those looking for a classical-style hat with bright color choices, this is your priority choice.

Some FAQs we get about best baseball caps for small heads

1. Are low-profile hats good for small heads?

With a lower crown and a little curved, a low-profile hat does not need to be adjusted. If you want to adjust it and shape it to your head, spritz water and heat can be applied before wearing it.

The hat manufacturers are getting serious about appearance, style, and color. Most low-profile hats are more stylish than top Standard trucks or cap department stores. 

The latest standard features on low-profile caps include panel construction to increase endurance, a five-panel design to provide more in shape and fit, and twill cotton fabrics. 

With a woman’s hat, the fit is much better, so you won’t struggle by adjusting the too spacious hat, which otherwise has great potential!

2. How do you make a hat fit a small head?

There are various factors with which you can fit your hat in your small head, but at first: 

Find the right hat

Baseball caps must sit on your ears, and the bill must rest in the middle of your forehead easily and comfortably.

There should be a bit of space on your head and the cap on a windy day; now, you don’t need to worry about your hat flying or falling.

But what if you hunt snapback for a small head?

Tricks to shrink your big hat

To get a small snapback, follow these tips:

1. Use a spray bottle

First, fill the spray bottle with water and tighten the cap. Then place your cap upside down and spray it into the ribbon along the bottom of the hat. Next, spray the body of the hat up to ten times but not in the water.

Turn on your blow dryer to the highest settings and ball on your fist so that the cap sits in your hand. Hold a 12-inch blow dryer and lobby cover along the way. (Note: Too much heat can curve a hat, so be in trouble).

Next, turn the hat and place it on a flat surface. Focus the blow dryer around the band because it is the area you need the most to shrink. Finally, to get one of the ball hats for a small head, place it in your head and let the hat naturally dry.

2. Steam your hat to size

You can get a baseball cap for a small head if you steam the cap. Start by filling a medium-sized pan with water and put it on the stove. Next, rotate heat to high until the water boils and turns off the stove.

Hold a hat full and place it six inches from the steam pot. Let the steam soak in the cap and the band for 30 seconds. Then take the cap for 30 seconds four times. But be careful not to steam directly.

Next, pick your blow dryer and turn it to a high level. Place your fist on a cap and hold a 12-inch dryer from the hat. Be sure to dry them outside. Then turn the hat to the flat surface and dry the ribbon and the inside.

Place the hat in your head. If loose, use a blow dryer to lower the cap so that the cap can form the size of your head. Note that if you want to shrink the headband, cover the hat inside with a plastic bag and glue it to the side. 

3. Are women’s baseball caps smaller?

Most hats are designed in such a way that they can easily load everyone. Women’s hats are smaller than men ranging from a wide selection of 21.5 to 22.25 inches, and for men, this range from 21.5 to 23 inches.

Women’s baseball caps look similar to men’s, but they feel smaller.

4. How do you get a ball cap that fits?

You must be able to easily rotate the hat around your head to wear it forward or backward.

If your baseball cap is right, you can dampen the crown cover with hot water and place it on the outside of the bowl or pot. When it’s dry, the hat ribbon will stretch and become bigger.

Tape reducer cap size can often make the cap at least one smaller size. You will find varieties in foam or fabric with an adhesive backing that makes tape sticking on the inside of your hat.

Additional material meets the hat and gives fitting, effectively letting you shrink the crown cap.

5. Are fitted baseball caps out of fashion?

No, the fitted hats are not out of fashion.

The fitting hat, in general, will never be outdated, or at least it will require a lot of change for this to happen. The right hat, in general, is the original modern baseball cap, even before the new era hat company ever existed.


If you require the best baseball caps for small heads, then the list was just for you. 

Take care to have a unique and good addition to your basketball caps fan collection. They can be a little difficult to find, so make sure to read the guide above to have your favorite item.

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